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Various forms of sexual activities

I am not going to say that they are all morally wrong because I believe in that old adage—different strokes for different folks.

Unfortunately, there are some religions that still insist that homosexuality is legally and morally wrong.     In my opinion, that belief is wrong on both counts.

Various forms of sexual activities goes a long way back in history. For example, daily life in Ancient Rome was a nonstop orgy of prostitution and sex with children. When the Roman emperor, Augustus outlawed adultery in 31 BC, Roman law didn’t consider slave-sex to be infidelity. Roman aristocrats usually had one thing on their minds when buying a young female slave. It was sex since slaves had no rights in Roman law. They were part of the furniture, no better than the objects surrounding them. And just as it was technically impossible to have a sexual affair with their furniture, the horny Romans did what any sex-addict would do.  They began sexually molesting their slaves at an unprecedented rate. 

Because of their complicated ideas of Gods and fertility, the Romans had literally no problem with the sight of a man’ penis. Housewives would use tiny metal penises as wind chimes and well-endowed male slaves would be forced to keep their penises on show at all times. Those slaves would be considered a collector’s item. If a man shows his penis in public on a street nowadays, it’s off to jail he goes.

When talking about an ancient culture, it’s important to remember that their standards were wildly varied from ours in modern times. So when I say the Romans practiced pederasty, (sex with children) bear in mind that it was totally acceptable back then. It’s only when you look back on it from our own cultural standpoint that it all seems a little weird. Unfortunately, it is all too common in our times.

When we talk today about sexual perversion, we mean it metaphorically. It’s a way of describing how outraged we are and how disgusting it is.

There are other sexual forms of behavior that may seem weird or wrong to many people but they are not illegal and hence, they are not perverse. They are as follows;

Ttransvestic fetishism:  It involves fantasizing or actual cross dressing.  It is a form of Sexuoeroticism that hinges on dressing or masquerading in the clothes, especially underwear, of the opposite sex. It is far more common in men than in women. Just because many women prefer to wear trousers than dresses does not mean that they are cross dressers. They simply feel more comfortable in doing so. However, cross-dressing with extreme gender dysphoria—persistent discomfort with one's present gender role or identity—often leads to sexual reassignment which is neither illegal nor immoral. Many members of both sexes feel that they are of the opposite sex. That is not legally or morally wrong. 

Reading and/or watching pornographic videos: Millions of men and boys do this. It does not lead to perverse criminal acts. That is a myth.

Masturbation:  I have never heard of anyone, male or female who hasn’t indulged in this form of gratification unless of course they are completely disabled. Some mothers have been known to say to their children that it is bad. As to be expected, the children do it anyway. And no—despite what their mothers say to them, their penises will not fall off.

Sexual masochism and sadism:  There is no doubt that a great many people believe that these two forms of sexual activities are weird.  However, some men love to be spanked and led around like a dog by beautiful women who as the sadists in the activity, like humiliating the men, either for money or for their own enjoyment. Bondage is part of the ritual.  Because this activity is consensual, it is legal and I don’t see anything immoral about it. It is certainly not something I would want to indulge in but a great many men love being the masochist and an equal number of women like being the sadist in this form of activity. 

Sexual deviancy: It includes sexual excitement to the point of erection and/or orgasm, when the object of that excitement is considered abnormal in the context of the learned societal norms. That would even include being sexually excited at looking at human feces or a woman’s panties or brassier.

I am now going to concentrate on other forms sexual deviation as it exists in Westernized nations. The actual term of sexual perversion is paraphilia. It is a sexual disorder characterized by uncontrollable recurrent intense sexual urges, sexually arousing fantasies, or behavior involving the use of a nonhuman object, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner, or children or other nonconsenting partners. This perversion includes the following sexual acts;

Rape: In Canada, rape isn’t just stated in the Criminal Code as sexual intercourse between a man and a woman in which the man forces his penis into a woman’s vagina without her consent. There are a number of criminal acts of a sexual nature that are covered under the heading of sexual assault.

Sexual assault does include a man’s penis in the vagina or anus of the victim, penis in the mouth of the victim, finger in the vagina or anus of the victim, mouth sucking or biting the victim’s breasts. It also includes touching any areas of the body that are defined as private parts.

Any man convicted of any of these things would be guilty of sexual assault which of course is illegal. If a woman assists the male assailant in any manner with respect to those acts, she would also be convicted of sexual assault. This crime also includes women who sexually assault women or men. Yes. Many men have been sexually assaulted by women.  I should add however that many men dream of that happening to them and wake up with an erection.

Anyone convicted of sexual assault in Canada can be sent to prison for as much as ten years unless the offender is classed as a dangerous offender and then it could be for life.   If the victim was suffering from aggravated sexual assault (serious injuries) the offender could be sent to prison for life. Nowadays, anyone convicted of sexual assault in Canada will never have his or her criminal record removed.                               

Buggery between consenting adults is no longer a criminal offence in Canada and hasn’t been for many years after the late Pierre Trudeau, the former prime minister of Canada said and I quote, “The government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”  However, if a man commits anal sex on a minor or on a man or a woman without consent, he will be charged with sexual assault.

Bestiality:  This is a very serious crime. Anyone who has sex with animals needs long-term psychiatric treatment. This is just wrong by any standard by the worst kind of offenders.  Bestiality is an abomination, but would you believe it’s not illegal in some parts of the United States—and in other parts of the world?

The Alabama Senate in 2013 began addressing the subject of bestiality. They voted to make it a crime. Prior to that, it was not illegal in that state The abomination of bestiality is absolutely legal in Denmark. Indeed, there are actually legal animal brothels in the nation.  Danish animal owners advertise openly that they offer their customers sex with animals, without intervention from police or other authorities.

Volgmann, a 30-year-old volunteer with the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, pled guilty to charges of bestiality and corrupting morals. Volgmann was found to have had performed sexual acts with dogs under his care during his time as a dog walker between January and September in 2013. He also posted pictures of his acts online which also resulted in the corruption charges being laid. The maximum punishment in Canada for bestiality is ten years imprisonment.

Now I will give you other forms of sexual perversion.

Masturbation in public:  The first time I saw that happening was in 1946 when I saw a man in a Vancouver park masturbating in front of young girls. My mother was nearby and I said to her, “I just saw a man fucking himself.” A great many men of all ages do this and many of them are clearly mentally disturbed. Some of them do it openly and others do it more or less privately such as in a car but are later seen doing it.

On May 11th 2016 a 28-year-old man faced a long list of charges relating to a number of indecent acts across south Calgary. He was seen masturbating inside an older-model tan Subaru while parked outside of a number of locations. The man was charged with six counts of committing an indecent act. 

Frotteurism: This occurs when a man closes in on a woman in a crowded streetcar or elsewhere and while his penis is still in his pants, he rubs it against the buttocks of a woman to get an erection.

In June 2005, an American man in the states was arrested for two counts of battery, (assault) which were for rubbing his penis (that was inside his pants) against a non-consenting woman in a public place. It is very rare that anyone is arrested for that kind of assault since it is almost impossible to prove that the act was done purposely in a crowded place.

Voyeurism:  There is another name for this crime. It is Peeping Tom. Sometimes, these people will stand right at the victim’s bedroom window and other times, they will use binoculars and peer at the victim’s bedroom either from next door or from a greater distance. When I was younger, I and some friends looked at naked women parading about in their apartment. Their building was three blocks away. We could see them up close because I had a telescope that was 120 power. In some locations, it is only against the law if the perpetrator is trespassing on the victim’s property to look inside the victim’s home.

Forty-six year old Tarik Robertson, a firefighter with the Memphis Fire Department was caught looking at a victim taking a bath in her Shelby County home in August 2006. He stood on the victim’s air-condition unit while peeping in her bathroom. That was the second time he had been caught doing this. The criminal court convicted the firefighter of “observation without consent” which is a Class A misdemeanor.

Scatalogia:  This is a fancy word for making obscene phone calls.

In February 20912, a Hamilton, Ontario  man was convicted after making harassing phone calls to more than 30 women has been sentenced to 18 months behind bars. Joseph Demedeiros was arrested in 2010 after several women complained they were being sexually harassed over the phone. The women said they received phone calls from a stranger who knew their names and other personal information. Demedeiros made the calls while living in a Hamilton halfway house. It doesn’t matter whether or not the calls are obscene. They are by law considered harassing phone calls if too many of them are made either to one person or to many persons.

Incidentally, I received such a call from a woman I didn`t know. Years ago when I was practicing law, I had a client who asked me if she could advertise in a magazine that she will accept calls from men who want to hear sex talk from her. I told her it was not illegal. Nowadays thousands of women place such ads in magazines.

Coprophilia: It applies to those unfortunate men or women who are attracted to human feces. It isn’t a crime but these people certainly need psychiatric help

Plushophilia:  It applies to more unfortunate men or women who are sexually attracted to stuffed toys or people in animal costumes. They are also attracted to human-sized rubber dolls of naked women.  It too isn’t a crime but these people also need some form of psychiatric treatment.,

As far as I know, there are 46 kinds of sexual behavior but time doesn’t make it possible for me to list them all however, I will tell you about one of them that will probably make you laugh but it wasn’t funny to the perpetrator when he was caught or to his victim.

A woman taking her 7-year-old daughter to the restroom at a Keystone Lake park saw a man looking up at her from inside a public outhouse. The man, 52-year-old Kenneth Webster Enlow, was arrested on a Peeping Tom complaint.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Deputies were called to White Water Park women's bathroom by a park ranger. The park, on the southeast side of Keystone Dam, has toilet facilities that include a septic tank under a cement slab. Plastic toilet seats set over the hole allows access for septic service, according to the arrest report. The firemen had to use a firehose to wash all that crap off of that strange peeping Tom.  In 1979, the police caught another man doing the same thing at Lake Heyburn. These are two men who need real intensive psychiatric treatment.  I know that most men are attracted to women`s buttocks but these two strange men went to the extreme.

Now I will tell you about some of the most infamous sex perverts.

A self-confessed sodomizer of more than one thousand males, Carl Panzram was born in June of 1891. As a teenager, he led a life of crime, dabbling in alcoholism, theft, and burglary. In and out of prison many times, his criminal activities worsened, and he began to rape the men he would steal from. Although his physical size and strength allowed him to dominate many men, his use of a handgun ensured it. He began to kill some of his victims in 1920, committing arson as well. His rapes included young boys as well. Panzram was hanged to death in 1930.

Born to parents Ellen and Randall Fish in 1870 in Washington, Albert Fish was a serial killer who enjoyed raping and cannibalizing women. His nicknames include the “Boogey Man” and the “Werewolf of Wisteria.” He spent much of his time in an orphanage due to the fact that his family was plagued with mental illness. At this time, he developed a friendship with another pervert in which he was introduced to the perverted activity of eating feces and drinking urine. He molested children, particularly young boys. He practiced sadomasochism, planned to castrate young boys, and murdered an eight year-old girl, whom he subsequently ate. Fish was executed by electric chair in 1936.

Born in November of 1946, Theodore Robert Bundy grew up in Wyoming. Although he originally repeatedly denied having committed any rapes, kidnapping, or murders, he eventually confessed to thirty homicides that occurred between the years of 1974 and 1978. Likable and good-looking, Bundy found it easy to lure young women to go with him. Revisiting the corpses at later dates, he performed perverted sex acts with the bodies despite their decomposing conditions. Decapitating several of his victims, he kept the heads at his apartment as trophies. Bundy was executed in the electric chair in Florida in January of 1989. Incidentally, while I was touring the Starke penitentiary in Florida as a criminologist, I sat on that electric chair and talked about its workings with a prison official.

Albert DeSalvo was born in September of 1931 He was widely known as the Boston Strangler, He confessed to the rapes and murders of more than a dozen women living in the Boston area. His victims ranged between the ages of 19 and 85. All of them were sexually assaulted before they were strangled by DeSalvo who used articles of the women’s own clothing. Although an insanity plea was proffered, it was rejected. In 1967, DeSalvo received a sentence of life in prison, escaped temporarily, was captured and placed back in prison. DeSalvo was found murdered in the prison infirmary in 1973.

An affable man who could be charming and sociable, John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He was a businessman with a penchant for viciously raping and torturing boys in their teens. At least one of his initial victims survived to tell the tale of being drugged (with chloroform) and waking up in a room with a stranger who flourished dildos in front of him. Twenty-eight bodies were discovered beneath the floorboards of Gacy’s home and more bodies were found in the river. Gacy was executed by lethal injection in 1994 in an Illinois prison.

Born in San Francisco in 1954 to alcoholic parents, Richard Allen Davis has been convicted for the crime of first-degree murder. As a child, he tortured stray dogs using a knife that he frequently carried with him. A high school drop out, Davis led a life of crime throughout his adulthood. His crimes as a sexual predator included kidnapping and lewd acts. Although he confessed to the rape and murder of a woman, the California Supreme Court has upheld the conviction. He is currently in San Quentin State Prison in California where he sits on death row. Sometimes it takes years before some murderers are eventually executed.

Born to Clarnell Strandberg and Edmund E. Kemper in December of 1948, serial rapist and killer Ed Kemper is also known as the “Co-Ed Killer.” Beginning his life of perversion as a child, he played with his sister’s dolls, acting out perverted rituals with them. At the age of 15, he murdered his grandparents and was committed to a state hospital for a time. During the years of 1972 and 1973, he began a perverted killing spree of young female students. He would kill them and then perform sexual acts with their dismembered bodies and heads. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Will that killer really be set free again?

Gary Michael Heidnik was born in November of 1943. Odd behavior was clearly ingrained in this man, who glued money to the walls of his home. He wanted a large family so he devised a plan to kidnap, rape, and impregnate ten women so that he could achieve his dream. As he kidnapped five women, chained them securely in the basement and intermittently torturing each one in between rapes. He fed the women scraps, dog food, and even the remains of one of the women whom he had killed. Heidnik was executed in July of 1999 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Born in Milwaukee on May 21, 1960, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was a serial rapist of males who had a strong attraction to dead bodies. He dismembered and cannibalized his victims. Beginning at age 18, Dahmer picked up young men for sex and then killed them to prevent them from leaving. He chose most of his victims at gay bars. He was caught after a 14-year old victim escaped from the apartment. Dahmer was convicted of 15 murders and sent to prison where he was murdered in a shower in 1994.

Pedro Alonso López was born on the 8th of October 1948. He was known as the Colombian serial killer, who was sentenced to prison for killing 80 girls.  in 1980 when he led police to 53 graves in Ecuador in which all of girls were around nine to twelve years old. In 1983 he was found guilty of the murder of 110 girls in Ecuador despite the fact that he confessed to a further 240 murders in Peru and Colombia. In 1980 while I was addressing a United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention in Caracas, Venezuela, I forecasted that López would be released from custody in 14 years.  In 1998, he was released from a mental hospital 14 years from when I forecasted his release.

I hope you have found this article interesting and informative. 

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