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A multiple murderer only got 25 years in prison

In Canada, the sentence for first degree murder is 25 years in prison before such a convicted killer can apply for parole. What happens if the killer kills two people? On December 2, 2011, the Protecting Canadians by Ending Multiple Murders Act was enacted. Such a killer can be sentenced to 25 years in prison for each murder and the sentences are to be served consecutively. Not long ago, a man who shot three cops to death was sentenced to three consecutive sentences of 25 years. He will be in prison for the next 75 years before he can apply for parole. 

Mark Moore, a black Canadian citizen shot four men dead who were three complete strangers to him in the autumn of 2010. It’s too bad his killing spree predated a change in the law in 2011 that allows a judge to hand down consecutive sentences for multiple murders. Moore could have been facing no chance of parole for 100 years instead of just 25.                                          

Under the new legislation, it is not mandatory for a judge to impose consecutive parole ineligibility periods for offenders convicted of multiple murders. The individual judge maintains discretion in these cases. The judge may consider: the character of the offender, the nature and circumstances of the offence, and any jury recommendations before deciding on whether to impose consecutive 25-year parole ineligibility periods.

Will this scumbag get released after serving his 25-year-sentence? The judge commented on that prospect for Moore. He said, ““I find it hard to imagine that members of society should ever have to bear the risk of this offender being at large among them again”. The judge also said that “Moore’s determination to show himself to be an authentic gangster who shakes the streets, bespeaks a man who is so morally depraved, and so utterly lacking in humanity, that the 25-year minimum for parole ineligibility is far more than justified.”  

The judge also quoted Cole’s daughter, Shamika Cole.  “Despite what Mr. Moore said (in court), the offender is a monster who has no heart, who is selfish and cruel and who was only thinking of himself and the ‘stardom’ he hoped to gain.”                                                

What kind of man is Mark Moore?  Why do I refer to him as a scumbag? Moore is 5-foot-11 and heavyset and was born in March 1984, one of four sons of Hyacinth Moore, a single mother. He mostly grew up in Toronto. Before his arrest, Moore was a student at a local college but no one seems to know what he was studying. Moore’s brother, Andre, 27, was gunned down in October 2008, His murderer was found and is facing a murder charge. Taimone, a younger brother, survived a shot in the stomach two years ago at age 16 in the parking lot outside a Midland Ave. high school. Jerome, another brother, is in penitentiary on car-jacking charges. His mommy, Hyacinth Moore, faced a charge of accessory after the fact in relation to a robbery. She has yet to stand trial.

Moore liked to call himself a gangster but wasn’t involved in a gang. He wore gang colours of a gang on the streets but there is no indication of any gang activity at all on his part. At the Tuxedo Court apartment building where he resided with his mommy, a resident remembers Moore flashing handguns while waiting for an elevator. “He was reckless. He was clearly showing off.” said the resident. In the seven-minute video, Moore is seen flashing jewellery at the camera and waving $100 bills during scenes shot among friends shooting pool. Expensive liquor can be clearly seen in the background. Where was this worthless bum getting the money to flash it in front of the camera?  Moore faced robbery, weapons and assault charges in a jewellery store heist in August 2010. A clerk was shot in the arm and leg.

 Moore had more than 25 criminal convictions, including robbery, drug and firearms-related offences as well as several for failing to comply with court orders. Moore faces an aggravated assault charge after allegedly attacking Williams in 2013 after the pair were kept in the same courthouse holding cell. Williams was taken out of the courthouse on a stretcher. In the case of Carl Cole, 45, shot dead on Greenbrae Circuit in November 2010, police had identified Moore as a person of interest in that homicide

When Moore was arrested and put on trial for the murder of four men, Moore, 31, pleaded not guilty to each of the four charges. Kevin Williams, a former friend, musical collaborator and partner in crime to Moore, testified that he witnessed Moore gun down James and Facey in a parking lot. Williams said Moore told him “the angel of death” made him do it.”

A judge found beyond a reasonable doubt that Moore shot and wounded a man on August 5, 2010, days before the Arax robbery. This happened in the Greenbrae area, very close to where Spence was fatally shot in September 2010. While Moore was not being tried on a charge of attempted murder, the man testified during Moore's robbery trial that a friend of his had had a fistfight with Moore's younger brother. Four days later, Moore drove up to the man and said: "What happened to my brother?" before shooting him. The evidence was called to show that Moore had possession of the gun used in the Arax robbery before it happened. 

Moore’s girlfriend, Tassandra Whyte, also faces a charge of accessory after the fact connected to Jahmeel Spence’s murder. The jury heard that Moore ordered her to get his Honda Civic painted black after the Spence murder. She also has yet to stand trial. Why did Moore want his Honda painted another colour. Was it because he didn’t want his Honda connected by the police to the murder of Spence?

In March, after the trial had begun, Moore refused to continue to come to court, accusing the presiding judge, Superior Court Justice Michael Dambrot, of being bias. In a handwritten letter submitted to the court, Moore objected to the murder charges being tried together in one trial as opposed to being tried separately. He also wrote that “it is highly prejudicial” that Justice Dambrot Googled Moore’s name prior to the trial. After Moore attempted to address the jury directly, Justice Dambrot ordered the jury out and Moore to stop. When Moore said he would continue to attempt to address the jury, the trial continued without him present until he chose to return.

Many years ago, four men in Detroit kept making a fuss in their trials so the judge ordered that they be gagged, That order has haunted the judge ever since. Nowadays, accused persons who are a nuisance in court are placed in another room with a guard watching over them. They can hear what is going on in their trial.

The Crown (prosecutor) argued that two guns, a 9mm and a .45, link Moore to each of the shootings in what they call a 75-day killing spree. Mark Moore was a one-man hit squad who shot and killed Jahmeel Spence, Courtney Facey, Mike James and Carl Cole. All four victims were strangers to him. Why did this scumbag shoot innocent persons? “Hey! I’m a gangsta.”  My message to this scumbag is; “Try that kind of crap in prison, gangsta and you will be spending the rest of your life in solitary confinement.

He loved his guns. He shot up a townhouse in which resided a prostitute who purportedly owed him money and refused to pay. Shot into the ceiling of an Entertainment District nightclub. Shot up a portion of a schoolhouse wall. Bullets and shell casings appear to litter Moore’s trail.

In his opening address Crown attorney, Sean Hickey told the jury that on a day in September, 2010, Williams was sitting in the back seat of a black BMW X5 with Moore who was at the wheel. He drove the car down a laneway behind an apartment building in Scarborough. This laneway was just across the street from the highrise where Moore had been shot in the face in 2001. They were headed for the LCBO. But while in that laneway, Moore turned the vehicle around, rolled down the window and began shooting Facey and James point-blank as they sat in a parked car listening to music. Neither victim had a criminal history or any gang associations. They were killed by Moore on September 29, 2010.

Jahmeel Spence was a 27-year-old married father of two young children. He’d never met Moore. On September 10, Spence and his family had gathered for dinner at the Greenbrae Circuit home of his mother-in-law to celebrate his son’s first day of school. Around 9 p.m. Spence walked down the street to buy a can of iced tea at a nearby convenience store. At 9:26, he texted his wife, Shivonne Clarke, to ask if the kids would be spending the night at their grandmother’s home. Shivonne Clarke tried calling and texting her husband but received no response. She stepped into the alley, She later said, “When I got closer, I saw Jahmeel.’’ He was lying dead in a pool of blood, surrounded by 15 ejected shell cases. Spence had been shot eight times, including two fatal wounds to the head and one to the chest.

With the same gun that, three weeks later, Moore killed Facey and James.

What Moore aspired to be was a hard-ass gangsta rapper. He even made a CD at one point, with the assistance of a rapper of some note, Kevin Williams, who once appeared on mixed tapes with Juno Award-winning rapper/hip hop artist Drake. Moore grew up known as “Sparky” which is hardly the name of a tough gangsta. He later adopted the handle “Presidenteh” or “Prezi.”

Moore declared in court that he’s not some psychologically disturbed individual intent on hurting innocent people. I am the president of the United States. Which of these two statements is more believable than the other?

Clifford Olsen who was convicted of murdering 11 young persons was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murders but when he became eligible to apply for parole at the end of his 25-year term of imprisonment. At his sentencing on January 14, 1982, the trial judge remarked, "My considered opinion is that you should never be granted parole for the remainder of your days. It would be foolhardy to let you at large” In 2006, the National Parole Board turned his application for parole down by saying,   “Clifford Olsen will kill again if set free.”          In September of 2011, media reports indicated that Olson had terminal cancer and had been transferred to a hospital in Laval, Quebec. He died on September 30, 2011, at the age of 71 after serving 29 years in prison. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have been in prison for the rest of his natural life.

As I said earlier, this murderous scumbag will in all likelihood be spending the rest of his natural life in prison. Do you think that if he changes his ways and becomes a subdued prisoner, the National Parole Board with set him free eventually?  If that happens, and you are walking down a dark alley and you hear a voice behind you saying, “I’m a gangsta.” That will be the last thing you will hear. That is because it was Moore who was right behind you. 

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