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One man was responsible for the downfall of Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a German dictator who was personally responsible for the deaths of 50 million lives in Europe between September 1st 1939 and April 30th 1945.                                                     

Before Hitler became the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, (NAZI) he wanted to become a professional artist, but his aspirations were ruined because he failed the entrance exam of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Hitler was rejected twice by the institute, once in 1907 and again in 1908.

I saw two of his paintings and as a painter myself; I can say that his paintings weren’t bad at all. However, he only painted water colours. While Hitler was living in Munich, he spent most of his days reading and painting; furthering his dream as an independent artist. Over the span of Hitler’s life, scholars estimate that he painted 300 completed works. He sold a great deal of them. Had Hitler not given up painting for a living, what follows later in his life would never have happened. 

When Hitler finally became the Chancellor of Germany, he was a very intelligent man. He brought Germany out of the Great Depression which bankrupted a great many nations. Alas, he had dreams of grandeur for Germany and a strong urge to conquer nations that weren’t his to seize.

And now, I will tell you about what caused his downfall.

Hitler had suffered from digestive problems his entire life. Since his childhood, he’d been prone to crippling, painful stomach cramps, especially during times of emotional distress. By the time he’d reached his early 40s, his cramps had become more frequent, often accompanied by violent bouts of farting, along with alternate bouts of diarrhea and constipation. 

The farting attacks are one of the reasons Hitler became a vegetarian in the early 1930s. He didn’t trust doctors, so rather than seek professional help for his condition, he tried to treat it himself by eliminating meat, rich foods, milk, and butter from his diet in favor of raw and cooked vegetables and whole grains and of course, beans. Now that is a vegetable that will bring on farting. Did you know that if you filled a ship’s hold with beans and then sprayed water on them, the steel hold would burst open? Imagine if you will what happens to your stomach when you add fluids with the beans in your stomach. Actually it’s nothing to concern yourself with because your stomach can stretch.  However, gases will form in your stomach and in your intestines which will result in you farting more than generally.

Increasing the fiber in his diet did not improve Hitler’s condition, In fact, it made him even gassier than he’d been before. Fortunately for him and others next to him, the vegetarian diet may have made his farts less smelly, and he may have been willing to settle for that.  

In 1936 Hitler happened to meet Dr. Morell at a Christmas party. After pulling the doctor aside, Hitler poured out his problems, describing his intestinal distress and his eczema: itchy, inflamed skin on his shins, so painful that he could not put on his boots. By now Hitler had given up on trying to cure himself and allowed Germany’s best doctors to examine him. They put him on a diet of tea and dry toast, but all that did was leave him feeling weak and exhausted. Morell listened attentively and then promised to cure both problems within a year. Hitler decided to give the quack a try. 

Morell’s resume left a lot to be desired. A onetime ship’s doctor who served as an army physician during World War I, he opened a general practice on the fashionable Kurfürstendamm street in Berlin after the war and counted a lot of society figures -politicians, actors, artists, nightclub singers- among his patients. With the exception of occasional cases of bad skin, impotence, or venereal disease, Morell shied away from treating people who were genuinely ill, referring these cases to other doctors while he built up a clientele of fashionable, big-spending patients whose largely psychosomatic illnesses responded well to his close attention, flattery, and ineffective quack treatments. 

One of the more bizarre theories was advanced by some of Hitler’s own doctors in July 1944. The diagnosis came about by chance, after a visiting ear, nose, and throat specialist named Dr. Erwin Geising who happened to notice six tiny black pills sitting on the Führer’s breakfast tray next to his porridge, dry bread, and orange juice. The name of the pills was Doctor Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills. After spotting the pills, Geising did something that Hitler’s own personal physician, Dr. Theodore Morell, had apparently never bothered to do—he examined the tin container that the pills came in and actually read the label to see what was in them. Geising was stunned by what he read. He asked himself, “Was the Führer bring poisoned by the pills he took to control his powerful attacks of uncontrollable farting?”                                                          

In 1936 unfortunately foe Hitler, he happened to meet Dr. Morell at a Christmas party. After pulling the doctor aside, Hitler poured out his problems, describing his intestinal distress and his eczema: itchy, inflamed skin on his shins, so painful that he could not put on his boots. By now Hitler had given up on trying to cure himself and allowed Germany’s best doctors to examine him. They put him on a diet of tea and dry toast, but all that did was leave him feeling weak and exhausted. Morell listened attentively and then he promised Hitler that he would cure both problems within a year. Hitler decided to give him a try. 

By that same time in history, the Nazis had already begun destroying what before their rise had been one of the most advanced medical communities in the world. At the same time they undermined the scientific underpinnings of the German medical establishment with their loony racial theories and crackpot pseudoscience, the Nazis were driving German Jews out of the profession, along with any “Aryan” Germans who opposed Nazism. And yet for all the damage the Nazis did to German medicine, there were still plenty of skilled, capable doctors from whom Hitler could choose his personal physician. So it’s all the more remarkable that he chose someone as peculiar and incompetent as Dr. Theodore Morell. 

Morell’s skill at coddling his patients was masterful, but his abilities as a physician were clearly deficient, to the point of putting their health at risk. “In practice he was occasionally careless. He was known to have wrapped a patient’s arm with a bandage he just used to wipe a table, and to inject the same needle without sterilization into two patients.

In addition to overseeing his practice, Morell served on the board of a pharmaceutical company called Hageda that manufactured a strange mediation called Mutaflor, whose active ingredient was live bacteria cultured from the fecal matter of “a Bulgarian peasant of the most vigorous stock.”

Mutaflor was intended to treat digestive disorders- the theory being that digestive problems were caused when healthy bacteria, which lived in the intestinal tract and were essential to good digestion, were killed off or crowded out by unhealthy bacteria. Ingesting the cultured dung of a vigorous, clean-living Bulgarian peasant, the theory went, would reintroduce beneficial bacteria into an unhealthy digestive tract and restore proper function.

That was the theory, and while it sounded pretty good, in truth it was literally a load of (forgive me for the pub) crap, and good German doctors knew it. Not so Dr. Morell and because he had a financial interest in the company that made Metaflor, he prescribed the pills to virtually all his patients, whether they suffered from digestive complaints of not. Hitler did suffer from digestive complaints, of course, and Morell soon had the Führer taking regular doses of Mutaflor along with two tablets of Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills at every one of Hitler’s meals.

By the mid-1930s, Hitler was the ruler of Germany and he was still farting like a horse. His attacks were most severe right after his meals and his  during dinner parties,  it was common for him to  suddenly leap up from the table and disappear into his private quarters, leaving some stunned guests to wonder why the Führer had gone and when he might be back. On many nights he did not return at all.  Of course, Dr. Morell was still sitting at the table taking over Hitler’s farting performance.  

Hitler took to Morell immediately, but the Führer’s inner circle despised the doctor from the start, and not just because he was an obvious quack- he was also an extremely unpleasant person to be around. The morbidly obese Morell did not bathe regularly: His skin and hair were greasy, his fingernails often filthy, and when his powerful body odor and bad breath weren’t enough to clear the room, his propensity for belching and farting in polite company usually did the trick. “He has an appetite as big as his belly and gives not only visual but audible expression of it, according to Speer’s observation. When some members of his inner circle complained about Morell’s smell, Hitler responded with, “I didn’t retain him for his flagrance.”

I will quote from Volume Two of my memoirs, Whistling in the Face of Robbers;

It seems that the quack also gave him pills that included strychnine which is commonly used as rat poison. The ingestion of Strychnine (which is a fatal drug) causes extremely painful cramps in the victim before he dies. Admittedly, the amount of Strychnine in Morell’s pills were extremely minute. Also another of the quack’s pills included a substance called, Belladona, otherwise called Deadly Nightshade. This will bring about extreme excitement, hallucinations and eventually a coma and death if ingested in a large quantity at one time. By the time the 1940s arrived, Morell was giving Hitler 63 different pills and Hitler was ingesting up to 150 pills a week,             The doctors and the other members of Hitler’s entourage really despised Morell. He was with Hitler everywhere that Der Furtherer went even though Hitler had two other doctors with his entourage. When Hitler would go into his lengthy monologues after his meal, those sitting at the table were expected to remain awake, even if it was during the early hours of the morning. However, Morell would fall asleep and if you looked up close to his eyeballs, only the whites of his eyes could be seen and because he wore thick glasses, his eyeballs looked as if you were looking at them through the bottoms of coca cola bottles. His hair was always greasy and he always had dirty finger nails.  He was also a farter just as Hitler was which made Hitler happy because then no one at the table could decide which one of the two actually farted. And while Morell was eating at the table, he constantly burped and grunted no differently than hogs at a trough. And to make matters worse, he rarely took a bath which then caused his body odour to waft around the room not unlike a poisonous gas seeking its victims. It was his propensity to fart and belch in polite company that was enough to clear the room if Hitler wasn’t in it. When others of Hitler’s entourage complained to him about the terrible scent emanating from Morell, Hitler said on one occasion, “I do not employ him for his flagrance, but to look after my health.” Speer, Hitler’s armament minister said of Morell, “He has an appetite as big as his belly and gives not only visual but also an audible expression of it.” unquote

Hitler’s intestinal ailments were intermittent and, as had been the case during his childhood, still had a considerable psychological component: He suffered from attacks of cramps and farting during times of stress, then when things calmed down his symptoms abated. After he placed himself under Morell’s care, it was just a matter of time before his condition improved, and when relief finally came a few months later -at about the same time his eczema began to clear up- Hitler naturally attributed his deliverance to Morell. 

Morell’s so-called cure was only temporary, but it didn’t matter. The Führer had finally found a doctor he could believe in. “Nobody has ever before told me so clearly and precisely what was wrong with me,” Hitler told his chief architect, Albert Speer. “His method of cure is so logical that I have the greatest confidence in him. I shall follow his prescription to the letter.” Morell would remain by Hitler’s side until almost the very end of the war.    

 Dr. Morell went on squirt powder cocaine down Hitler’s throat to soothe his throat and clear his sinuses. Hitler had a fear of pills and so Morrell injected most of his potions into Hitler’s blood stream. Morrell was also known as the 'Reich syringe master'. In 1944, Morrell began giving Hitler injections of a testosterone cocktail made from the semen and prostate glands of young bulls into his bloodstream. He also injected the Fuehrer full of Eukodal, a near-cousin of heroin.

Hitler use of these drugs made him euphoric even when reality wasn't looking euphoric at all. The generals kept telling him: 'We need to change our tactics. We need to end this. We are going to lose the war.' Hitler didn't want to hear it. His indifference to their warnings of his generals was because he had Dr. Morell give him the drugs that made him feel invulnerable and on top of the situation.

Morrell also gave Hitler small doses of Pervitin, (a drug that would keep him alert) glucose, intravenous injections of methamphetamine, barbiturates, opiates and assorted other potions. During the latter part of the war, Hitler was a drug addict which had a disastrous effect on his mind and on the outcome of the war for Germany.

Hitler reminds me of Donald Trump. Both believed that they were smarter than the generals. During the latter years of the war in Europe, Hitler began overriding the decisions of his generals which resulted in failures in the battles against the Allies. His stupid insistence that he not be awoken until eleven in the morning made it possible for the 1944 invasion at Dunkirk to be a complete success. By the time he was awoken and informed of the progress the Allies had made into norther France, it was too late to stop the onslaught against his own army.

He also made the stupid blunder of invading Russia—a country that he had a previously signed agreement that neither would invade the other. The Soviets attacked him from the east while the Allies were attacking him from the west.

On the afternoon of the 30th of April 1945 while the Soviet Army was within blocks of the bunker. Hitler bit into a cyanide pill and then shot himself in the privacy of his quarters in his Führerbunker in Berlin.   

After the war, Morrell was captured by the Americans. He died of TB in a prison camp in 1948.  He never got to enjoy the millions he made from his drug factories. We should be grateful nevertheless to this former quack. Without his assistance, the war would have been prolonged much further that it was. 

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