Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Atrocities of ISIS Islamic Terrorists                      

Stories of the mass slaughter of 1,700 Iraqi soldiers in one day alone by the ISIS Islamic terrorists have been circulating on the Web for some time now. The images are shocking. In one event, the images show dead prisoners of ISIS lying in pools of blood. Another video shows men in civilian clothing lay prone in front of an armed rebel, with the black jihadist flag used by terrorists. The dead soldiers had previously foolishly surrendered to the terrorists instead of fighting the terrorists to the death in the northern Iraqi province of Salahuddin.  They were not treated as prisoners of war by ISIS. Because of this, ISIS had committed a war crime by murdering these Iraqi soldiers who had surrendered to them and they continue to act as war criminals.

These terrorist are called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) but they are commonly referred to as ISIS by the news media which is the acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Western government officials however refer to this group as ISIL. Arab governments have resisted using the world “State” referring to this group of terrorists as Daesh which is the acronym for Dawlat-al-islamiyaw-al-Iraq w Belaad al sham. The ISIS terrorists in Mosul threatened to publically cut out the tongue of anyone who refers to them as Daesh.

ISIS is not affiliated with al-Qaida.  In fact, the Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has distanced himself from ISIS as has all the other leaders of al-Qaida.

These inhumane terrorists have beheaded Western hostages while they are alive in front of video cameras, hanged bodies from bridges, cut limbs off of their victims while they are still alive and even crucified them.                        

I am not exaggerating when I refer to those terrorists in ISIS as the butchers of Islam. The ISIS terrorists' atrocities have been known for some time so no-one is surprised that these atrocities are still ongoing.

I would be less than honest if I said that such atrocities committed against human beings is relatively new.  It isn’t.

For example, when England governed India several centuries ago, some of their Indian prisoners were tied to the ends of cannons and blown to bits by the subsequent blasts. When Kenya was a colony of England, native terrorists were tortured to death at the hands of their British captors. Even the United States was torturing prisoners by waterboarding them until President Obama put an end to it. Iran is renowned for torturing their prisoners as other countries are also. I watched a video in which six Russian soldiers had their throats cut by Chechen rebels. Hundreds of people have been decapitated by terrorists while they were alive in recent years. In one event, terrorists ordered a boy to cut off the head of a living person with a sword. He seemed to enjoy doing it.

In September 1975, I was then an officially UN recognized observer in attendance at the Fifth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders held at the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. For the past 15 years, I have been classed as an officially UN recognized Individual Expert in criminal justice and human rights which means that I can still address UN Cogresses on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders wherever and whenever those Congresses  are held.

One of the topics to be discussed by the more than 100 nations present was torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in relation to detention and imprisonment of ordinary criminals. Alas, that subject only dealt with prisoners convicted or suspected of committing crimes such as murder, robbery, burglary etc. As a UN recognized official observer at the Congress, I could address the delegates but I chose not to speak on that subject because I wasn’t absolutely convinced that terrorists captured and who know of an impending bombing where innocent people would be killed, shouldn’t be tortured if it would save lives. This question still gnaws at me.    

However, the passage of the UN Rule of Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in relation to detention and imprisonment was passed by the UN general assembly. It means that anyone arrested or detained on a criminal charge cannot be tortured.

The United Nations does not have a Rule addressing the torturing of prisoners by terrorists. I am partly responsible for that omission. During the Fifth UN Congress, the delegates were asked to consider the United Nations’ proposal of a transnational tribunal to try terrorists. Most of the delegates approved the UN resolution and were prepared to vote in its favour. When it was my turn to speak, I said that such a tribunal would be a disaster. I will quote in part from my speech;

“Imagine if you will, a Canadian citizen boards a British Airways plane in the United States and is killed by a Lebanese terrorist and the plane lands in Germany. Now five countries are involved in one sense. Suppose then that Germany decides that they will try him since they have him in their custody or alternatively, they send him to Canada who wants to try him since a Canadian citizen was murdered. And suppose the United States also wants to try him because he boarded the plane in the United States. And suppose Germany decided to set the terrorist free. This problem would create an international jurisdictional disaster.” unquote I suggested that whoever has the terrorist in hand should deal with his or her fate.

The delegates agreed with me because even with the proposed tribunal in existence, the jurisdiction problem would still exist. Subsequently, the UN proposal was defeated. Then ten years later, (October 7, 1985) a similar event to which I had suggested in my speech actually occurred.

Four Palestinian terrorists boarded the Italian cruise ship,  Achille Lauro shortly after it left Alexandria, Egypt, in order to hijack the luxury liner. The well-armed men, who belonged to the Popular Front for the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF), led by Abu Abbas, the leader of the terrorist group, a wing of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) led by Yassir Arafat. The terrorist, Abbas, easily took control of the vessel since there was no security force on board.

At first, the terrorists demanded that Israel release imprisoned PLF members and then they sought permission to sail the ship into a Syrian port. But when Syria denied their request, the terrorists lost control of the situation. Gathering the American tourists on board, the terrorists randomly chose to kill 69-year-old Leon Klinghoffer. The wheelchair-bound American was wheeled to the side of the ship, shot in the head and thrown overboard while still in his wheelchair.

Klinghoffer's cold-blooded murder backfired on the terrorists. The world's outrage forced PLO chief Yassir Arafat to cut PLO ties with the PLF terrorists and demand that Abbas (their leader) end the problem he brought on board the ship. On October 9th, Abbas contacted the terrorists, ordered them not to kill any more passengers, and then he arranged for the ship to return to Egypt.

Meanwhile, an elite US Navy SEALS group was dispatched to raid the Achille Lauro. But by the time they arrived on the ship, the terrorists had already gotten off the ship in Egypt and had boarded a plane to Libya. The United States then sent out two F-14 fighter jets, which intercepted the Egyptian plane and forced it to land in Italy. A three-way standoff between the PFLP terrorists, the Americans, and the Italian Army on the runway ended with the Italians taking Abbas and the other terrorists into custody.

Despite intense American pressure, the Italians allowed Abbas to leave the country on his own however, the Italians prosecuted the four who had been on board the ship. All were convicted, but only one received a sentence of 30 years; the others got off with lighter prison terms. Italy tried and convicted Abbas in absentia, but did not seek his extradition until 2003. He was later captured by US Special Forces in Baghdad that year and died in 2004 while still in American custody.

Vice President Bidden on September 3rd said about the ISIS terrorists, “We will chase them to the Gates of Hell. Iraq’s outgoing prime minister, Al-Maliki said about ISIS, “All Iraq will be a grave for those infidels and we will send all the ISIS gang to death.  President Obama has said that he doesn’t want to put boots on the ground in Iraq (send troops to Iraq to fight ISIS) but he has decided to send 1,600 troops overseas to train Iraqis and the moderate rebels in Syria and do intelligent work in those two countries. The US is already using bombers to attack ISIS troops. He really wants the Iraqis to do the fighting and the Syrian moderate rebels to do the same alongside contingencies of troops by Arab countries that have denounced ISIS. If they don’t get into the fray, ISIS with its 30,000 members may extend its tentacles into those Arab countries and by then, it may be too late to stop the ISIS terrorists if their numbers grow exponentially.

It must not be overlooked that these extremists, are not recognized as soldiers. They are inhuman terrorists who deserve no mercy whatsoever.  I think that the Allied soldiers who go after these terrorists should show them no quarter even if the terrorists are wounded or they are attempting to surrender. They should all be shot dead when approached. That is what the Russians did when they entered the opera house in Moscow that had been previously seized by the terrorists. They shot them all dead even though they were all unconscious by the gas used to get them.  Now those terrorists aren’t terrorizing anyone anymore.

Now I realize that there are sob sisters among my readers who will say that I am no better that these terrorist when I make such a suggestion. Well I say to them, remember that many terrorists were released from Israelis prisons and many of them are now with ISIS doing what they were doing prior to their incarceration in Israeli prisons—raping, and murdering human beings they don’t like.

In 1985, when I was addressing the Seventh United Nations Congress for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders held in Milan, I recommended that all terrorists, no matter what their function is, should be tried, and if convicted, executed within days after the members of the Supreme Court of the land has satisfied themselves that the trials of the terrorists were just. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to let them live long enough so they can be bartered out of prison after their fellow terrorists make demands and threats to harm more innocent persons. The Israelis did this just to get three bodies of Israeli soldiers back and surely many Israelis have regretted that decision. Think about it. Would you spare the life of a mosquito on your arm that is possibly carrying a deadly virus?

The last thing we would want to happen is to have ISIS terrorists released from prison so that they can go out and commit more inhumane acts of butchery. SHOOT THE BASTARDS AS SOON AS YOU CATCH UP TO THEM. That way, they won’t come back to kill you and your families.

Of course, there are exceptions. I would like to see the man who decapitated two American hostages and one British hostage and other butchers like that Islamic killer and their leader sent to an American prison and placed in solitary confinement without any privileges for the rest of their natural lives. You can be sure that they will never get released if they are captured by the United States forces. In fact it is quite conceivable that they would be executed. It is even more conceivable that they will be hunted down and bombed into smithereens.

Now what follows are two very graphic descriptions of the decapitation of two men. One of the victims was Olin Eugene Armstrong, Jr. age 51 and the other victim was Sergeant Ali Sayid, age 29, a Lebanese soldier. Both were murdered in Syria by terrorists. I have seen the videos and they are sickening but by giving you the description of their horrible deaths, it is a sure way to convince you that every member of ISIS and other terrorists should be completely and unequivocally exterminated. If you are squeamish, don’t read what follows.

The decapitation of human beings by terrorists

Olin Eugene Armstrong, Jr. (born on 5 June 1953) was a foreign hostage in Iraq, beheaded by his captors on the 20th of September 2004. Armstrong, also known by his nickname ‘Jack’, grew up in the south-central Michigan community of Hillsdale, where he lived until 1990. Armstrong was an American contractor working in Iraq for the construction firm Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services of the United Arab Emirates. After being taken hostage on September 16, 2004, Armstrong was dressed in a typical prison orange jumpsuit and was beheaded four days later by the Tawhid and Jihad militant group.

While he was being decapitated by one of the terrorists with a knife, the video camera was about two feet from the victim’s face. At first when the knife was drawn across his throat, he began screaming but half a minute later, he clenched his teeth and I could hear him moaning and then his screams began again in a high pitch interspaced with his moaning. I could also hear the sound of the knife cutting through the flesh of his neck. He was conscious for thirty seconds during his capitation. Then seconds later, the terrorist pulled his head from his body.

The video of his capitation is the most gruesome scene I have ever seen in my life. I sincerely hope that his family never saw the video. If they did, it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

A terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi admitted that he personally beheaded Armstrong. The following day, a member of that same terrorist group beheaded fellow American, Jack Hensley, and threatened to kill their third hostage, Briton Kenneth Bigley unless the United States met their demands to free all women prisoners in Iraqi jails. Bigley was later beheaded in October 2004. 

Zarqawi was later killed in a targeted bombing attack by a Joint US bombing raid  on June 7, 2006, while he was attending a meeting in an isolated safe house that was approximately 8 km (5.0 mi) north of Baqubah. A United States Air Force F-16C jet dropped two 500-pound (230 kg) guided bombs directly on the terrorist’s safe house.

The second video of a capitation that I saw was that of the Lebanese soldier being decapitated by terrorists.

The victim was fully clothed in his uniform. The victim was lying on his right side and then he was turned over onto his stomach. A terrorist grabbed his lower legs as the victim raised them. Another terrorist turned the victim`s head sideways so that that the left side of his neck was facing upwards. The terrorist who was going to decapitate the victim at first flashed the knife in front of the victim’s face. The victim began crying as he was aware that his death was imminent. Then the murdering terrorist began sawing into the left side of the victim’s neck. Blood immediately poured from his neck and onto the ground as the knife cut through the victim’s carotid artery leading to the victim’s brain. The man holding his feet let go of them when there was no movement in his legs. This does not mean that the man was dead.

The Lebanese victim’s legs began thrashing again and seconds later, they fell to the ground again. This time, they remained still. Seconds later, the terrorist murdering the man cut through the neck bone and pulled his victim`s head away from his body. As is the custom of the terrorists, he placed the victim’s head on his back.

If you had seen those two decapitation videos as I have, you would think of these terrorists as bugs like I do and conclude as I do that these creepy-crawly bugs must be exterminated. They gave no mercy to their victims and they should definitely not receive any mercy from those who confront them.  They should be exterminated like we exterminate bugs with pesticides. I am proposing a new word—terroristicide when exterminating these ISIS and other terrorist bugs.

Homegrown terrorists joining the ranks of terrorists

Homegrown terrorism is sometimes associated with an international organization rather than some of them being a ‘lone wolf’ who is committed to terrorism as isolated and disturbed men who have been radicalized after communication with like-minded people where the terrorism actually thrives.
Many of these lone wolves have become radicalized in the countries they live in where freedom thrives and there is no need to fight their governments by force.  These men as far as I am concerned, do not join terrorist organizations out of a desire to fight repression but rather they join terrorist organizations for the sole purpose of killing people. They trust in the Islamic belief that when they die while fighting, they will be greeted by 72 virgins when they go to heaven. I hope that the 72 virgins that greet them are old women in their nineties.

As many as 130 of these wannabe terrorists left Canada in recent years to fight in Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, and elsewhere. There is also a growing concern in Canada that wannabe homegrown potential terrorists are leaving Canada to travel to the Middle East. As many as 130 of them have gone to Syria and Iraq in all probability to join ISIS. As many as 500 of these wannabe terrorists from the UK have joined up with ISIS. 

Here is an example of a Canadian wannabe terrorist who recently joined ISIS so that he could kill people. He is a 23-year-old man who lived with his family in the City of Mississauga, immediately west of Toronto.  His name is Abu Turaab but chooses to go by the name of Mohammad Ali (same name as the famous boxer) who told his parents that he was going to visit Turkey but once he arrived there, he crossed the border into Syria and joined up with ISIS.

Adept at using social media and twitter and being fluent in English, he began figuratively speaking running off in the mouth by sending a message to the National Post that he justified ISIS’s treatment of Iraqi Christians whom the ISIS terror group had ordered to convert to Islam or else. He said that his goal was not just to impose his militant strain of religion on Iraqis and Syrians but over everybody. He also posted a poem that read; “Roses are red, Violets are blue, ISIS is coming to a town near you.” That was his way of saying that he hopes that ISIS eventually reaches Canada and converts everyone in its path. He also posted photos of ISIS fighters holding decapitated heads. He also condemned Muslims who expressed their dismay at the decapitation of the two American journalists. He also tweeted that he felt more alive since arriving in Syria. When asked if he was still a Canadian, he replied, “Not anymore.”

This is the kind of wannabe terrorist that I would like to see put in prison and at the same time, have his Canadian citizenship permanently revoked. Let him and scum like him then apply for a UN refugee passport and wander around the world looking for a country that will accept him or alternatively, remain forever in a UN refugee camp. 

Eighty-five of these converts are from backgrounds in which they had a low social life. Some may have been neglected by their parents, or had been in prisons or had joined gangs. By turning to Islam, it gave them a chance to belong to a group that offered them a higher purpose in their lives than what they previously had.

As I see it, these wannabe terrorists are all losers in the democratic countries they lived in. I say that because a successful man in whatever occupation he is in wouldn’t abandon his family, his career and his friends just to become a terrorist. These losers aren’t satisfied with normal excitement in their lives but instead, they envision the same excitement they had when they as young boys, played cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians. They simply haven’t grown up. Now with terrorism on the rise, they want real excitement. They want to really kill human beings and not dream about doing it. And they know that terrorist organizations in other lands will welcome them with open arms so off they go to foreign lands to fulfill their dreams of raping, shooting and even decapitating people.

I have nothing but absolute contempt for these losers. I don’t give a tinker’s dam (that’s the correct spelling) when these losers return to their own countries and claim that they had second thoughts and don’t want to be terrorists any longer.  Being inflicted with terrorism is like being inflicted with rabies. There is no cure. Once they are a terrorist; they will always be a terrorist as far as I am concerned although admittedly, there have been a few exceptions but that is very rare.

The question that begs to be answered is; what do we do with these poisonous bugs when they return to their home countries?

British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a recent speech; “We now believe that at least 500 people have traveled from Britain to fight in the [Eastern] region, (A 23-year-old former British rapper is considered a prime suspect in Foley's and Scotloff’s s beheadingsin addition to 700 from France, 400 from Germany, and hundreds more are from other countries including the United States, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia.” unquote  

How many of those losers were born in those countries?  How many of them were Muslims from birth? How many of them became Muslims later when they grew up? I don’t know the answers to those questions.

David Cameron also said in Parliament that the system for monitoring suspected terrorists in Britain is to be strengthened to include restrictions on where they can live and he added that the police would be given temporary new powers to seize the passports of suspected terrorists at the points of entry so they could carry out further inquiries into them.

I am not sure as to what the criteria should be to determine how suspected homegrown terrorists in the U.K. should be segregated but I know what he had in mind with respect to where they would live once it is determined that they have terroristic ambitions. The Prime Minister said a restructured Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act would allow the security agencies to stipulate the location of suspects and impose “exclusion zones” on their movement. This will ensure that many are not allowed to live in London where far more citizens could be killed or injured in terrorist bombings.

If the police in the U.K. arrest a suspect whom they believe is participating in any manner whatsoever in promoting terrorism or even advocating terrorism, then they should arrest that individual and if convicted, that person should be incarcerated indefinitely.

In the U.K. and everywhere else, promoting the overthrow of a legitimate government by an armed rebellion is treason and punishable by life in prison and in some countries by death.  Is not the promotion of murdering innocent persons by terrorist acts deserving of punishment of a maximum term of incarceration for natural life in prison?

Now sob sisters will claim that punishing people who speak out in favour of terrorist acts being committed is contrary to our freedom of speech. It isn’t. There are constraints on our freedom of speech. Promoting treason and terrorism is unacceptable in any country and are punishable by at least some form of imprisonment.

The prime minister rejected a statement by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London about the government’s plan that would deal with terror suspects who travel to Syria or Iraq without telling the authorities about what their actual purposes are. He said that it is a presumption of “guilt until proved innocent”, claiming it would be a breach of the fundamental principle of the U.K.’s justice system.  His statement is about as ludicrous as someone publically saying that the prime minister should be assassinated and then giving his excuse by saying that he can say such a statement because he is free to do so since he is protected by the Constitution. Say something stupid like that about the president in the United States and see how fast you will be arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison for a very long time.

Johnson’s drivel can be easily swept away by pointing out that anyone traveling to those two countries where terrorists are murdering thousands of people; should be presumed to be wannabe terrorists. Let these travelers prove that they have relatives in those two countries they want to visit by giving the authorities the addresses of their so-called relatives. It is easy enough to establish if those addresses even exist on any street map of those two countries. If they can’t prove the authenticity of their visits, then their passports should be immediately seized and if a court later agrees with the authorities that the visits were a sham and that their real purposes were to join a terrorist group, then their passports should be destroyed and no further passports should ever be given to these wannabe terrorists during their lifetimes.

The same procedures should also be applied to wannabe terrorists who plane to enter Syria via Turkey or Jordan and/or plan to enter Iraq via Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Iran. They can cross the borders without going through official border stations.

I know what you are thinking. If they can’t commit terrorist acts in Syria or Iraq, then they will commit those crimes in their own countries.  That may be so but while living in their own countries, they can be watched and one act committed by them that can be realistically determined as promoting terrorism or participation in any act of terrorism, no matter how minute that participation is, the perpetrator may very well  be imprisoned for life. Once the message gets out, I think some of these losers will have second thoughts about being a terrorist. If not, then it is off to prison for life.

As far as I am concerned, even if citizens born in our countries have been determined to have been terrorists, the courts should rule that in being terrorists, they have in effect renounced their citizenship to fight against our interests and either imprison them for life as foreigners of alternatively, get them a UN refugee passport and turf them back to the country they committed their terrorist acts in. Those countries can deal with them as captured terrorists. Such a law would really deter these wannabe terrorists from even thinking about being terrorists.

We have all been shocked and sickened by the barbarism we have witnessed in Iraq this summer, the widespread slaughter of Muslims by Muslim terrorists, the vicious persecution of religious minorities such as Christians and Yazidis, the enslavement and raping of women and, of course, the beheading of American journalists and other innocent victims. It is definitely time to fight back and that include taking precautions to stop wannabe terrorist from leaving Westernized countries.

Western officials have warned about the possibility of homegrown ISIS fighters holding Western countries' passports traveling back to their countries to plan and possibly launch attacks against their fellow citizens.  Western officials are cognizant of that threat.

I think there has to be very strict measures undertaken to capture these bugs before they are released back into their communities.  Here is what I propose those measures be.

Step One:  Anyone who has a Syrian or Iraqi entry stamp in their passports should have those passports seized and held until a full investigation is completed. If it can be established that they entered those two countries for a legitimate reason, their passports will be returned to them. If there is doubt that they entered those two countries for legitimate reasons, then their passports will be destroyed and they won’t be given another one. Further, their names, ages and pictures will be passed onto the watch list of the government body that is in charge of that country’s homeland security.

Step Two: If there is a strong suspicion that the person returning to his country has previously promoted terrorism or has attended meetings in which the members have promoted terrorism, such a person should be held in custody until a complete investigation has cleared them of having gone to those other countries to commit acts of terrorism.

Step Three:  If it is reasonably established that the person returning home had joined a terrorist organization while he was out of the country, he should be arrested at the point of entry, tried and if convicted, sent to prison for life.

If these procedures are followed, it is unlikely that these bugs would be killing and injuring people in their own countries. But since such procedures are not being implemented, when these bugs returned to their own countries, the immigration officers and saying to them as they hand back the passports to the bugs, “Welcome back, Sir.”

Canada has brought in federal legislation that states that anyone who has a dual citizenship in Canada and commits acts of terrorism anywhere will have their citizenship revoked. I believe that anyone who doesn’t have dual citizenship but is a naturalized citizen or was born in Canada and who is later found guilty of either terrorism anywhere or treason and/or attempting to violently overthrow the Canadian government should have their citizenship revoked. Then they have two options available to them. Spend the rest of their lives in prison after they have already served their sentences for the crimes I have listed or apply for a UN refugee passport and try to find a country that will accept them. Such action will surely act as deterrence to most of these kinds of criminals.

Remember what I said earlier about crushing a fatal virus-carrying mosquito that has the misfortune of perching on your arm? SWAT and then SQUISH. That reaction is better than having the fatal virus inserted into your blood via the mosquito’s proboscis. We certainly don’t want the homegrown terrorists coming back and inserting their malevolence into our communities while they are still free to do so. 

Paying the terrorists ransoms they demand

The Americans have a policy that they have upheld for a very long time. They don’t negotiate with terrorists and they don’t pay them ransoms. Quite frankly, I think that is a very good policy. However, there are countries that do not have that policy.

Israelis are renowned for giving into ransom demands to terrorists and they generally do this by freeing murderous terrorists they have captured and placed in their prisons.

Islamic terrorists who savagely lynched, mutilated, gouged, disemboweled, and dismembered bodies of two Israeli soldiers were released from Israeli jails. What follows is the story of the fate of those two unfortunate soldiers that will make you shudder and when you have read the story, you will wonder why the terrorists who committed the crimes mention in the story were set free by the Israelis.

On the morning of October 12, 2000, two Israeli reservists, Yesef Avrahami and Vadim Novesche, took a wrong turn on the highway and ended up being stopped by several of Arafat’s Palestinian Authority “policemen.” They were taken to a police station within Ramallah where they began undergoing an interrogation. Soon word got out on the streets that two Israelis were being held for questioning. Suddenly a mob gathered outside the police station. Chants of “Kill the Jews” and “Allah Akbar” (God is great) rose from the mob and young men rushed through the gate and climbed through the second story window. The interrogation ended and the mob began barbaric, cannibalistic mutilations of the two Israelis.

The two soldiers were beaten, stabbed countless times; their eyes were gouged from their sockets and literally disemboweled and dismembered with the attackers’ bare hands.  Men were holding body parts in their hands and gleefully cheering. Then those animals of Ramallah threw one down to the waiting mob down below where his face was further crushed with stones, feet, fists and even a heavy metal window frame.

One of them was set on fire and dragged along the street as the psychopaths in the mob who say that they believe in the tenets of the Moslem faith danced and cheered in a frenzied, hideous ecstasy. They were dragging the dead man around the street like a cat toying with a mouse. The lower part of his body was set on fire and the upper part had been shot at further the head was beaten into a pulp it until it looked similar to red jelly.

This was the act of a primitive and savage people. This was an act carried out exactly as directed by some Islamic clerics and mullahs who in daily tirades from the mosques, instructed those totally incapable of forming original thought to go out and remove any Jews from Palestine in any manner they choose.

Why would the Israeli government release one of the animals that killed those two soldiers in such a heinous manner?  He had been sentenced to life in prison. He was one of as many as 477 terrorists released which included a number of terrorists who were serving multiple life sentences  for bombings where scores of innocent Israelis were killed.

As far as I am concerned, the bellies of the Israeli government officials who would countenance such demands have stomachs made of jelly that shake and roll whenever terrorists make demands on them. The American authorities would never release any terrorist and that is because their bellies are made of cast iron. Even when the ISIS terrorists demanded $132 million dollars to release one of the journalists, the US refused and there was a good reason for this. You pay a blackmailer once—he comes back to you for more. This is one of the ways in which ISIS has garnered so much money. Both France and Germany have paid for the lives of their citizens captured and held as hostages by ISIS thereby increasing the coffers of ISIS.

I realize that making such a statement in the comfort and security of my study in a Western world may make me seem unmoved to the fate of those unfortunate hostages but that is not so. I am deeply saddened at what has happened to them when they were later murdered because the ransom demanded by the terrorists wasn’t paid to the terrorists for the lives of the hostages held by the terrorists. If terrorist`s demands are honoured by Western governments, then the motives of the terrorists will be primarily for financial gain under the guise of spreading Islam worldwide and that would result in them having enough money to expand the spear of their grasp of Christians and other so-called infidels.

Should war be declared on ISIS?

If the Americans choose to declare war on ISIS, they would need the permission of Iraq before that declaration could be made. Further, the majority of the American Congress would have to vote in favour of such a declaration. That would also mean that military forces including soldiers would have to fight the terrorists in Iraq.  It is called ‘boots on the ground’.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Iraqi government would be pleased to have American boots on the ground but I am not convinced that the Americans would go that far to fight the ISIS terrorists and for good reason.

As many as 117,000 American soldiers lost their lives in the First World War. In the Second World War, as many as 409,399 soldiers lost their lives. In the Korean War, as many as 36,516 soldiers were killed. In the Vietnam War, as many as 58,206 soldiers were killed.  In Iraq, as many as 4,421 soldiers were killed and in Afghanistan, as many as 2,202 American soldiers killed. The total number of American soldiers killed in wars in other countries is 627,744. Many thousands were reported missing in action.

That is a very high price for any country to pay to fight wars in other countries. The Americans are not queasy when it comes to fighting in wars. But to a great many Americans, enough is enough. They are sick of being the world’s sheriff.

The majority of Canadians on the other hand support limited troop deployment to Iraq in support of a 10-nation NATO effort to combat ISIS even though 50% of those supporting Canada’s involvement in boots on the ground expect that there will be Canadian casualties during the fighting. Half of those polled believe that ISIS will be a threat to Canada. I doubt that the threat to Canada will be as great as the threat to the United States.

Between 50 and 100 elite Canadian soldiers will join the NATO operation for an initial period of 30 days to provide strategic and tactical advice to Iraqi soldiers. I think they will need much more time than that to complete their mission.

Considering the ISIS threat, the majority of the people of Canada have a reasonable belief that it is necessary to offer solid political, military and financial support and humanitarian aid to the Iraqis while they are being led by Iraqi’s new Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi’s democratically-elected government.

A great many Americans and I might add, the people of other nations are deeply concerned that ISIS will expand beyond the borders of Syria and Iraq and take over Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yeman and Somolia. If that was to happen, those countries would be the biggest hub of terrorism in the world. From there, thousand upon thousands of terrorists would spread out across the world like locusts. You know what happens when locusts hit a field of grain. There is nothing left that is salvageable.

Meanwhile, the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has his evil eye on Lebanon so that he can increase the size of his proposed caliphate. If he succeeds in overtaking Lebanon, Israel can expect to be attacked by these terrorist insects that then will be north and east of Israel. Of course, ISIS will have to overtake all of Syria to accomplish that goal. If it looked like Syrian forces were crumbling, the US would find itself in the awkward position of assisting that evil regime led by President Bashar Hafez al-Assad in order to stop ISIS from advancing on Lebanon and Israel. It is unfortunate that Lebanon has at least 17 different sects within its population of 4.5 million inhabitants. Naturally one is force to ask rhetorically how many of those sects would join ISIS if those terrorists invaded Lebanon from a conquered Syria.

Canada has sent dozens of military advisors to Iraq to advise the Iraqis how to prepare Iraqi troop for was with the ISIS terrorists. The Americans have sent hundreds of American soldiers to Iraq to protect American interests in Iraq and to advise Iraqi soldiers on battle techniques.

I appreciate the fact that the Americans have been conducting bombing raids on armed ISIS acquired vehicles but even if are all of the armed vehicles are destroyed. the ISIS insects will still be crawling all over Iraq until they reach Baghdad. Then the real slaughter of Iraqis will begin. 

The United States and the member states of NATO and Arab states will have to do more than fly over Iraq and Syria and drop bombs on the insects. It is not the same as flying over a field and spraying pesticide on the insects. If this ISIS plague gets any larger, then these nations will have to apply ‘terroricide’ on the ISIS insects and that means boots on the ground.

Most Arab states are on board with the US and the UK to fight ISIS but two countries are not invited. They are Iran and Qatar. The former had been at war with Iraq years ago and the US has no dealings with them whatsoever. Further, Iran is supporting the Syrian regime. Although the crown prince of Qatar does not approve of what ISIS is doing, he has been permitting powerful tribal leaders and terrorist fundraisers in Qatar to raise money for financial support to terrorist organizations for years. The Americans would have been more forceful with the Qatari to stop this much sooner if it wasn’t for the fact that the Americans are beholding to Qatar since the Americans have their largest military base in the Middle East in Qatar.

Nevertheless, the Americans and other Westernized countries along with supporting Arab countries should get fully involved with this problem and if it means boots on the ground, so be it. If these terroristic insects aren’t squashed under foot, thousands upon thousands of innocent human beings will be slaughtered in those countries by the ISIS insects while politicians stood about wringing their hands and mumbling to themselves, “We still don’t want our country’s boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria.” Well, when each of those politicians who are wringing their hands and are mumbling to themselves begin watching their countries losing thousands of their citizens to the ISIS insects who invaded their own countries, boots on the ground will begin to look very good, even if it is by then too late to stop the expansion of the ISIS insects into their countries. By then, to quote a German adage, those politicians will then become too smart, too late.

Admittedly, that won’t necessarily mean that homegrown wannabe terrorists won’t commit terroristic acts in their own countries but with ISIS gone, they won’t be trained by ISIS and become experienced in acts of terrorism provided to them by ISIS. That is why eradicating the world of the ISIS insect plague (and other terrorist groups)  is a big plus for the rest of the world, especially for those people living in the Middle East.

It is far better to fight the ISIS terrorists than run away from them or ignore them. The 1,700 Iraqi soldiers learned that hard lesson as they lay prone on the ground while the ISIS terrorists shot them all dead. The fight will be over when the terrorists are all dead. You may ask, what is noble about a killing with terrorists? The reply is; bringing peace and justice to countries where the terrorists previously infested the countries. Great sacrifices will occur when fighting for a noble cause but the Allies during the Second World War made great sacrifices during those turbulent years and they won the war by bringing about the deaths of the war criminals that initially brought on the war. Can we in this century do less? In the end, the fight will end with the end of the ISIS terrorists. Squash the ISIS bugs under foot. It is an undeniable fact of life—squashed bugs can never be reincarnated to annoy anyone ever again.

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