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LUKA MAGNOTTA; The human monster                       

The worst kind of human being that really disgusts al, of us is a cannibal who eats a human being because it turns him on. The second worst kind of human being is one who butchers a human being because it turns him on. That is what Luka Magnotta is. A jury of his peers convicted him of that reprehensible deed on December 23rd, 2014. And for that, he is going to spend the rest of his natural life in prison. The Crown is also going to ask the court to declare him a dangerous offender and that would result in him never getting out of prison while he is alive. No doubt he will be kept separate from the other prisoners because they would kill him if they could get their hands on him.

I predicted in a previous blog that his jury would find Magnotta guilty and not let him beat the rap by declaring that he wasn’t criminally responsible for the murder because of his so-called mental illness.  Jurors are known to be reluctant to hand out “not criminally responsible” decisions because the perception of such a verdict is a get an ‘out of jail free’ card. The Magnotta jurors may have been familiar of the Guy Turcotte case heard in Quebec where that man killed his two young children because his marriage was falling apart. Several months after the verdict, this killer was released from the mental hospital he was sent to as being cured. 

If you go back in my blog, (December 10, 2014) you will get some idea of what this man did to his victim such as butchering him and how he tried to fake insanity as a means of not going to prison in hopes that he would be sent to a mental hospital where he would later convince the doctors that he was cured and thereby be released back into society.                  

This man’s trial began in September 29th and ended December 23rd, 2014. Roughly 1,600 people received a jury summons, and the lawyers interviewed more than 100 men and women to screen for impartiality and language skills. The jurors selected were all bilingual, (French and English speaking)  as the testimony was to be presented in both French and English. Some were bus drivers and plumbers. The jurors had to listen to the testimony of 60 witnesses, of which six were psychiatrists who gave contradictory evidence during the 11-week trial. The Montreal jury took eight days of clearly torturous deliberation to arrive at their verdict.

The life of jurors is not an easy one, especially in cases such as this one. In Quebec for example, jurors are usually paid $90 a day.  After the testimony had been given in the Magnotta trial and the trial judge gave his instructions to the jury, the jurors were sequestered (meaning that they couldn’t go home and had to stay in a hotel). While staying in the hotel, they couldn’t have a television or radio in their room nor could they have access to newspapers. Further, they couldn’t have any contact with their families or friends. They would be doing no more than eating, sleeping and talking with other jurors who are sharing their rooms. Worse yet, during the trial, they had to watch the video of Magnotta slitting the throat of his victim and then butchering the man’s body. Those are sights no decent human beings can really remove from their minds.

Now I wish to give you a more thorough update on this Canadian monster. What follows are some excerpts from two Canadian newspapers along with my own thoughts about this monster and his trial. I want to give special credit to two of Canada’s finest journalists—Rosie Dimanno of the Toronto Star and Christie Blatchford of the National Post. If it wasn`t for their incredible articles they wrote about this butchering killer, I don`t think the majority of us would know as much as we do now about Luka Magnotta, the butcher of Quebec—Canada’s monster.                                                                     

This monster knew for some considerable time that he would kill someone  and that he was going to sodomize the dead body of his victim and then butcher his victim and at the same time, video-tape what he was doing and later put it on the Internet.  He as much as said that he would do something like that when wrote a message in an email and sent it to a British reporter weeks earlier.        

Magnotta was quickly identified as the reporter who’d he had met six months earlier in a London hotel room. Magnotta denied being the author of cat-killing videos that had triggered revulsion and wrath to those who saw the video. And yet, two days later, Magnotta sent the same reporter an email boasting that killing of the cats were just the beginning—the prelude of his next movie that would include a human subject.

Magnotta also made reference to a notorious sex-crime flick, Basic Instinct He wrote, “You see, killing is different than smoking. With smoking you can actually quit. Once you kill and taste blood, it’s impossible to stop. The urge is too strong not to continue. Getting away with all this, now that’s genius.”

During his trial, his lawyer tried to prove to the jury that his client was mentally ill and didn’t know that what he did was wrong. Well, he did know what he was doing was wrong because he said in the email, “Getting away with all this, now that’s genius.” 

Admittedly, this monster is mentally ill. He is without a doubt, a very sick man but he wasn’t insane notwithstanding that psychiatrists speaking for the defence thought otherwise. I have said it before and I will say it again. Many psychiatrists are the prostitutes of the courts. They will do anything you ask them to do if you pay them enough money. But all the money those psychiatrists for the defence of Magnotta received for their testimony didn’t fool the jury at all. It didn’t fool me either. I said in a previous article about this monster that if I sat on the jury I wouldn’t find him insane and as such, he would be convicted of the crimes he was charged with which is the same conclusions the Magnotta’s  jury arrived at.

Most murderers are really stupid. Being stupid results in early apprehensions. Here are some of Magnotta’s stupid acts. 1. He bragged that he would do something like this on the Internet before he did it. 2. He made a video of his actions and put it on the Internet. 3. He walked out of his apartment building wearing his victim’s hat and T-shirt. 4. He was spotted in a video café reading about himself and looking at the picture of himself on the screen of the computer which resulted in him being recognized by the owner of the café and shortly thereafter being arrested by the Berlin police.

This evil man’s mind was like that of the mythical Wampus bird, a creature that flies at ever  increasing speeds, in ever deceasing circles until it finally disappears in its own asshole from which it then laughs gleefully at its pursuers.  Well, his pursuers caught up to him and he isn’t laughing anymore.

Now why would someone who knows that he would be arrested if he trips himself up be so stupid? I think he subconsciously expected that sooner or later he would be arrested. Aside from being sexually aroused at what he had done to his victim, his real motive was to prove to the world that he was really a somebody to be noticed. He was a true narcissist (one who admires himself) and he wanted the world to see him as he really is—a butcher of a human being that the world would look at him in awe.  Well, the world is looking at him but not with awe. The world is looking at him with disgust. This is the man who could never pass a mirror without stopping to admire his reflection—not even in the hours after he killed and dismembered his victim. He was videoed turning around to check his backside as well.  Well now he will have a lifetime to look in the metal mirror in his cell and watch himself grow old and wrinkled while serving a very, very long sentence inside his prison cell.

Anyone who commits such appalling crimes must be crazy while mutilating his victim by cutting the body up into 10 pieces. That doesn’t mean that he was insane because he knew that what he was doing was morally and legally wrong. Otherwise why did he flee Canada after he committed the crime?  Besides, is a man really insane when goes to the trouble to dub the soundtrack from the movie American Psycho onto his video of him killing and butchering his victim?

We’ll never know what Magnotta was thinking or why he committed this horrible crime because he did not take the stand, as is his right. Some will say that it may have been the wrong tactic adopted by his defence team but I think they were right not to put him on the stand.

I was very surprised that Magnotta chose not to take the stand. He has an unquenchable need for attention and this would have been the time for him to tell the world all about himself. He went for far in his search for fame, he falsely claimed that he was dating the killer of two young girls, Karla Homolka. His lawyers probably told him that if he took the stand, his insanity plea would be dismissed by the jury out of hand after the prosecutor was finished shredding his testimony. Excepting that advice was a clear sign of Magnotta being sane.

Without Magnotta’s testimony, the bilingual jury of four men and eight women was possibly left weighing wildly divergent expert psychiatric opinion, reams of forensic evidence, the testimony of 66 witnesses and, most definitively, the ghastly “Murder Video

This was the same preying monster who filmed another tryst target, the mystery man whom the police were never able to identify him or even find him. That man was shown sleeping naked on the bed while Magnotta straddled him, wielding an electric saw and later, he was seen groggily leaving Magnotta’s apartment. Fifty-three seconds of that footage was edited into the beginning of the “Murder Video.” This was truly a snuff video—something that rarely existed before if ever.

This freak of nature is without a doubt suffering from an antisocial personality disorder. The signs of that disorder include, disregard for others' needs or feelings, recurring problems with the law, often violent behavior, impulsive behavior and lack of remorse for his behavior. Such persons are capable of committing serious crimes such as murder. They are what is commonly referred to as a psychopath. These disorders are among the hardest of mental disorders in the world to treat because they aren’t illnesses in the sense that illness imposes itself upon a healthy mind, but instead, they are rather hard-wired into the personality of a psychopath.

In my respectful opinion, the jury saw through Magnotta’s earlier phony displays of so-called schizophrenia and concluded that he was faking his mental illness so that he could get attention. That is a sign of insecurity, not a sign of insanity.  When they looked at the video of Magnotta slitting the throat of his victim and then butchering him, Magnotta seemed self-possessed, organized and decidedly not delusional.

The prosecutor, Louis Bouthillier wisely said to the jurors in his final argument, “The answer [you are seeking] is not what I tell you or what the experts will say. I’m asking you to put their reports aside. You have to think this [out] for yourself. You don’t need psychiatrist reports [and] you don’t have to decide which ones to believe. You don’t need an expert to look at this case. You don’t have to follow expert opinions. Look at the reports if you wish but according to me, it’s not the best way to a verdict. unquote

He was absolutely correct. If all the psychiatrists said that Magnotta was insane then that may have influenced the jurors. But since there was a deviation of opinion between the psychiatrists, it was better that they ignore what they heard from these experts and look at the other evidence that they heard and saw and let that evidence guide them towards their verdict.

They certainly saw enough damming information when they watched on the screen, Magnotta nonchalantly cutting his victim into 10 pieces and placing the body of his small puppy he had just drowned at his victim’s feet. In any case, his lawyer admitted that his client did those horrible things to his victim and his puppy.

The jurors passed judgment on the defence psychiatrists and concluded that they had been hoodwinked by a psychopath who was not only adept at lying; they also concluded he is also a very dangerous person to have roaming the streets anywhere. The juror’s verdict has made it very clear that they don’t want this monster to ever be free again. That is why they don’t want him in a mental hospital where he will eventually be released. They want him in a prison where he will never, ever be released.

While this monster’s mind is gradually rotting in his skull year after year, he may ask himself, “What did I do in my life that was wrong?” I have neither the time and my computer doesn’t have the space in its memory to answer that question for him.  Being the narcissist that he is, he will probably convince himself that he didn’t do anything wrong. 

UPDATE: July 1, 2015. This killer who is serving his sentence in the Chambault Penitentiary in the Province of Quebec has placed a notice on the Canadian Inmates Connect Inc that hooks up prisoners with persons outside of prison. The kind of person he is seeking to have as a companion is a single white male who is between 28 to 38 years of age. In Canada, prisoners are normally permitted to have sex with their spouses or girlfriends and are  permitted to be with them in trailers that are inside the prison walls. The trailers have a bed, a TV and cooking facilities along with a washroom. There is a phone in the trailer that is connected only to the prison. They can remain in the trailer for at least two days. He later canceled the ad stating that he communicated with a man who has agreed to be his friend. 

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