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Dellen Millard: Is he a serial killer?                                                          

Dellen Millard, (now 30) was an only child and his father, Wayne and grandfather were in the aviation business. His mother is a former flight attendant. In 2012 (at the time of Wayne's, death) he was starting up MillardAir MRO, based at the Region of Waterloo International Airport, as a project for his son. On his 14th birthday, in 1999, Dellin Millard made headlines by becoming the youngest Canadian to pilot on his own a helicopter and an airplane on the same day. Dellin’s father let him steer a commercial flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan when he was just eight.

As an aside, in 1956 when I was 23, the pilot of a private sea plane let me handle his plane for an hour as we were flying over the West Coast mountains in British Columbia. No. we didn’t crash into a mountain which is more than can be said about a Russian passenger plane in which the young teenage son of the captain was given the opportunity to sit in the Captain’s chair. Suddenly the plane dove downward and crashed; killing all 75 persons on board.

Dellen also competed in the Baja 500 desert off-road race in Mexico in 2011. Further, he owned a farm in Ayr, Ontario, a house in Etobicoke (part of Toronto) and three other properties. While still interested in flying, Dellin also had his hands in many interests over the last decade, including renovating and flipping homes.

The hangar at the airport was a long-term project for Wayne Millard. He had developed a $6-million maintenance facility in the hangar and it was slated to open shortly before his death. .He died of a gunshot wound to his head (shot in the eye and deemed a suicide at the time) Dellin inherited the family business and all his father’s properties which were also in his name. Dellin wasn’t super rich but he certainly was well off financially considering that he could afford to buy expensive cars.  

Aesop, the ancient Greek story teller told the tale about a dog that was standing on a small foot bridge above a stationary body of water. The dog saw the reflection of itself holding a bone in its jaw. It thought the reflection was another dog standing in the water below him so subsequently the greedy dog opened its jaw to grasp the bone from the other dog’s jaw. Needless to say, the greedy dog lost his bone the moment it opened its jaw.

Now I will tell you how this greedy man lost the most important thing anyone can have while he is still alive.

Tim Bosma, 32, had posted his truck for sale online. On May 6th, 2013, just after 9 pm, after tucking his young daughter into bed, Tim left for a test drive with two men. Waving goodbye to his wife, he smiled and said he'd be right back.

One of his friends, Mike Vanhouten is a farmer and when he was up early on May 7th getting his morning coffee from Tim Horton's, he saw a single police cruiser parked in the Bosma's long driveway in the town of Ancaster. That is when he realized that his friend had not pulled off a prank like he often did.
There was a search for Tim but he wasn’t found alive nor was his body found intact. He was found dead and the ashes of his body were later found in a small portable incinerator used to cremate dead pets.

Millard had previously bought the incinerator for $15,000 and spent $7,000 securing it in on a small trailer for mobility, which then became a $22,000 mobile incinerator. Do you know on whose property it was found in?  Of course you do. Need I confirm your answer to that question?  Of course not. That is because none of my readers are stupid.

The murder of the owner of a small truck was planned by Dellin Millard for more than a year prior to him even knowing who Tim Bosma was and it was a plan later executed with chilling precision with the murder of Tim Bosma.

Some people who are really intelligent are often really stupid. If a person plans to commit a crime and he is really stupid, his stupidity will hang around his neck not unlike the albatross that hung around the neck of the fictitious ancient mariner.

Tim’s truck was first seen in Millard’s hanger and then found in the driveway of his mother’s home. Tim’s remains (ashes) in the incinerator were found on Millard’s 100-acre farm in Ayres, Ontario. If you are a murderer, you don’t leave the remains of your victim on your property to be found later by the police unless of course, you are incredibly stupid—which of course Dellen Millard was and still is. His farm in Ayre was later sold on February 28th 2016 for $840,000. I hope that money was used to pay his lawyers. It certainly won’t do him any good while he is in prison. It could also be legally grabbed by Tim Bosma’s family.

The jury also watched a video of the incinerator being lit up near Millard’s air-craft hanger where the two murderers had been  inside the hanger. Their stupidity rose even higher when they didn’t wash the blood of their victim from the surface of the incinerator.
 It was obvious that Millard was planning to shoot someone when he bought a handgun on the black-market some time earlier before he shot Bosma. There were more than 26,000 text messages retrieved from Millard’s iPhone by the police after his arrest. It comprised of evidence that Millard had arranged to buy an illegal gun—a Walther PPK, which was later established as the murder weapon used to kill Tim Bosma. 
 If you are not a stupid murderer who plans to use a gun to commit a murder, you don’t text messages about obtaining an illegal gun on your iPhone that can be later read by the police and later given to the prosecutor.  
 A portion of a text chat seen by the police was one in a conversation between Millard and a man named Michalski. Millard was expounding on an apparent plan to launch criminal activity as a means to make up for a widening gap in his business income. If he had a widening gap in his business income, I guess he wasn’t as intelligent as I said he was earlier in this article.
 Mark Smich was the other man that was with Millard when they left with Bosma in the latter’s truck. He's 28 years of age. He appeared in court with a healthy, medium build, jet black hair and fine features and well dressed.  Generally he looked like a slob. Criminals who look like slobs always dress up in a suit or conservative clothing when attending court in order to impress the jury that he is a cultured gentleman. However as we all know, a wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf.
 On May 14th, 2013, Det. Const. George Higgins of the Hamilton Police intelligence unit (now retired) was assigned to keep his eyes on Smich, starting at his family's home on Montrose Abby Drive in Oakville and following him wherever he went.
 On May 22nd, was the day of Smich's arrest for first degree murder of Tim Bosma, Det. Mario Rizzo of the Hamilton Police Guns and Gangs Unit was part of a team sent to execute search warrants at the Smich family home, more specifically, his bedroom which the detective later described  as a pig sty. I have seen the pictures of his bedroom. Comparing it as a pig sty is an insult to pigs.  
 The Bosma first degree murder trial of Millard and Smich began on February 1st 2016 in Superior Court in Hamilton. The Crown (prosecutor) addressed the jury of seven men and seven women.  He told them that that on May 6, 2013, Tim Bosma, took Smich and Millard for a test drive in his truck he was hoping to sell to them. The Crown had the task of proving that Tim Bosma was fatally shot in his truck by one of the accused and his body was soon after incinerated in an animal cremator.
 Mark Smich took the stand on May 11th in his own defence. He told the court he and Millard planned to steal a truck and would take vehicles on test drives with the intent of stealing it later if conditions were right. .He then blamed his co-accused, Dellen Millard for Bosma's death.

He said that Millard and Bosma were in Bosma's truck on the night of May 6th, 2013, and he was following in Millard's vehicle. He said that when they pulled over, Bosma was slumped over the dash and there was a bullet hole in the window.

The previous announcement at Toronto Police headquarters also included news that Dellen Millard’s friend, Mark Smich, 26, who was charged in Tim Bosma’s death, now faces an additional count of first-degree murder in relation to the murder of the late, Laura Babcock who was Millard’s former girlfriend. It has been alleged that Smich assisted Millard in murdering Millard’s girlfriend. Also, Christina Noudga, 21, has been charged with accessory after the fact in Mr. Bosma’s death.

Dellen Millard’s lawyer, Deepak Paradkar said he planned to fight the charges with vigor. He said in an email, "My client will plead not guilty to these charges. We await the evidence that has been marshalled." 

Igor Tumanenko, a former Israeli soldier, became an integral part of the police investigation into the disappearance of Bosma on May 6th, 2013 because he went on a test drive with Dellen Millard and Mark Smich just a day earlier. He cheered when he learned of the first-degree murder convictions of his two killers and described himself as "lucky" for having escaped Tim Bosma’s fate since he spooked the two killers with his military background. He told the men that he was familiar with the truck's diesel engine from his days in the Israeli army. He didn't know the test drive would turn out to be such a life-changing moment in his life since the men  were so banal in the truck.

He said in court; “The guy in the back (who was Smich) asked 'What did you do in the Israel army?"' Tumanenko told court. "I looked at him and said: '”You don't want to know what I did there.”  He also said in his testimony, “It seemed to change the temperature inside the truck.” Millard had not yet purchased the illegal gun then. Tumaneko then said in the court; “When the test drive ended, Millard said the price was a little over his budget.” I think an assault would also be a little over his abilities.

"The plan was to target and kill Igor if the conditions were right, but he was too much to handle," the Crown attorney told the jury in his closing arguments. "It would have been Igor, but he was too much at 6'4, 220 pounds and too much military."

Without Tumanenko's information, the intense investigation into Bosma's disappearance likely would have taken far longer. The two men had contacted Tumanenko about the Dodge Ram truck that was similar to Bosma's truck that he too had advertised online.

Tumanenko testified seeing the word "ambition" tattooed on the taller man's wrist "where a watch would be" and that the "shorter guy" in the back was "quiet as a fish. The taller man was Millard and the shorter man was Smitch. That tattoo had led police directly to zero in on Millard, and days later, Tumanenko identified Smich in a photo lineup. It was Millard’s tattoo that eventually caused him his loss of freedom. 

Five days after Bosma vanished; Hamilton police announced Millard's arrest for possession of the missing man's truck. Three days after that, police announced they had found Bosma's burned remains and Millard was subsequently charged with the murder of Bosma.

The stupidity of Millard rose to a much higher level while he was in jail during the trial period. The thick volume of his letters, complete with drawings, poems, sexual fantasies, expressions of his love and descriptions of jailhouse life, were revealed to the to the jury.

He had plotted an elaborate scheme to have his friends change their testimony, concoct evidence, manipulate witnesses and influence the jury in a “James Bond, super spy” mission to save him from a life behind bars. The scheme was revealed in his own words in a series of stunning letters, handwritten in jail and secretly passed to his girlfriend, Christina Noudga.

In his letters to his girlfriend, he began gradually hinting and suggesting that she tailor her evidence to help him beat the charge. He outlined what the police do and do not know in the case so she doesn’t get caught in a lie. Some of what he wrote to her was blacked out but what was read was riveting. The letters got increasingly blunt about a plan Millard wanted to orchestrate from behind bars. In one of his letters to her, he said in part;

“The entire case is circumstantial and full of holes. Most of the evidence points to me going to buy a pickup. This results in an acquittal, and I’m a free man. But there’s a problem, and it’s the testimony of Andrew Michalski.” unquote

He wrote that Michalski, his friend and roommate when Bosma disappeared, was “tricked” by police. In that same letter he wrote;

“Fucking panzy, scared into giving up a true friend. He doesn’t understand the law. He doesn’t know what the words mean. He’s the only piece of evidence that puts me in the category of intentional robbery. His testimony, not forensic science, is going to get me convicted. All he had to do was say nothing, but instead he tried to talk his way out. Someone needs to shake him up. If you’re going to undertake contacting Andrew, it has to be done with Mission Impossible, James Bond, super spy perfection. So, are you my secret agent?” unquote

Millard’s plan was to get Michalski to change his evidence before it was “locked in” at a pretrial. He had clearly outlined to Noudga a detailed scenario that Michalski could say, of police threatening him and pressuring him to tell them what they wanted.

In her testimony, his former girlfriend said, “He was obviously asking me to tamper with evidence and testimony in order to protect him.”

There is no doubt in my mind that any doubts the jurors may have had about Millard’s guilt as the murderer of Bosma, dissipated very quickly in their minds when they learned via Millard’s letters and heard his girlfriend’s testimony about his attempt to get the witnesses to change their testimony in his favour.

The letters had been found by police in the bedside table of Noudga’s Toronto home when she was arrested for accessory after the fact in the murder of Bosma after Millard’s arrest for his murder. The police wouldn’t have discovered them at all if the stupid woman had followed Millard’s instructions— “DESTROY THIS LETTER NOW!!!!!!” and done the same with the other letters she got from him.

A source close to the investigation, told The Spectator (newspaper in Hamilton) that the police believed that Babcock met a similar fate. Her body has not been recovered. Perhaps it too had been incinerated.

While it is unusual for police to lay a murder charge with no body, it is not unheard of. In the Hamilton case of Billy Mason, who was abducted, shot and incinerated with no remains found, his killer, Jeremy Hall, was convicted of first-degree murder. There was a similar outcome in Toronto with the same findings about a murder of a woman whose body was never found.

Babcock, 23, of Toronto, was a former girlfriend of Millard and in the days before she disappeared in June 2012, there were many text exchanges between the two, according to a close friend of Babcock.

Babcock was reported missing to Toronto police, but little was done to locate her until Millard was arrested in the Bosma case. At that point, Babcock's friend, Shawn Lerner, went public with his concerns that Millard might somehow be linked to her disappearance.

In the wake of Millard's arrest, doubt was also cast over the sudden death of his own father.

Millard Sr. died of a gunshot to his head in November 2012 at his own home in Etobicoke where he lived with his only son. His death was ruled a suicide and his body was also cremated but done in a funeral home.

The same source has told The Spectator that three men in Etobicoke have been charged with gun trafficking for allegedly selling a firearm to Dellen Millard, which police believe he then used to murder his father also.

Smich has been charged with assisting Millard in the murder of Millard’s girlfriend. If convicted, he will serve another 25 years in prison which will be consecutive to the one he is serving now for the murder of Tim Bosma. He will be eligible for parole when he is 78 years of age. That will be in the year of 2066.

Millard is now charged with the murder of his father and his former girlfriend. If he is convicted of both of those  murders, he will have two more 25-year sentences added to the one he is now serving for the murder of Tim Bosma. This means that he will serve all three sentences consecutively before he can apply for parole. Since he is currently 30 years of age, he will be eligible to apply for parole when he is 105 years of age. That will be in the year, 2091—nine years from the beginning of the next century. I don’t think society will be at risk if he is released from prison by then—that is if he really lives that long. 

If he has to serve all of those three life sentences, where will you be when he is released? I know where I will be. I will be in a haram in heaven where all those pretty girls will be waiting for me. When I told that to my wife, her immediate response was—“In your wildest dreams.”

As an interesting aside, there was a man in the United States who murdered a young man and his girlfriend. While he was in jail, he also murdered a fellow inmate. He was sentenced for all three murders to 3000 years; a thousand years for each murder. He appealed. The Court of Appeal agreed with him that the sentence was outrageous. They reduced his sentence to 1500 years. Now that is real justice.

The Americans really believe in firm justice. Many times they make mistakes (as we are all prone to do) but when it comes to sentencing really bad criminals, they don’t just throw the book at them—they throw the entire library at them. It looks like Dellen Millard is going to be rhetorically buried under a huge pile of books for many years.

As a young man, Dellen Millard had s good future to look forward too but like the greedy dog in Aesop’s fables, his greed caused him to reach for that which wasn’t his to grab and that folly inevitably resulted in him losing the one thing money cannot buy—his freedom.   

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