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We are all prone to making stupid statements during our lifetimes but some people make them a great deal of the time and some make really stupid statements. Here are some of the really stupid statements uttered by obviously stupid people.


Cardinal Joachim Meisner


This man is the archbishop of the German city of Cologne. He said, “German women should stay at home and have children.”  Anneget Laakmann, who is the president of the Catholic group called Women’s Dignity said in response to that ridiculous statement. “The Church can’t drag women back into the kitchen.” Amen to that.


Chiheb Esseghaier


This twit who has ties with two terrorists was testifying at a trial being held in Toronto, Canada. He said to the judge, “Criminal law (in Canada) is imperfect because it is not derived from the holy book.” (Qur’an) If you follow his way of thinking, that means that all books that don’t have references to the Qur’an are not perfect. Certainly a Muslim can assert that he is guided by a holy book but he must accept the fact that Canada's laws relating to crimes and procedures are distinct from holy books. Although lawyers representing either the crown or the defence have the right to refer to the text of other books, be they holy books or otherwise but the decisions made by judges in criminal courts are based solely on their interpretation of the Criminal Code and not on holy books.


Mike Duffy


This man is a senator in Canada and he tried to cheat the taxpayers out of $90,000 by claiming money that wasn’t due to him. He had claimed this money for living expenses in the capital (Ottawa) despite owning a home in an Ottawa suburb. What I found interesting was what he said in response to that allegation in April 2013, “I am a man of my word.”  While he was being sworn into the Senate, the words that he uttered from his mouth were; “I, Mike Duffy do solemnly and sincerely promise and swear as a member of the Senate of Canada that I will truly and faithfully and to the best of my skill, knowledge, and ability, fulfill my responsibilities and duties and use the powers and trusts reposed in me, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of Canada and its provinces.” Anyone who rips off the taxpayers is not an honourable man and certainly doesn’t take his sworn oath seriously therefore he could hardly justify saying that he is a man of his word.


Jean-Louis Mercer


This man is the president of Imperial Tobacco. On November 17, 2012, he said, “The tobacco industry must bring itself to accept that the burden of guilt must be shifted to government. The blood is not on our hands.”  Hey, Dummy. The government doesn’t make cigarettes with all those poisonous substances in them.

Justin Trudeau


This man is the leader of the Liberal Party in Canada. He said while he was in the leadership race, “…when we look at the great prime ministers of the 20th Century, those that really stood the test of time, were MPs from Quebec. (One of Canada’s provinces) This country, Canada belongs to us.”  He realized later that it was an asinine thing to say so he apologized by saying to the rest of Canada, “I’m sorry I said what I said.” Canada doesn’t belong to any province, any political party or federal or provincial government or any person or group of people. It belongs to every Canadian citizen in Canada.


Operation Terror


This is an organization that comprises of real nit wits. Its members are called truthers (pronounced troothers) because they believe that what they say is the truth. The United States has always been a breeding ground for conspiracy theorists who for the most part haven’t the faintest idea what they are talking about. After the 9/11 attacks by the terrorists in which they commandeered four planes of which three of them crashed into the twin Trade Centre towers and the Pentagon, the truthers said, “The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were an inside job by the George W. Bush administration.” A group of the truthers in Newtown, Connecticut where there was a massacre of 22 children and teachers in 2012 that took place at the Sandy Hook elementary school said afterwards, “The mass shooting was a hoax. The Obama administration perpetrated the hoax in order to ratchet up support for tougher gun control measures.” The mass shooting was real enough however the nit wits didn’t stop just then and there. After seeing a picture of a little girl sitting on the president’s lap whom they believed was a victim of the Sand Hook massacre who was killed, they went on to say, “The story that she was killed at Sandy Hook is not possible because here she is, sitting on the president’s lap after the shooting.”  They should have taken a second look. The girl sitting on Obama’s lap was the sister of the dead girl. The real victim was dead and buried.


Amanda Bynes


This movie star’s face was in a recent police mug shot after she was arrested and booked for possession of marijuana. She wasn’t happy the way her facial features showed on the mug shot. In hopes that she might look better, she had a face job done and after it was completed, she made the following rather stupid comment. “I’m getting one more in three weeks. They are short amazing surgeries done while I am awake but under general anaesthesia.” Hey, Dummy. When you are under general anaesthesia, you are not awake—you are unconscious. If the operation was done while you were awake, you would be given local anesthesia. What can you expect from a woman who walks in public with shirts wrapped around her head? 


Denis Rodman


This basketball player visited North Korea in March 2013 and while he was there, he spoke about that country’s dictators Kim Jong-un and his late dictatorial father, Kim Jong-il sung, North Korea’s founder and also of Kim Jong-um’s grandfather. He spoke of the son by saying, “The guy is really awesome.”  And of the son’s father and his grandfather, “They were great leaders.”  Would he have said the same of Hitler or Adi Amin?


Harry Black


This man is a trial lawyer in Toronto and he represents police officers who are sued by citizens or are being prosecuted for assaulting citizens etc. In June 2013, he was representing Constable Andalib Goortant who was sued by a protester for beating him at the G2 Summit held in Toronto in 2010. The protester’s name is (get ready for it) Adam Nobody. Black made a number of statements in which the trial judge disallowed. And then he said to the judge that it would surely help if Nobody had put up a solid performance at the criminal trial that was held earlier. Nobody then replied, “I think it could help further the justice system if I put in a solid effort here (at this trial). Black then replied to Nobody’s comment, “Let’s leave the justice system out of it.”  That was a really stupid statement to make. The trial stage of a criminal case is part of the justice system so when Black told the witness that they should leave the justice system out of the trial procedure, it would be like telling someone to leave the water out of the bathtub when taking a bath. Watching that trial as it was proceeding was like watching the confrontation between David and Goliath. You know who won that fight, don’t you. 


David Ickie


This man is a British paranoid author who has spent the last two decades promoting the idea that our planet is secretly controlled by giant inter-dimensional lizards who have taken human form. He believes that Queen Elizabeth II and the late comedian, Bob Hope are and were such lizards and who operate via the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad. One of this twit’s theories is that those reptilian invaders came to Earth to harvest a special type of gold that can turbocharge their lizard nervous system. In his book, Human Race: Get off Your Knees, he wrote, “.…media organizations are controlled by the Rothschild Zionists who were behind the rise of Hitler and Stalin as well as the assassination of Lincoln. The house of Saudi is a fake front for the House of Rothschild Zionists who can be traced back to a Jewish man in the year AD 851.”  This twit is free to say what he wants but anyone with any semblance of a brain will realize that this twit’s comments are no different that the ramblings of a one-year-old retarded child. Actually, such a child’s comments would make more sense than those of Ickie.


Greta Berlin


This woman is the founder of a US-based activist group, whose tweet was posted in October, 2012. She said in her Tweet; “Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews.” It has long been an undisputed fact that it was the Germans who murdered those Jews. She later said that her tweeted message was sent in error but she didn`t deny the content of her message. An embedded link to that Twitter feed of the group included a quoted statement from another nut case, Eustace Mullins who was before he died of a stroke in April 2010, a conspiracy theorist. That nut case claimed that the word Nazi was an amalgam of the words, National Socialism Zionist.  The word, Nazi was taken from the words, National Socialist German Workers' Party. In German, it was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei  which was actually abbreviated NSDAP, commonly known in English as the Nazi Party. It was a political party in Germany between 1920 and 1945. Rabid followers of Hitler, the dictator of Germany and leader of that party were called Nazis.

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