Friday 10 April 2015

An evil and stupid woman claimed that she became pregnant by immaculate  conception.                          

As we all know, there are many evil and stupid women about. That goes for men also. However, this article in my blog is about a woman who is not only evil and stupid; she is also what is best described in polite society—as a creep. As you read on in this article, you will see why I described her in this manner.

One of her stupid mistakes was that she chose to sue her husband and do it without the assistance of a lawyer. Another stupid woman sued me without the assistance of a lawyer for $5 million dollars for defamation of character. Because I am very experienced in the practice of law, I chose to represent myself. I won the case. But this silly woman I am writing about in this article was not experienced in law. In fact, she never really worked a day in her life, even before she met her husband.                                                  

Her name is Angela De Cruz. She was born in Malaysia. This woman met Larry Lee in Malaysia in 1982.  He brought her to Canada. He married her in 1985, he sponsored her for 10 years and he supported her while she went to university from 1992-1995. He also fathered her child in 1994. He bought her a house in 1996, paying for the down payment and all the expenses, including mortgage, taxes, utilities, everything. She never had a job or regular income.
Now what did her husband get in return from this creep other than a child? Mr. Lee’s reward for his part in this so-called marriage was to be abused and used. He took it because he was submissive and weak. Shortly after the house was purchased in 1996, his creepy wife took the master bedroom for herself and he was relegated to a downstairs bedroom. Even though the marriage was over, he stayed in the house since he was on a meagre military pension and had nowhere else to go.

This woman was now for all purposes, single and claimed that she had a right to do whatever she pleased. She had numerous open and flagrant sexual liaisons. She abused and controlled her daughter who now needs counselling because as the daughter described it, her mother was “the mother of all evil.”
 This woman had several businesses. They never made money. One did a lot worse. It was her mining business. She had no experience in that business. She dragged her submissive husband into it. His wife had been offered a sweetheart deal by experienced mining people who their daughter says her mother was having affairs with. The woman put a CIBC mortgage on her home to leverage the deal. The deal went bad. The mortgage went unpaid. CIBC obtained a judgment and removed the Lees from their home.

Her daughter says it was her mother’s fault. The mother was not experienced in mining and made mistakes. Presumably one of them was to mix business with pleasure which usually does not turn out well.               

The stupid woman phoned the police in 2010 after an argument with her husband. Then the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) got involved. They found out that Ms. De Cruz Lee was sleeping with her boyfriends in the master bedroom just yards away from where her under 16 year old daughter was sleeping. CAS told the woman that she would have to leave the home or they would have to apprehend the daughter. Mr. Lee being as submissive as he was, he tolerated her conduct. The woman left the home but blamed it on her husband. She told anyone who would listen, that she was a victim. She then had some surgery and when she came home, she discovered that the locks to the house were changed. Submissive Larry had finally developed intestinal fortitude and locked his creepy wife out of the house.        

The woman then went to two lawyers for help. I don’t know what occurred with respect to her first lawyer but her second lawyer told her that her fraud allegations were fictional and had no chance of success. She disagreed. He got off the record by stating, “Ms. De Cruz Lee appears intent on tilting at windmills based on fictions she has created and fomented over many years.” This lawyer was astute, accurate and honest.

After receiving this wise lawyer’s opinion, she rejected it. In fact, she did more than reject it. Her decision was that her lawyer had now joined the fraud by committing perjury and he acted without instructions and worse yet, he was acting in Mr. Lee’s best interests. Her rights had been violated. She, like a bull in a china shop, was going to represent herself and expose all the people who had conspired in this fraud against her.

Mr. Lee. Why did you bring this evil woman into Canada?

The trial started on November 18, 2014. It was scheduled for 1-2 days. It went on for 9 days. There was much tilting at windmills to be done. Ms. De Cruz Lee submitted that there was a large conspiracy of fraud launched against her for many years. Mr. Justice Skarica, the trial judge in the Superior Court concluded that that there was no fraud or conspiracy at all.

During the middle of her cross-examination, the trial was adjourned over the Christmas holidays. The judge told this stupid woman to not to talk to anybody about her case. She said that she wouldn’t since she needed a rest. Her idea of a rest was to speak to a member of parliament about human trafficking. The judge had prosecuted human traffickers when he was a prosecutor before his call to the bench. The woman had googled the judge and discovered this.     

When the trial resumed in February, this nut case told the judge that she was told by the MP to tell him that she had been human trafficked. The judge reminded her that he had told her that she was not to discuss the case with anyone. She told the judge that she had not. This was not true and thereafter, human trafficking became her other dominant theme. She then claimed that her husband had human trafficked her and was setting up their daughter for the same victimization. She said that the real reason why she had been locked out of the house was that her husband was sleeping with their daughter, even though he was impotent since 1989.  

Now I referred to this woman as a nut case. I was justified in doing so. In her testimony, she said that her daughter was not his. She said that she had not had sex with anyone when she got pregnant. She added that was because her daughter’s birth was the direct result of an immaculate conception, and the second one in history.

I don’t know if she was on hallucinating drugs or her brains are wired wrongly, because to make a statement like that and expect a judge to accept it as the truth is evidence that adds proof of my statement that this woman is clearly a nut case.

Years ago, I met a really beautiful, charming and sexy woman and invited her to live with me. Her parents told me that I would be sorry. It only took me a week to conclude that she was a nut case. I returned her to her parents. If Mr. Lee hadn’t seen right from the beginning that the woman be brought to Canada from Malaysia was a nut case, then he brought his problems with her on himself when he married her.  

The judge determined that Ms. De Cruz Lee was not human trafficked by her husband. He said that in his judgment, it is she who victimizes and uses people. It is she who abuses and controls. It is she who is the predator.

She was told by the judge that she had to serve potential exhibits on the opposing party. She filed almost 60 exhibits in the court and didn’t serve the other side with even one of them. She attempted to run the trial by ambush. She even tried to file a letter she claimed was from the Queen. The trial had to be delayed a number of times to allow the court to dig into the continuing record to uncover material that she had but were poor copies or had missing pages. In submissions, she constantly referred to matters that were not in evidence but she persisted in doing it by saying, “I am the evidence.”  That is what happens when  you have people untrained in law acting as their own counsel.

Most egregious were her scandalous allegations/submissions that had no evidential foundation. She alleged that Mr. Lee drugged her and then allowed other men to rape her. She also said that Mr. Lee sold her to a neighbour. She alleged that Mr. Lee had raped her in Malaysia and basically kidnapped her and brought her to Canada by claiming that she was driven to the airplane in Malaysia without going through immigration and that was why she was the victim of human trafficking. She said that Mr. Lee was a human trafficker of the worst kind. She also said that Mr. Lee raped her repeatedly and bought her from her mother. Mr. Lee was a monster who was sleeping with her daughter and controlling the daughter. He locked the her out of the house because he has an obsession with young girls. She was too old for him. She wanted a DNA test on Mr. Lee to determine if he was the father of her daughter. She believed, in submissions that, she was drugged and raped repeatedly while unconscious and this is how her child came to be. Mr. Lee was the one behind all of the fraud as he was the lowest common denominator. Mr. Lee has a drug habit and he is doing cocaine and heroin. Mr. Lee was a hired mercenary going into Africa to kill people. Mr. Lee committed fraud in 2001 on the initial house transfer to him. Mr. Lee should be in jail for human trafficking. She said in submissions that, “do you think he’s not going to drug my daughter and prostitute her?” “Mr. Lee managed to mold my child into an accessory to his criminal dealings and to mislead justice and sacrifice her own mother.” Even though she says he’s been impotent, he tried to rape her. He would force her face down onto his penis. In 2010, Mr. Lee let a neighbour into the house to rape her. Mr. Lee and her daughter had to clean up the sperm on the floor so that the police were unable to look at the evidence. She wanted DNA tests on all the lawyers involved in the case. They included Rob Christie, the daughter’s godfather, Matthew Stone who commissioned one of Mr. Lee’s affidavits. She wanted DNA on all of Mr. Lee’s friends who had been at the house until 2010 because Mr. Lee had pawned them off on her. She also said that one of Mr. Lee’s former lawyers, Rochelle Green, was also complicit in the fraud and human trafficking inflicted upon her. 

WOW! Those accusations that were submitted in the court by this evil, stupid, creepy woman were scandalous and outrageous and had absolutely no factual foundation at all. A significant portion of those allegations and submissions were not even relevant for the purposes of determining the issues of this case, i.e. who owned the matrimonial home and equalization (determining who owes money to the other). She figured that she would bamboozle the judge into sympathizing with her and give her the house back, the house she lost because of her own foolishness.

During her so called marriage, she did whatever she wanted and had no regard on how it impacted others. I believe that it is fair to say that she continued this pattern in the trial. She pursued a path of trying to establish a fraud that only existed in her own mind. She had no hesitation in making scandalous and scurrilous allegations against her husband, daughter, and a host of lawyers and others without any factual basis or proof at all.

If I was a judge in a criminal court and she was charged with perjury and I convicted her, the sentence I would give her would be a year in prison or alternatively, if he she chose the alternative, to hang a placard around her neck when she leaves her place of residence, a placard that is twelve inches by twelve inches that states the following:


If she was seen outside her home without that placard around her neck, she would finish her sentence in prison.

She lost her case against her husband and the judge ordered her to pay him $34,674.05 for his costs and these costs are payable forthwith. The woman has no money and it is unlikely that her ex-husband will ever see that money.

Mr. Justice Quinn  who presided over a different case said about listening to people like Angela De Cruz;

“We have a marvelous legal system in Ontario. Anybody is permitted to walk into a courthouse and commence a civil law suit about anything. The court will patiently provide all of the time and services reasonably (and, sometimes, unreasonably) necessary. The matter may go on interminably (endlessly) and, usually, does but our accommodating nature does not abate; our patience persists; we listen, we sit and we listen some more. However, when the law suit ends, the idioms arrive: the chickens come home to roost; the jig is up; the second shoe is about to drop; the cat is out of the bag; the fat lady sings; one sows what one reaps; and, here, so aptly, the cacophonous wail in the background is that of a piper, warming up and waiting to be paid.” unquote

Our legal system allows parties to represent themselves. Courts bend over backwards to ensure that self-represented parties receive all the fairness and rights that individuals are entitled to. We even allow self-represented individuals to condemn and criticize innocent people without providing any proof and/or factual foundation.

However, I believe it is appropriate for the courts, in turn, to condemn self-represented individuals, who take advantage of the opportunity granted to them to receive a fair trial, and then exploit that opportunity to, unfairly and illegitimately, castigate innocent people by recklessly making bold and unsubstantiated allegations of fraud, conspiracy and illegality.  In civil and family trials; that condemnation is reflected in part by the granting of maximum costs awarded to the aggrieved, winning party. Unfortunately, when persons who have no money or a job are ordered to pay the costs awarded against them, they stick their middle fingers upwards and say to the aggrieved party, “Good luck trying to get money from me.” Of course, she will never get credit from anyone after this but then she never got it in the past anyway.

I sincerely hope that anyone who she tries to woo into marrying her will be smart enough to look in Google and discover sooner that Mr. Lee did, that this stupid, evil woman is someone men should stay completely away from. If they don’t take this precaution, they will suffer the same fate that her ex-husband suffered from. 

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