Tuesday 13 September 2011


On June 3rd and June 10th of this year, I wrote two articles in my blog about Susan Blouin, her husband Gregory and their firm, Whole Green Kids in which I quoted most of what I said from two articles published by the Toronto Star. The Toronto Star articles were extremely critical about the manner in which Susan Blouin was operating her firm and that she and her husband were living in expensive homes and were driving expensive cars and having filed for bankruptcy in the past and moving from one kitchen to another after being locked out for non-payment of rent etc.

When I wrote those two articles, I believed in the truthfulness of the allegations that the articles in the Toronto Star had written so I reprinted them and I used in my own articles such words as sleezy, sleaze bags, ripped off, fly-by-night catering service, fly-by-night catering firm, deadbeat, deadbeats, and deadbeat caterer.

Admittedly, those words were vitriolic but I used them as part of my opinion of these two individuals who had been severely raked over the coals by the Toronto Star and others. I was exercising my right to express my opinion of what I thought about these two persons as fair comment.

In any case, if they felt insulted because of my choice of words that I wrote in those two articles, then I do apologize to them and it is for this reason that I chose today to delete my two articles that I wrote about them and their catering firm. The articles I wrote were titled; “Check a person’s background before you do business with that person” (Parts 1 and 2)

Again, I offer my apologies to the Blouins if they felt offended by my choice of words.

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