Thursday 3 June 2010

Message to my readers

First of all, I want to express my appreciation to those readers of my blog who faithfully follow my blog wherever it takes them. Last July, I put in a counter and as of today, I have had 10,011 hits on this blog. I get messages in my email from people all over the world and I reply to them all.

I read two newspapers every day and choose topics that I find that are current, interesting and most of all, controversial and if I think my readers would like an opinion on those topics, I publish my opinion in my blog.

I wish more people would take the time to comment on what they read in my blog. I don't profess to know everything and I could be wrong in some of my opinions so for this reason, I welcome criticism if it is given honestly and not insulting in manner.

By adding your comments to my articles, you get a chance to express your own opinions.

Again, I find myself having to send a message to my readers about some of the comments placed after articles I published in this blog.

Unfortunately, several people have used the comment section of my blog to place ads in them. This is a no no. If I see such an ad in the commentary section, I will remove it. Further, some people have written their comments in a language that is other than English. Please don't do that. Some of the comments (after I interpreted them) were ads in disguise and others were outright foolish and not on the topic I had written. I will remove them also.

Comments in my blog should be about the subject matter of the article I have published and not a means of slipping in ads or making stupid statements like the one that suggested that school shootings were committed by government operatives. Permitting stupid comments to be published in my blog would imply that I agree with the stupid comments.

As I said earlier, I welcome comments, especially if they are informative and interesting. Send more of them, please.


Suzanne said...

Your posts are very long. Blogging lends itself to brevity. You might consider writing less to get more of a reaction.

Just a suggestion!

Dahn Batchelor said...

Thanks Suzanne for your comment. To some degree, I agree with you however, I prefer to cover every aspect of the subject I am writing about so that if any of my readers agree with my commentary, they can read some of it when they first see it and later go back to it to read it further. The trouble with brevity is that sometimes the author of an article is forced to leave out some of the pertinent facts.