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CREEPS  (XI)                            

There are people in the world that can only be defined as creeps. Their crimes are sickening and as such, they are deserving of heavy penalties when convicted of their crimes. What follows are examples of these creepy animalistic criminals.

Daniel Wayne Surette and Kyle David James Fredericks,                  

These two killers, ages 27 and 26 respectively lived in Nova Scotia in Canada.
Both of these two creeps saw a 62-year-old homeless man sleeping in a bus shelter in the small community of Berwick that is approximately 120 kilometres (74.½ miles) northwest of the City of Halifax as temperatures dipped to near freezing temperatures.     

Surette who had a criminal record recognized the homeless man whose name was Harley Lawrence. Surette later told an undercover police officer that he and Fredericks thought Lawrence was a police informant watching them deal drugs. They thought of Lawrence as a rat. Obviously, both of these creeps had enough animus against Lawrence to want to kill the sleeping man and the more horrible his death, the better for them.          

Surette bought $10 worth of gasoline while Fredericks pumped it into a plastic jug. Surette then poured the gas0line on Lawrence and either he or Fredericks had set him on fire with a cigarette lighter. Even if Fredericks didn’t set Lawrence on fire, he would still be guilty of first degree murder.

It is difficult to imagine how horrible a death can be when you are set on fire. When the police arrived on the scene, with his upper charred torso part way out of the shelter, they rightfully concluded that he awoke when he was set on fire and tried to escape out of the shelter. His cause of death was thermal and inhalation of the fumes.

Fredericks declined to comment in court. Surette on the other hand told the judge that he realized his actions were harmful and he hoped his sentence would bring closure to Lawrence's family. I don’t believe for one moment that he was sorry for what he did to Lawrence. As far as I am concerned, it was a ploy for sympathy from the judge.         

Daniel Wayne Surette and Kyle David James Fredericks pleaded guilty in February 2015 to second-degree murder in Lawrence's death. They faced automatic life sentences but their parole eligibility periods had to be determined by the judge.

Judge Warner ordered Surette to serve 20 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole, while Fredericks will be able to apply for parole after serving 18 years. The judge could have sentenced them to prison for 25 years. If they screw up in prison, their eligibility to apply for parole with be later than the times set down by the judge. Surette will be eligible to apply for parole in 2036 at age 47, and Fredericks will be eligible to apply for parole in 2034 at age 46.

Ervin Miranda-Hernandez, 21 and 
Guillermo Alonso, 23

In January of this year, Conor Geary, 32, was set on fire by the aforementioned creeps—at about 9 p.m. near 201 North Dixie Highway in Lake Worth, Florida according to an arrest report.

The Sheriff's Office said the attack was more than likely linked to a fight days earlier that involved Geary and Alonso in a Burger King parking lot adjacent to the alleyway. Burning a man to death is hardly justification for a previous altercation.

Alonso filled a Gatorade bottle with lighter fluid, according to the report, then Miranda-Hernandez lit it and tossed it on Geary as he walked down the alleyway.

After he was arrested, Miranda-Hernandez, told deputies he did not know what was in the Gatorade bottle that he ignited when Alonso, gave it to him. Did this creep think it was Gatorade? He obviously knew that the liquid was flammable otherwise he wouldn’t have lit it. Both of these creeps were heard laughing when they ran away from their burning victim.

Deputies said he had second and third-degree burns on his arms, chest and face. He was transported from St. Mary's Medical Center to Jackson Memorial Hospital's burn unit in Miami.

Miranda-Hernandez and Alonso are charged with first-degree attempted murder. They are being held at the Palm Beach County Jail without bail. There is no doubt in my mind that they will both be sentenced to prison for a very long time in which they will serve their sentences at the Starke Penitentiary in the middle of Florida.

Tyrone Jacobs, 27

In December 2015, Harbhajan Singh Rooprai, 60 was inside his home when 27-year-old Tyrone Jacobs set his home on fire, causing flames to be ripped through the terraced house in Forest Gate, a suburb of London, UK.  Jacobs was arrested at his home on Christmas Day.

Mr. Rooprai died from burns and inhalation of fumes after he was found on the ground floor of the property.

Jacobs has been charged with murder and arson with intent to endanger life after the arson was committed. He is due to appear at the Old Bailey court in London on March 21, 2016. If convicted, he can be sentenced to life in prison.

Alistair Miller, 20 and Robertson de Chazal, 25

These two creeps were partying in an upstairs apartment on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver on October 10, 2009, when they spotted a Pilipino  man asleep on a discarded sofa outside the building.

One witness claims hearing one of them say, "Let’s go light him on fire."  Another witness claims to have seen Miller "pour the kerosene on the man and then saw de Chazal light their victim on fire" 

That's when a black man driving by stopped and intervened. Another witness said the two accused then attacked the Good Samaritan and shouted a racial slur at him.

The two creeps eventually fled the scene, leaving the victim with burns to his chest, head and arm. He was treated in hospital and released.  The creeps were eventually arrested and charged with aggravated assault in December 2011. I don`t know what the results of their trial was.

De Chazal was also facing charges related to an assault on a black man. He was alleged to have carried out that attack with Shawn MacDonald, 39, who was charged earlier for separate assaults on a black man, a Hispanic man and an aboriginal woman.

Miller, de Chazal and MacDonald are believed to have ties with an internationally recognized hate group known in B.C. as Blood and Honour. They are neo Nazis.

Christopher Harrison, 28

Baltimore County Police in the State of Maryland, USA, arrested this creep for setting two men ablaze Friday along a highway in the White Marsh community. He was charged with two counts of attempted murder.

Investigators said that Harrison doused two coworkers with gas before setting them on fire. In a video taken at that time, the flames erupted forcing one of the burn victims to run up an embankment. The other victim bolted across the highway on fire while he was screaming for help. He finally extinguished the flames by rolling on the concrete. His clothes had burned off.

One of the men suffered burns over 90% of his body; the other had burns over 50% of his body. Both were in critical condition.

I don`t know what Harrison`s sentence was.

In my opinion, society must be protected from creeps like the ones I have written about. I think that a minimum of 20 years in prison is appropriate for anyone who sets a human being on fire and natural life in prison if the victim dies. 

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