Monday 11 April 2011


Recently some of the readers of my blog have attempted to place ads in their opinions. I have refused to publish their opinions that have included their ads. Further, a few of my readers have written interesting opinions but they have also used their opinions as a means to insult me. I welcome opinions that differ from my own but I do not welcome insults referring to my character, education or calling. I don't object to being told that I am wrong with respect to an opinion I have published but I will not publish insulting comments. If such people want to place ads and insult me in a blog, then they should do it in their own blogs, not in my blog. Such people are no different than those who are invited into a home to discuss various topics and then once inside the home, they begin insulting the host. It is rudeness in the extreme. Admittedly I use uncomplimentary terms when describing some of the people I write about but those people are really the kind of people one should use derogatory terms when describing them.

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