Tuesday 12 November 2013

ROB FORD: The stupidest mayor in all of North America (part 2) 


For those of my readers who didn’t read last Monday’s article in my blog about this particular Canadian mayor, let me say that it dealt with the many stupid things he did both as a city counselor and as the mayor of Toronto. It also dealt with the recent problems he is facing with respect to the alleged allegation that he was seen on a video smoking crack cocaine out of a glass pipe in the company of Somali drug dealers. In that article, I referred to this enormously fat man as Dumbo because of his stupidity. I shall continue referring to him in that same manner since he has to be the dumbest politician you could possibly meet.

The Police Investigation

It wasn’t Alexander (Sandro) Lisa, a close criminal associate of Mayor Ford (Dumbo) that was being targeted by the police. It was Dumbo. After all, it was he who had the vested interest in destroying the Smart cell phone video that portrayed him as the man smoking crack cocaine from a glass crack pipe.  The Toronto Police were investigating the existence of the alleged video involving Dumbo snorting crack several weeks before the story first appeared in the Toronto Star. As part of the investigation leading to the raids, officers obtained telephone/wire-tap evidence. On those wiretaps, persons of interest (druggies and pushers) discussed that video in detail, and referred to Dumbo’s presence in the video. The video purports to show the mayor smoking from what appears to be a crack pipe. Remember Dumbo had publicly denied using crack cocaine, and had repeatedly questioned the existence of the video saying it didn’t even exist.

On June 13, 2013, as many as 43 suspects were taken into custody in the Greater Toronto Area and Windsor areas as police carried out the massive, early-morning raids, which began around 5 a.m. A total of 39 warrants were executed by more than 800 police officers from multiple jurisdictions, with suspects in the GTA taken to Toronto's 23 Division and 31 Division for processing. The pre-dawn raids involved officers from many GTA police agencies, including Peel, York, Halton, Barrie, Guelph, Windsor, the OPP (Ontario provincial Police—provincial police) and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police—federal police).

The operation targeted guns and drugs, and was part of a near year-long investigation. In total, 40 firearms were seized along with $572,000 in cash and millions of dollars’ worth of illegal narcotics.

Police raided at least one suite inside an apartment building at 320 Dixon Road which has been in the news lately because of the drug allegations against Dumbo. According to recent reports, the apartment building was where the alleged crack video (actually several of them) was supposedly stored. As it turned out, it wasn’t the videos taken from a Smart phone’s camera that was stored there; they were the copies buried in a computer drive that had been erased but later through technology, recovered and is now in the police hands.

Police also raided the house of one of the three men pictured in the now-infamous photograph of Dumbo with the coke-pipe in his hand—the video he claimed didn’t exist. The chief of police in a statement on October 1, said; “We are now in possession of a recovered video relevant to the investigations that have been conducted. The file contains video images which appear to be those images which were previously reported in the press with respect to events that we believe took place at a house at 15 Windsor Road in Etobicoke.” unquote

One hour after the Gawker story was published in which the editor of Gawker announced that he had seen the video of Dumbo sucking on a glass crack cocaine pipe; Alexander Lisi, Dumbo’s close personal criminal friend placed a phone call to Fabio Basso—another of Dumbo’s friends who lives at the house at 15 Windsor Street where criminals, drug pushers, gang members and Dumbo frequently hang out. This was the location where the videos were taken of Dumbo and two of his friends—one (Anthony Smith who was later shot to death) and another criminal flanking Dumbo who was wounded in the shooting.

As an interesting aside, the police got a hold of a notebook that belonged to Dumbo that refers to a list of outstanding water and other bills related to that specific rundown house. Why would the mayor of Toronto have a financial interest in the bills related to a house where drugs are being sold and in which he and common criminals and gang members frequently hang out together?

This was also the house in which videos of Dumbo were taken. Lisa phoned Mohamed Siad, the owner of the camera, several times about the video in which Dumbo was smoking crack cocaine was taken but he didn’t get any cooperation from Siad. When it became apparent that the video and other videos were being put up for sale, Dumbo’s driver, Lisi, the man who plays the heavy in his criminal activities and who was a part-time driver for Dumbo and is part of Dumbo’s criminal associates, went to that house with another man and demanded that the videos be turned over to him. When they weren’t given to him, later that night, an unknown man managed to break into the house and one of the criminals living there along with his mother and his girlfriend, Elena Johnson were attacked by the man wielding a pipe.

Mohamed Farah, a 33-year-old man who is familiar with what was going on in the Somalian drug community while being interviewed on the TV show, City News, spoke of the hysteria that ensued in the Somalian community after the Toronto Star and Gawker published information about what they saw Dumbo doing with the glass crack cocaine pipe in his hand. They knew that the police would eventually come into their area with warrants in hand.

During the CBC television show, The Fifth Estate, Mohamed Said stated that people showed up at the Windsor house carrying suitcases full of money in their hopes of getting the video. Others made phone calls pretending that they were the police and even the military. One threatened to execute whoever had the video in his possession. Who was behind all of this? Obvious not the media. In my opinion, I don’t believe that the original video exists anymore. All that is left of that particular video was later found by the police when they seized a computer disk which has stored the images of the video.

The chief of police announced to the media that the police had found a copy of the video. Here is how he disclosed that information.

“I have been advised that we are now in possession of a digital video file relevant to the investigations that have been conducted. That file contains video images which appear to be those images which were previously reported in the press.” unquote

The police chief further said that there was no doubt in his mind that Mayor Rob Ford is clearly seen in that picture of him holding the glass coke-pipe while waving a lit lighter under it and at the same time calling a politician a fag and referring to his young football team as fucking minorities. His actual words were; “I think it’s fair to say that the mayor does appear in that video.”

Two men (Anthony Smith and Mohammad Khattak) who were in another video with Dumbo in it, were shot outside a downtown nightclub last March. Smith died in the shooting. Nisar Hashimi was convicted of manslaughter and wounding. Why they were shot, I don’t know.

Dumbo was in his office watching the Police chief Blair speak and it goes without saying that at that moment, Dumbo must have been at an extremely low point in his life. Up to then, he had continuously lied to the media and the people of Toronto especially since he thought that the original video had been swept into a vortex—never to see the light of day ever again.

“Oh, Dumbo. Say it ain’t so. You lied to us. Shame on you, oh bloated one.” Did this hulking piece of fat actually believe that his criminal friends didn’t make a copy of the video and put it in a computer disk? Did he actually believe that his former part-time driver, full-time criminal and long-time pal, Alexander (Sandro) Lisi would not use extortion as a means to retrieve the original Smart cell phone from Dumbo’s criminal acquaintances with threats?

Now, let’s look at Dumbo’s close friend and part-time driver for his fatship, I mean worship—no I was right the first time.

Alexander Lisi (age 35) is currently facing a charge of extortion and possession of illicit drugs. This criminal is the same man who has a horrible and long record of going back many years of assaulting women and threatening to kill them. This is the same man that Dumbo praised publicly as being a good guy and straight shooter. It was Lia Nejatian, a former staffer of Dumbo who was asked by Dumbo to write the character reference letter for Lisi. While he was drafting up the letter, Lisi had already been convicted of threatening to kill his former girlfriend and was awaiting sentencing. WOW. Whatever you do in the future, never, ever ask Dumbo to give you a letter of reference. It will be regarded as absolute garbage by any and all persons who have received it and at the same time, have brains that function properly.   

Dumbo later when asked by the press as to what he thought of his pal, Lisi, he replied, “I don’t throw my friends under the bus.” “Hey, Dummy. Do you really believe that any one of those criminal friends you have surrounded yourself with won’t throw you under the bus when they are offered a deal that will result in them being sent to prison for a shorter time than they would normally receive? Trust me. Not only will they throw you under the bus, they will hold you under the bus as it runs over your extremely obese sack of blubber.”

The fact that he was being video-taped by his criminal friends when he didn’t know it; is proof that they were throwing him under the bus. As to be expected, he doesn’t really have decent friends as they have distanced themselves from him. Instead he associates with goons who use him and stooges who bow to his wishes. Many hang around him because he’s the guy who will pick up the tab at the bar or because they hope that someday they will get a favour from him or hoping they can sell drugs to him. 

Well, back to the relationship between Dumbo and his close friend Lisi. After the day that the video of Dumbo with the glass crack pipe in his hand surfaced, as many as 349 phone calls and text messages between Dumbo and Lisi took place in a 44-day period between August 7 and September 19. What are they—Lovers? I don’t think so. What do they have in common that would bring about the camaraderie of those two? That’s easy to determine. There are two reasons to consider.

First, it is the video taken of Dumbo with the glass crack pipe in Dumbo’s hand that Dumbo ordered Lisi to retrieve.  Obviously, Dumbo decided that Lisi was to be the heavy and he instructed Lisi to retrieve the video from the Smart phone which they believed was still in Dumbo’s favorite hangout at 15 Windsor Road. Did he succeed?

Three possibilities exist that he did. The first one is that Lisi went to the location where he was told that the video which could probably be located and later he was charged with extortion as a direct result of that trip.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that he got the video during that trip. 

The second possibility is even more persuasive however. During one of the Ford brothers Sunday radio shows, Dumbo denied the video even exists. When a caller asked directly if it was him in the video, he said: “Number one: There’s no video, so that’s all I can say. You can’t comment on something that doesn’t exist.” I should add that NewsTalk 1010 and both Rob and Doug Ford have agreed to end their weekly radio talk show.

You notice that when he said that the video doesn’t exist, he was speaking in the present tense. That last statement of Dumbo is referring to the fact that the original video that was taken in a Smart cell phone of one of his criminal friends no longer exists. That being so; one can easily surmise that the original video that was taken in a Smart cell phone was later destroyed.

The third possibility is even more persuasive. If it still existed, then how come the person whose Smart cell phone camera had the video in it, didn’t jump at the opportunity of giving it to the Gawker, the blogger that said it was willing to pay $200,000 to whoever gave the Gawker that video? The owner of the cell phone couldn’t do that because the video in the camera had been destroyed and it follows that Dumbo knew this when he said on his Sunday Show that the video doesn’t exist. If Dumbo did instruct Lisi to retrieve the video in by any means, then he can be charged with complicity with respect to Lisi’s extortion.  

What Dumbo and his criminal friend Lisi didn’t know until recently, was that the images in the original video was transferred to a computer disk that was later seized by the police.

This brings to mind an incident in my life when I was a private investigator.  I had photographed a fraudster who was claiming money from an insurance company by claiming that he was unable to work because of a serious neck injury he received in a vehicular accident. I had photographed him shovelling dirt into a wheelbarrow without his neck brace on. Later when he attacked me, I opened up my camera and gave him the roll of film that was in my camera to my attacker. What I gave him was a blank film. The original film of him working without his neck brace on was in my pocket. He did however get to see it at his trial as did the judge and the man that he sued.   

Here is the second reason why Dumbo was cozying up to his criminal friend, Alexander Lisi. This criminal was Dumbo’s supplier of weed.                             
For example, on October 1, 2013, a police undercover officer paid Lisi $900 in specially marked money for half a pound of weed. Soon after, they arrested him and found not only the money but more marihuana in his pockets.

The police report stated that if Mayor Rob Ford is receiving cocaine, it is conceivable that Lisi was the person  giving that to Dumbo also.

The police used tracking devices, a plane, a camera attached to a pole close to Dumbo’s home and many hours of police officers following Dumbo and Lisi. Dumbo met his criminal friend, Lisi in parking lots at night, in city parks, in his favourite Tim Horton’s donut shop, in a washroom at an Esso gas station near his home and in school parking lots at night. Why were these clandestine meetings being held between these two men?

Let me give you a hint. Small packages appeared to be passed hand-to-hand from Lisi to Dumbo. What do you think was in those packages? Come on. You know what it was that Dumbo needed and could only get from his close criminal friend whom he trusted.         

Remember Dumbo’s original public statement when he said on May 25, 2013.  I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine.”  If it wasn’t cocaine or weed in those little packets, then what was in those packets—Lisi’s underwear?  If so, let him wash his own underwear. Only the very young and the very naïve actually believe that Mayor Rob Ford would never touch cocaine or weed. Yeah, sure and if you believe this, then I have a news flash for you—the moon is made of cheese also.  

Some of the dealers arrested even claimed that they too had sold cocaine to Dumbo. If these allegations are correct, then Dumbo is really hooked on cocaine to risk public exposure by the very criminals he was dealing with. When these criminals are offered deals with respect to sentencing, they will no doubt sing tunes like all canaries do. Only their singing will be similar to the famous Mormon Tabernacle  Choir—very loud and clear.          

A second video was released on November 7th by the police in whom the obviously impaired Rob Ford made threats to kill some people.  This deeply flawed man is unquestionably weird. Is his mommy still proud of her drug and alcoholic addicted son?

This bloated political liability to Toronto actually courts misfortune and turbulence because he is seduced by them. He ventures into the realm of criminals and gang members because they soothe his ruffled feathers and treat him as their ‘most powerful of all’ friend they could ever have dreamed of consorting, drinking and snorting cocaine with. 

The Confession         

I think we all knew that the day could come when Dumbo would fess up. It came shortly after the police chief announced that he had seen the video of Ford and that he was convinced that it was Rob Ford that was in the video.   

Now what does a man do who has blatantly denied that he was ever in a video snorting crack cocaine  and has then been discovered with both of his hands deep in the cookie jar right up to his elbows? What does a man who repeatedly blamed the media for his problems? He fesses up to them naturally. This is what he said on November 5, 2013 as he sniffed in sorrow when referring to his past conduct.

“Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. Am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors. Probably approximately about a year ago.”
The video was taken in May 2013 so that means he was snorting the stuff half a year ago, not a year ago. Dumbo is still lying.
In response to another question put to him, he replied, “Yes I’ve made mistakes. All I can do now is apologize and move on. All I can say is I’ve made mistakes and you guys kept referring to alcohol…there was a couple of isolated incidents. There’s been times when I’ve been in a drunken stupor.”
Those were the times when he was attending public functions when those who saw him recognized him as the impaired mayor of Toronto.

Contrition: Was it sincere?

As I listened to Dumbo apologizing and blaming his woes on his drinking, I immediately thought of others in power who when apologizing, blamed their woes on other causes beyond their control. There was John Browne, the disgraced CEO of BP who was forced out of that company because of the failures of his company brought about by his cost-cutting measures. He had been presiding over BP when his stupidity killed employees in a Texas refinery explosion and also when his BP Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded killing more employees and wreaking havoc over the Gulf of Mexico over that subsequent oil leak. Then there was the BP pipelines in Alaska that had long been dominant in that state that later failed in their decaying structure thereby causing large amounts of oil being spilled over the Alaskan tundra. This whiner blamed others for these fiascos because they had criticized him for being a homosexual.

Torontonians remember Conrad Black and his public contrition. He blamed others for his downfall when it was his greed that put him in prison. Then there is Alan Greenspan who was the former head of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board who turned out to be the worst practitioner in central banking. While he was in power, he believed that the markets would always be and were self-correcting. For this reason, he didn’t intervene to avert the unprecedented housing bubble that cost 8,000,000 Americans and 400,000 Canadians their jobs. He claimed that no one could have foreseen the Great Recession, not even him even when it was facing him head on.

These leaders of business along with Dumbo only had to lo0ok in their mirrors to see who was really at fault. It was their gross stupidity and self-interests that did them in.

Dumbo isn’t sincere at all. If he was, he wouldn’t keep blaming others for his problems and he certainly wouldn’t be constantly blurting out that he won’t resign and that he will run again for the office of the mayor of Toronto and that he will win.

What happened two days after his confession?

On November 7, 2013 was the day when the world saw the ravings of Rob Ford appearing as a raving maniac when Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star disclosed at 12:30 at noon on its website to anyone who can read and who has access to a television set or a computer; publicly presenting Dumbo in a way of what probably has to be the worst day of his life. The Star paid $5,000 for the video.

I have no idea who he was so mad at when he went into his rant but when he did it, he was in someone’s house, more specifically in that person’s dining room. Obviously he didn’t know that he was being video-taped by one of his supposed friends.

Here is what transpired during the conversation he had with another person in that dining room. Keep in mind that he was screaming when he was speaking. He was asked a question and what follows was what was on the video in response to the question.

Ford:  Cause I’m going to kill that fucking guy. I’m telling you it’s first degree murder.

Unknown Voice:  Mike Tyson! (the boxer)

Ford:  But I’ll fight him, I’ll……

Unknown Voice:  Give me the phone. I’ll …….

Ford:  No holds, brother. He dies or I die, brother.

Unknown Voice:  (laughing) What I’m talking about.

Ford: Brother. You never seen me fucking go.

(clapping and unintelligible voices in the background)

Ford:  Think so, brother. But when he’s down, I’ll rip his fucking throat out. I’ll poke his eyes out. I will fuck…when he’s dead. I will make sure that motherfucker’s dead. I need fucking ten minutes to make sure he’s dead. It’ll be over in five minutes, brother. If I am done in ten minutes…..

Unknown Voice:  After you win the by-election?

Ford: I am a sick motherfucker, dude. Like no one’s gonna fuck around with me. My brothers are, don’t tell me we’re liars, thieves, birds? It hurts. That little prick’s a racist fuck daddy……Randy walks….80-year-old birds…..


Ford: Shit, brother. I just need to go fucking myself in my fucking underwear. I want to go with this guy. I need fifteen minutes That’s all. No fucking interference, brother. If I win, I will fucking donate. (I hope it’s his brain so we can see what was wrong with it)

Unknown Voice:  These kids are pros, buddy.

Ford: Yeah. No problem, bro. No problem. I need fifteen minutes. I need fifteen minutes.

Unknown Voice:  Too much time.

Ford: No. No. No.

Unknown Voice:  Five minutes.

Ford:  No, no. Not going to do it for five. No, no, no, no. Not doing in in five. I am going to prepare for it. I will; call it. And I will fucking be in that ring.

In the video, Dumbo is shrieking incoherently and punching the air in some kind of imagined fight.

There you have it folks. The shrieking rantings of a man who appears to be acting like a raving lunatic. He even admitted that he is a sick motherfucker. I bet that statement didn’t please his mommy one bit. You can see it on the Toronto Star website. Just type in the words, Mayor Rob Ford video. Sit back and enjoy as you watch this man ranting like a raving lunatic. And then ask yourself, how did this nutcase get elected as mayor of a large city?

Now when Dumbo’s brother, Doug realized how silly his older brother looked on the video, he made a really asinine statement to the press.  He said,” If we put other politicians under a microscope, I don’t think there would be too many politicians left in this country.” unquote

“Hey stupid one. Name me one other politician in Canada who hangs around with drug dealers, gives one of them a good reference, smokes crack cocaine, stumbles about in an alcoholic haze, lies repeatedly to the media and threatens to kill someone. Give me the name of any politician who makes a myriad of snafus and embarrasses himself at public functions as a hopeless drunk. Your brother is the only one in the entire world that fits that description. He is an outcast yearning to be popular and at the same time, have the last laugh on the media. Well, stupid one. They are laughing at both you and your brother as is everyone else.”

Doug Ford is a bully who like his other siblings, was raised in wealth. When the Globe and Mail published a story that Doug and his eldest brother Randy had been drug dealers in their youth (Rob Ford was also a drug dealer in his youth) he went ballistic. He visited various media outlets denying the Globe and Mail story and as a fabrication and on one such visit, he threatened an editor of one of the newspapers by saying, “How would you like me to do some investigative reporting on you?” while staring in a TV camera adding that he would make the editor’s children cry.

The voters made a terrible blunder when they voted Doug Ford into office as one of the city counselors. It was he who in August 2011, loudly and publicly proposed to overturn a decade of waterfront planning and replace it with a Ferris wheel scheme that he cooked up in a backroom somewhere. That misstep resulted in Dumbo’s first real defeat while as mayor. That same summer, Doug Ford stupidly suggested closing a number of libraries. That goof-up actually backfired on him because it helped spark interest in saving those libraries. His fingerprints became increasingly visible as Dumbo’s staff began fleeing from his office never to return. As Dumbo’s scandals have grown larger and larger and the list of professionals who original served him has shrunk, those that replaced them have as primary qualifications;  a close relationship with Doug Ford. 

Despite the fact that Dumbo needs treatment for his conduct brought about by excess use of drugs and alcohol, Doug Ford appears to be the biggest obstacle in getting Dumbo into rehab. He was the first to downplay Dumbo’s problems. For example when Dumbo was seen being drunk in a public place, Doug Ford said that he never saw his brother take a drink. If you believe that statement, I have some swamp land I want to sell you. Hey. Stop laughing. At least you will have privacy on that land. Cities need politicians like Doug Ford like they need the plague.

Admittedly the video of Dumbo ranting which was seemingly recorded on a cellphone, was obviously taken in a private moment, and people in private often act differently than they do in public. That’s generally true but in my opinion, what we have seen is the real Rob Ford, and not the make-believe Rob Ford who tries to portray what he wants us to think he really is when he is in public.  However as we are learning, sometimes, the real Rob Ford takes over and shoves the make-believe Rob Ford aside while in public.

As to be expected, he was quick to respond to the media that was perched like birds of prey outside his office immediately after he watched his performance on the screen.

Now what does someone like this twerp do to extricate himself when he has publicly humiliated himself world-wide? Why he tries to explain his conduct naturally.

When he stepped out of his office to face the horde of media types, he was asked who he was talking to and who he was talking about. His reply?

“I am the first one to admit that I am not perfect. (Come on Dumbo. Others have admitted that they weren’t perfect long before you did) I was very, very inebriated. All I can say is again, I’ve made mistakes. (now there is an understatement) All I can do is reassure the….don’t know what to say. (that’s understandable) I just wanted to come out and tell you I saw a video. It’s extremely embarrassing. The whole world is going to see it. (those are the first two sentences he told that were the truth) You know what? I don’t have a problem with that. (now he’s back to lying again) It’s extremely embarrassing. (if it is extremely embarrassing to him, why doesn’t he have a problem with that?) I don’t know what to say. Again, again and again I’m apologizing. When you are in that state (of inebriation)… I hope that none of you have ever or will ever be in that state. That’s all I can say. I was extremely, extremely inebriated.  So that’s all I have to say now.” unquote

I think when the media heard his statement in which he made his feeble explanation for his outrageous conduct that took place in someone’s dining room; the media gave Dumbo about as much sympathy one gives to a rat one finds in one’s pantry. His apology would have been better if he directed it to the reporters whom he called maggots while he was accusing them of falsely reporting his conduct.

As far as I am concerned, Dumbo’s apology is that of a man trapped in a corner like a rat. He did what he had to do to free himself from the awkward situation he has placed himself in. If he was really sincere in his apology, he would have given it months ago before the third video appeared publicly. Even when he gave it, he blamed his inebriation for ranting so violently in the video.  This is the same man who publicly said he wanted to fire a city employee who was sleeping on the job and yet he has the impertinence to say that that he expects to be re-elected again in the next election when he is meanwhile rarely at his desk.

A buffoon like Rob Ford who has no shame in what he has done to embarrass the city that elected him as its mayor, maintains that alcohol is the cause of his problems. Only a man like Rob Ford has the audacity to make the preposterous assertion that that being in a drunken stupor explains his behavior while representing the City of Toronto as its mayor.

In a paper I wrote on the effect of alcohol on the human brain (a paper that is required reading in the Anthropology Program at McMaster University and was published in the Globe and Mail on October 6, 1994) I pointed out that alcohol removes inhibitions and self restraint. In other words, if someone had a propensity to act violently; being inebriated will release him from the restraint that has kept his violence in check. Dumbo’s alcoholic rants simply brings to the fore the real character of this man.

Meanwhile, a great many people are wondering who the person was that this fat man hated so much he wanted to murder him. It couldn‘t be me because his hysterical rant occurred at least three days before my first of two recent articles on him appeared in my blog. Of course if he ever reads any of my articles on him, the pitch in his hysterical voice will reach an all-time high like that of a castrato.

The following day he was asked if ever smoked crack cocaine. He replied, “I’m not a drug addict…I’m not an alcoholic.” WOW. If he doesn’t have any of those illnesses, then he is in real trouble because anyone who acts like he does without being addicted to drugs and alcohol is really a sick puppy. I guess this fool’s life as a drug addict isn’t as cracked up to be as he thought it was. Now there is a play on words.

His brother Doug Ford then called on Police Chief Blair to resign from the force because as Doug Ford says it, the chief is biased against the mayor by ordering that the mayor be investigated. Hey, Dummy. That’s his job. Doug even accused the chief of putting a bullet between the mayor’s eyes. The mayor put his own bullets between his eyes and fired not once but many times.

My heart aches for this buffoon’s children. How painful it must be for them to realize that their friends now know that their father is the world’s most renowned drunken buffoon.

Rob Ford’s economic record: A failure

Dumbo and his mouthpieces are stating that despite his failings as a human being, he is a great mayor. He claims that he is a $1-billion man which represents the savings he claims he what he brought to the citizens of Toronto since taking office in 2010. Well, let’s look at his so-called record of accomplishments. It certainly doesn’t surprise anyone that his brother Doug says that Rob Ford is Canada’s most honest politician on budget issues. Well in truth, Dumbo’s fiscal claims are exaggerated.

The $1-billion claim is partly based on $24 million in savings from a user-fee increase. By increasing the user fees, he has in effect actually taken the money out of the pockets of the citizens of Toronto. How can that be considered a 24-million dollar savings to the citizens of Toronto?

Dumbo also claims that he has also saved the taxpayers of Toronto as much as $200 million dollars by eliminating the vehicle registration fee. The fee which was introduced in 2008 by a former mayor required car owners to pay $60 a year for each car they owned. The city at that time estimated that it would collect $50 million each year for four years. However there were two problems. Only $43 million was actually collected per year from that tax and that totaled only $172 million dollars and not $200 million dollars that was part of the $1-billion claim by Dumbo.

Dumbo also claimed that he save the taxpayers $78 million from his successful push to outsource household waste collection west of Yonge Street (centre of Toronto) and east of Etobicoke, a suburb of Toronto. In fact, the $78 million dollar savings is for seven years—three years beyond his term of office. 

Dumbo also brags that he save the taxpayers as much as $6.4 million in budget cuts so that he could chop expense accounts of the city counselors. However in 2012, the city counselors passed a series of motions to get the taxpayers to pay for upgrades in their constituency offices and cell phones, roaming costs. It is not known just how much that will all costs but I believe it will be dig deep into the savings Dumbo claimed he brought to the taxpayers with respect to the city counsellor’s expense accounts. 

Dumbo also claimed that he saved $57 million in efficiencies in 2011, $327 million in 2012 and $222 million in 2013 for a total of $606 million. However an analysis of the budget shows that the savings only amounted to $300 million dollars and not $600 million dollars. In fact, the analysis actually shows that $116 million dollars of those so-called savings are actually phantom savings—in other words, they don’t even exist.

I could go on and on but I won’t. I have just mentioned the above information with respect to his Dumbo’s bragging that he has saved the Toronto taxpayers $1-billion dollars when in fact he didn’t do that. How he could claim that is beyond me especially when he raised the property tax for homeowners after they were frozen in 2011, then raised the tax to 2,5% in 2012 and another  2% in 2013. 

What can be done about this mayor who is out of control?

Dumbo’s younger brother, Doug Ford who is a member of the City Council, had long denied that his brother (Dumbo) had any problems and he vilified those who said otherwise. Come on, does this man really believe that he didn’t know that his brother was a hopeless drunk and drug addict? Doug Ford is either lying through his teeth or he is so naïve, he had no idea whatsoever what is brother Rob was really doing to himself and to the city that elected him as its mayor. A family’s view of one of their own member’s failings is often in sharp contrast as to what is really going on the family member’s life. In cases like this one, it is no surprise that Dumbo’s family is in a state of denial when one of them falters and sinks into alcoholism or drug addiction or both.

Addiction can exact a devastating toll on the health of anyone caught in its grip. The bottom line is that the addict is looking for a substance that will change the way he or she feels. Bad publicity aimed at a politician will cause that person to sink even further into an alcoholic or drug induced state. It is very common for people who are alcoholics to also use drugs to solve their emotional problems. Each vice on its own is enough to destroy anyone but when you join the two vices together like Dumbo has and coupled with his obvious outrageous behavior which appears to be typical with that man, the result is disastrous to both him and his family including the city he is supposed to lead. I actually feel sorry for Dumbo. I hate to see anyone sink so low in his life as this man has. However, he has brought his misery onto himself.

I really believe that both his brother, Tweedledee (Doug Ford) and Tweedledum (Rob Ford) should leave politics permanently and leave the running of a city to more qualified people.

Shortly after Ford admitted his failings, Councilor James Pasternak was one of several city councilors to repeat his calls for the mayor to step down as the scandal that has made international headlines drags on. As long as Dumbo remains in the public eye, he will continue to spew out his ignorance until even his staunches supporters will question their own intelligence for supporting him.

The people of Toronto are for the most part ashamed of what is going on in their city with respect to the conduct of their bloated mayor. Dumbo clinched the number 2 spot on BBC’s home page just below news of Syria destroying chemical weapons. His conduct is regular news on CNN, ABC and CBS. Headlines of this fat twerp can be found in newspapers around the world. Dumbo’s personal problems are bringing ridicule to Toronto world-wide because surely people are asking themselves, “What kinds of fools elect a drunkard and drug-addicted politician to be their mayor?”

Dumbo has supporters of course. They are part of Ford’s Nation. They claim that he represents the quintessential ‘everyman’ in other words, the regular guy they want to know and emulate. Well, to these delusional fools, I say this. This man is not the typical good guy everyone wants to know or even emulate unless they also hobnob with known criminals and drug pushers. The average guy is a hardworking individual who doesn’t ingest drugs or drink excessively or hang around known criminals and drug dealers especially during times when he is expected to be at his job.

What is probably on the minds of viewers and readers alike is this question; “Why isn’t Mayor Rob Ford dismissed from his office as mayor?” 

Dumbo believes he is so successful as a mayor of a large city; he will win the next election despite his failings as a mayor and as a rational human being. Do the people who elected this fat twerp really plan to re-elect him again in the next election? If they do, they deserve what the get as their mayor.

Dumbo claims that he will win because he kept the taxes of Toronto’s citizens down. But Francine Dick, a resident of Toronto said that the city is struggling with hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and for this reason, her property tax has increased every year this man has been the mayor of Toronto.

He has even refused to accede to demands that he resign from his office as mayor so that he could seek treatment for his infliction with drugs and alcohol. He actually said, “I have no reason to resign.”  According to his brother, he has agreed to take a couple of weeks off from work to recover from his inflictions, whatever they may be. At the time of this writing, we have yet to see that happening.

An honourable leader of a city would step down when his scandalous behavior became public. This fat twerp still clings to his delusion that he can slide past his scandalous conduct as if it didn’t really happen. If this huge blob of fat had a scintilla of respect for the office of mayor of a large city like Toronto, he would remove himself from that office. He won’t do it however because he really isn’t an honourable man at all who is capable of recognizing his failings as a mayor and as a human being. He is a huge cow pie that everyone has to step through when approaching the office of the mayor.

Dumbo blusters and bluffs his way through his mess knowing that short of being ordered out of office by a judge in the Superior Court, he can remain as the mayor of Toronto until the next election. Unfortunately, the members of the city council don’t have the authority to remove him from office.

They can’t remove him from his seat in the city council hall but they can completely ignore him when he speaks. Of course he will still have some toadies who will slobber over his feet but there won’t be enough of them to constitute a majority quorum to pass any form of legislation that governs the city. The deputy mayor can take over the meetings and he and the members who aren’t slobbering over Dumbo’s feet will get things back on track again so that the city can function normally again.

The members of the city council while debating issues can occasionally look at their mayor in the same way one looks at a faded flag on the wall. You don’t speak to the flag and the city members shouldn’t speak to the mayor. If he keeps interrupting the sessions, they can hold their sessions in other venues around the city and lock Dumbo out of them. As members of the City Council, it doesn’t matter where they sit when they operate as a council. One thing that can get him removed is if he is convicted of a criminal conviction. Alas by the time he would have his trial, he will have served his full term as the mayor of Toronto.

City Counselor, John Filion correctly said, “It’s very difficult for the mayor to be an effective leader [as] there may be some days where he can function and other days he can’t.  He’s not the person who’s going to lead us into the future at this point.”
 What the voters will have to decide next year when it is time for an election of the mayor of Toronto is whether or not they want to re-elect a man whose judgment is highly questionable, is a bald-faced liar,  who has chosen to live a seedy life by associating with criminals, gang members and drug pushers, is surrounded by violence brought to his friends and by his friends, is an alcoholic and a drug addict and instead of spending the proper amount of time in City Hall conducting the city’s business, chooses to mingle with his criminal companions elsewhere. Sympathy towards a fallen soul is not sufficient reason to choose someone to lead a municipal government. Worse yet, one or more of Dumbo’s criminal associates could blackmail him into doing something that would be against the best interests of the citizens of Toronto. 

For someone to be the mayor of a city, no matter how large or small it is, it has to be someone who is honest, reliable, dependable, someone who can be trusted, someone whose word is his bond, and someone who doesn’t spend time associating with criminals at the expense of his duties as the mayor. And equally important is that such a person doesn’t suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction or both and also isn’t totally stupid.

The financial cost to Toronto

This stupid mayor is currently a big turnoff to potential investors who might consider investing in Toronto and quite frankly, I can’t blame them. Who in his right mind wants to invest in a city in which its mayor consorts with criminals as his best friends, hires a drug pusher who threatens to kill people and he himself says he wants to kill someone.

The city’s business reputation has taken a big hit with its top official referring to his football team being nothing more than “fucking minorities” and who himself is addicted to alcohol and drugs? Who of the potential investors would even want to come to Toronto when they know that the mayor of that city when enraged; also threatens to kill people? And finally, would any investor take a chance when he or she knows that the mayor refuses to resign and the city can’t fire him and to make matters worse, he promises to run again for the office of mayor of the City of Toronto?

Despite this prognosis, this thug who acts like a drunken criminal and consorts with criminals and gang members whom he claims are his friends will eventually be turfed from his office and someone who is business oriented, who is the epitome of a leader who possesses common sense will be elected to be the mayor of this very fine city where business opportunities are always available to those who want stability in any city that they choose to invest in.

Toronto is a very large city and there are many great men and women who are honest and capable of leading a large metropolitan city which is famous for its cosmopolitan mixture of residents who have come from all nations around the world and like every person living in Canada, are protected by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and whose investments are protected by laws in Canada that don’t permit graft and corruption.

So far, no businesses from other locales have cancelled their arrangements to invest in Toronto because they know that it is still a great place to invest and yes, even live in. Toronto will not end up like Detroit did when its own mayor who was a crook and whose dishonesty helped bring ruin to that city. The people in Toronto won’t stand for it.

Admittedly the people of Toronto made a colossal mistake when they elected that fat, obnoxious drunken fool into office but be assured, the people of Toronto have learned their lesson and they won’t make that same mistake a second time. They have had enough of that drunken fool who prefers consorting with known criminals than with decent people and who doesn’t care that he is the currently the world’s laughingstock.

My message to Rob Ford

Oliver Cromwell said it best when he addressed the members of parliament in 1653 when they had accomplished nothing up to then. He said;

You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of god, go!”

There can be no doubt that Dumbo’s political ambitions are going to be history but his legacy will stick to him and his family like reinforced concrete sticks to a building. No amount of scrubbing will remove the atrocious reputation he has lathered on himself and his family. 

I have presented these two lengthy articles to you because unless you subscribe to the Toronto newspapers, you wouldn’t have really had a full picture of this mayoralty fiasco. I will keep my readers up to date on any new developments.

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