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DONALD TRUMP: the misogynistic      (part 2)

There are times in our lives when we should never say things that we will later regret. The best example I can think about that fallacy is when Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of enabling her husband’s crimes of sexual abuse of women when he was in office as a governor and later as president. This was the biggest mistake that Trump made during his run for the role of president of the United States.

Tit for tat is an English saying dating back to 1556, meaning blow for blow,  retaliation in kind—or more broadly, an equivalent action given in return for another action that was previously given. 

Trump thought at that moment that by opening the floodgates displaying Hilary Clinton’s wrongdoings, his own wrongdoings would be hidden in the rushing water encompassing Clinton’s candidacy efforts.  That was a big mistake on his part.

What subsequently happened was an enormous deluge of putrid water flowing over Trump and submerging him in what can be referred to as stinking dog shit. The harder he tried to escape the dog shit, the deeper he sunk into it. In the end, his smell was so horrid; I believe that many of his own followers were beginning to reach for the vomit bag.

In a 2005 recording that took place in a bus and eventually released to the public, Trump was heard saying that he can grab, kiss and “do anything” with women because he is famous. Here is what he actually said to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush (who later was fired)

“You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

During the second Presidential debate, (Town Hall meeting) he denied that he’s ever grabbed women without their consent and again characterized the comments as “locker room talk.”

Let me say from the onset that such locker room talk about the sexual exploits of men having sex with women is childish and the older the men are who talk in this manner;  the more childish they are.  It is the kind of gibberish one hears from immature 13-year-old boys.

Donald Trump said when defending the size of his penis in reference to a joke by Republican rival Marco Rubio, GOP presidential debate on March 3rd, 2016; "He referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee it." While he made that statement, he pulled his hands apart as if to show the public the size of his penis. If he had closed his hands much closer together, some of the public might have correctly suggested that it is the size of his brain.

To defuse the impact of the embarrassing recording; prior to the debate, Trump met with three women who had previously accused Bill Clinton of harassment or rape. Trump brought the three women into the second Presidential debate heard in a town hall meeting. Former president Clinton never faced criminal charges in relation to their allegations, and a lawsuit over an alleged rape was dismissed. He did however settle a lawsuit with one of the women who claimed harassment.

This is what Trump said during that second  Presidential debate. “This was locker room talk. I’m not proud of it. This was locker room talk. Yes, Im very embarrassed by it, and I hate it, but its locker room talk.”

Later he said, “I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them. Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am.” In my opinion, it reflects who he is—a childish buffoon.

Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt (which is a stretch) that his remarks caught on that live mic in 2005 from Access Hollywood about crotch-grabbing women were just words, and not actions worthy of arrest. It’s all just locker room talk. But whether it’s uttered by a trader, lawyer, doctor, football player, or a political candidate, “locker room talk” is a creepy way of talking about women.

What Trump is saying by invoking the phrase “locker room” over and over again is that when guys are in the showers and whirlpools, sitting around naked except for damp towels over their nether regions, this is the way they talk together. That is unadulterated bull shit.

Bill Pruitt, a producer on the first two seasons of The Apprentice, said on Twitter on October 8th 2016 that “there are far worse comments made by Trump during the filming of the show.”

This political buffoon is trying to blame his stupidity by implying that it was male-only hormonal-based communication and as such, it is therefore excusable. He’s saying that this is how rich and powerful manly men commonly talk and think about women when they are alone in their natural animal state and not obliged to put on a mask by the rules of mixed society. 

Give me a break. Decent mature men, especially business men have better things to talk about them bragging about their sexual exploits. What Trump was saying on that bus is the sort of garbage-type blather an immature bragging teenage boy would spew out of his filthy mouth. It’s certainly embarrassing to be caught talking like a teenage goof. Were the American voters supposed to accept his foolish talk and accept it as another example of Trump’s so-called celebrated virtue?  Instead they are saying what so many people are fearful of voicing—he is a sexual predator.

According to Trump; as long as men don’t actually act on this kind of  sexual “banter, it’s harmless. Yeah, sure Trump. But as it has turned out, a dozen women have accused Trump of actually having sexually abused them.

One woman publically stated on TV that when she and Trump who by simple co-incidence, were on the same passenger plane, Trump asked a stewardess to ask the woman to join him in the business section of the plane.  She joined him and soon after, Trump`s hands were all over her like an octopus including her breasts and he even placed one of his hands under her skirt. We all know where his hand was headed for. After all; didn`t he say that he likes to grab women by their (his words) cunts?

The New York Times  began the wave of accounts of sexual abuse by Trump with a bombshell report about two women, Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks, who said that Trump groped them. Both had earlier told close friends of being assaulted by Trump, but neither had gone public with their story until after Trump denied that he had groped any women. 

A fourth woman, Mindy McGillivray, also accused Trump of groping her in a story published by The Palm Beach Post shortly after the Times article appeared.  People magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff said Trump had attempted to force himself on her while she was interviewing him. She described a 2005 experience she had at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to interview him. She said that Trump took her on a tour of the Florida estate, and stopped in one room he told her that she had to see. She later reported, “We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall, and forcing his tongue down my throat.”

Three of the alleged incidents happened in the early to mid-2000s, while one occurred 30 years ago. Two occurred at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s estate in South Florida. McGillivray, the Florida woman who spoke to The Palm Beach Post, said Trump groped her at his estate in Florida in 2003.  She said, “This was a pretty good nudge. More of a grab,” McGillivray told the paper. “It was pretty close to the center of my butt. I was so startled, I jumped.’”

Temple Taggart, a contestant in a Trump-owned beauty pageant, said earlier this year that he kissed her on the mouth without her consent in 1997. CNN’s Erin Burnett recounted a similar story about a friend who said Trump tried to kiss her during a meeting in 2010.

Cassandra Searles,  who was crowned Miss Washington in a Trump-owned contest in 2013, wrote on Facebook earlier this year that. “Trump had “continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room.”

Under oath, Ivana Trump’s first wife accused Mr. Trump of a violent rape. She made that statement under oath in a 1989 deposition when she declared that he had violently attacked her, ripped out her hair and forcibly penetrated her without her consent. According to the Daily Beast, she claimed he was wildly angry that she had referred him to a cosmetic surgeon who had botched a “scalp reduction” job (to cover a bald spot) and what would cause pain in his scalp; hence the vindictive yanking on her hair. At the time Ms. Trump said she felt “violated” by the alleged “rape.”

However, I should point out that a few years later, after their divorce was settled, Ms. Trump claimed that she did not mean the word “rape” in a “literal or criminal” sense. I should point out however, that a violent sexual assault even if penetration if not accomplished it is still a form of rape in many of the states in the United States.

In the United States at the state level, there is no uniform legal definition of rape ; instead, each state has their own laws. These definitions can vary considerably, but many of them do not use the term rape anymore, instead they use words such as, sexual assaultcriminal sexual conductsexual abusesexual battery, etc.

One legal definition, which is used by the United States Armed Forces is found in the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice Title 10, Subtitle A, Chapter 47X, Section 920, Article 120], defines rape as:

(a) Rape. — Any person subject to this chapter who commits a sexual act upon another person by —

(1) using unlawful force against that other person;

(2) using force causing or likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm to any person;

(3) threatening or placing that other person in fear that any person will be subjected to death, grievous bodily harm, or kidnapping;

(4) first rendering that other person unconscious; or

(5) administering to that other person by force or threat of force, or without the knowledge or consent of that person, a drug, intoxicant, or other similar substance and thereby substantially impairing the ability of that other person to appraise or control conduct; is guilty of rape and shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

As far as I am concerned, Trump’s first wife was the victim of a sexual act when Trump used unlawful force against her to achieve a sexual assault against her.

Another woman accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, in 1997. According to The Guardian, the then thirty-four year old Jill Harth alleged in a federal lawsuit that Trump violated her “physical and mental integrity” when he touched her intimately without consent after her husband went into business with him, leaving her “emotionally devastated and distraught.” The lawsuit called the multiple acts “attempted rape.” Shortly thereafter she voluntarily withdrew the case when a parallel suit against Trump brought by her husband was settled. When The Guardian reached the woman in 2016 to ask whether she stood by her sexual assault allegations, she responded, “yes.”

Further, in a court filing, according to a report, Ms. Harth alleged that while she and her husband were trying to do a business deal with Mr. Trump regarding a beauty pageant, Trump repeatedly propositioned her for sex and sexually groped her.

Ms. Harth stated that Trump forcefully removed her from the public areas of Mar-A-Lago and forced her into a bedroom belonging to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, wherein (Trump forcibly kissed, fondled, and restrained her from leaving against her will despite her protests. In the court document, she said that Trump bragged that he”would be the best lover you ever have.”

Another woman accused Trump of rape earlier this year. According to the Daily Mail, a woman filed a lawsuit in April 2016, claiming that when she was thirteen years old she was held as a sex slave to Trump and his friend Jeffrey Epstein (a known pedophile)  The woman claimed to have a witness, “Tiffany Doe,” to the incidents. She filed her case in pro per, that is, without the assistance of a lawyer.

The case was dismissed by the court for technical filing errors only.  She then obtained a lawyer and the case document was modified and refiled in the New York federal court, against Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein.

Her case is now much stronger than the one she filed on her own, which makes sense because she now has an experienced litigator representing her.

Jane Doe says that as a thirteen year old, she was enticed to attend parties at the home of Jeffrey Epstein with the promise of money modeling jobs. Mr. Epstein is a notorious “billionaire pedophile” who is now classed as a Level 3 registered sex offender—the most dangerous kind, and a threat to public safety after being convicted of misconduct with another underage girl.

Jane Doe says that Mr. Trump “initiated sexual contact” with her on four occasions in 1994. Since she was thirteen at the time, consent was not an issue. If Mr. Trump had any type sexual contact with her in 1994, it was a sex crime.

New York’s five year statute of limitations on this claim—the legal deadline for filing has long since run out. However, Jane Doe’s attorney, Thomas Meagher, argued in his court filing that because she was threatened by Trump, she has been under duress all this time and therefore she should be permitted additional time to come forward. Legally, this is calling “tolling”—stopping the clock, allowing more time to file the case. As a result, the complaint alleged, Jane Doe did not have “freedom of will to institute suit earlier in time.” He cited two New York cases. 

Two unusual documents are attached to Jane Doe’s complaints—sworn declarations attesting to the facts. The first is from Jane Doe herself, telling her horrific story, including the allegation that Jeffrey Epstein also raped her and threatened her into silence, and the following stunner in her claim;

“Defendant Epstein then attempted to strike me about the head with his closed fists while he angrily screamed at me that he, Defendant Epstein, should have been the one who took my virginity, not Defendant Trump.”

Jane Doe said that Trump tied her to a bed and forcibly raped her, in a “savage sexual attack,” while she pleaded with him to stop. She says that Trump violently struck her in the face. She says that afterward, if she ever revealed what he had done, Trump threatened that she and her family would be “physically harmed if not killed.” She says she has been in fear of him ever since.

According to her sworn statement;Defendant Trump stated that I shouldn’t ever say anything if I didn’t want to disappear like Maria, a 12-year-old female that was forced to be involved in the third incident with Defendant Trump and that I had not seen since that third incident, and that he was capable of having my whole family killed.” unquote

New York’s five year statute of limitations on Jane Doe’s claim—the legal deadline for filing has long since run so we will never learn what really happened to this woman via her sworn testimony in court.

I should also point out that all the allegations against Trump have not yet been proven in court. If any of these matters go to court, I don’t care if Trump settles out of court with respect to these women’s claims against him. If he settles out of court then that will add fuel to the allegation that can’t be extinguished. If he goes through the entire trials and is found not liable for the allegations, then that is a coin of a different denomination.

The Washington Post published the 2005 recording in which Trump boasted of kissing women without their consent and grabbing them “by the pussy.” The recording upended the presidential campaign and many people, including Vice President Joe Biden, pointed out that Trump’s brag constituted sexual assault. Actually bragging about doing those things is not by itself a sexual assault but it does legitimize the accusations of Trumps accusers.

“Women have respect for me, and I will tell you: No, I have not,” Trump replied when asked by moderator Anderson Cooper if he had actually done the things he talked about in the recording. 

All those victims painted a disturbing picture of a man who eleven years ago was bragging on a bus that he could sexually assault women at will because of his fame. To then have the temerity to publicly state that women respect him is crass to say the least.

Trump’s senior communications adviser, Jason Miller, called the Times article “fiction” and accused the newspaper of plotting on behalf of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at her request. That conclusion on his part is at best is merely conjecture.

Miller said “For the New York Times to launch a completely false, coordinated character assassination against Mr. Trump on a topic like this is dangerous. It is absurd to think that one of the most recognizable business leaders on the planet with a strong record of empowering women in his companies would do the things alleged in this story, and for this to only become public decades later in the final month of a campaign for president should say it all.” unquote

None of this would have been known and published if Trump hadn’t foolishly publicly stated that his opponent was enabling her husband’s previous sexual conduct. He brought this raging torrid flood of his own sexual wrongdoings to the fore on his own volition.

Trump himself vehemently has denied all of the allegations in an interview with the Times. He threatened to sue the paper if it published the story and he also called the Times reporter who wrote the story as a “disgusting human being”. Needless to say, he won’t sue the paper. If he is stupid enough to sue the paper, the trial would then disclose all the lurid details of his groping women so that all of the world would finally learn of all the intimate details about this sexual groping predator and what he supposedly did to his victims.

Going to trial to fight off sex allegations is like cutting a gash in one’s arm in order to suck out the saliva of a bed bug that isn’t a carrier of any transmittable diseases.  The cutting would be for naught and would leave a scar that would never ever go away.

“I don’t do it. I don’t do it.  It was locker room talk.” This is what Trump told the Times on a 2005 recording that was eventually released to the public. Just to show you how stupid this man is, consider his statement. It was given in the present tense. The accusations were related to groping in previous years not currently. He should have said, “I didn’t do it.” That statement would then be in the past tense.

Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct by a dozen women. His response? Trump says it comes down to a case of 'he said' 'she said, he said, she said, he said she said, he said, she said, he said, she said, ad infimum.

Decades of abusive language and unsolicited kissing and groping does not make him a violent rapist. But it does show the women in the United States  who the man really is—a callous, mean spirited misogynist who no sane parent would leave alone with his or her daughter. As Dr. Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.”

Trump treated his questioners in the debates as automatons and delivered his answers as if to speaking to himself, even when he had the chance to appear sympathetic to a young Islamic woman who asked him a question. P0liticians make an effort to make human connections but Trump seems incapable of that. He has been a germaphobe (a person with an extreme fear of germs) through most of his life and cuts off much of his physical contact with others other when he gets into the mood of having some form of sexual contact with women.  

Trump has a long history of debasing women he’s worked with by crossing the line on occasion. He’s taken lifelong joy in objectifying women, including his proclamation: Women. You have to treat ‘em like shit.” Trump is still the same man he was before the election who previously sought the votes of women in the United States who represent 50 percent of all legitimate voters.

Even then, Trump was already struggling to win over women voters, while Clinton was looking to run up her marginal success with women voters to make up for her challenges among men. Among registered voters, women were more likely than men to say they’d be afraid if Trump were elected. The figures were 60 per cent to 52 per cent, according to a recent Associated Press-GfK poll released before the tape of Trump came to light. Those women who were more likely to say he’s not at all civil was 54 per cent to 49 per cent, or compassionate, 58 per cent to 50 per cent.

Trump has relished calling women “dogs,” “slobs” and “pigs,” and he cyberstalked and derided journalist Megyn Kelly for having the temerity to ask him to defend his own words. He threw out the most misogynist of attacks, attempting to undermine her professionalism by accusing her of menstruating during the interview. He’s cruelly ridiculed the appearance of a female opponent (Carly Fiorina) and another opponent’s wife (Heidi Cruz). His campaign even openly acknowledged that it disqualified all women for consideration as his vice-president.

 Decades of abusive language and unsolicited kissing and groping does not make him a violent rapist. But it does show the women in the United States  who the man really is—a callous, mean spirited misogynist who no sane person would leave alone with his or her daughter. As Dr. Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.”

Trump has been accused of worse than just using misogynist language. Two women accused Trump, in court documents, of actual or attempted sexual assault. As to be expected, Trump denied their allegations.

Trump brought all of his onto himself when he foolishly tried to blemish the character of his opponent by accusing her of threatening the women who wanted to testify against her husband for his sexual encounters with them.

Trump subsequently began suffering from that common ailment—foot in mouth. Trump’s foot was so far down his throat, major surgery wouldn’t be able to retrieve it unless it was done by anal surgery. 

Now as a result of his ailment, he began gagging and choking while trying to retrieve his foot. What started out as a firm voice has now been reduced to sputtering his denials. He has been outed by being discovered not with his hand in the cookie jar but somewhere else while his hand was heading towards a very private part of a woman’s anatomy.

Trump seems to have been denied all the pleasures that go with friendship and co-operation. Women could be sources of love and affection to him but in his disordered state he can only hate and demean them. His attempts at intimacy are gruesome parodies, lunging at women as if they were pieces of meat.

Most of us derive a warm satisfaction when we feel our lives are aligned with ultimate values. But Trump lives in an alternative, amoral universe where he cannot enjoy the sweetness that altruism and community service can occasionally bring to the rest of us.

Donald Trump had an angry meltdown at one stage of the presidential debate and then he changed his tactic and exclaimed what a great temperament he has. It was like watching a psycho smiling while carving into his arm, I'm not a psycho.

Both as a private citizen and as the president elect, he has shown very little respect for women other than his current wife and daughter.

Next is  What`s next? The Biblical Deluge?

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