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SANDY & TANYA HUTCHENS:  Scam artists                                                         

I met these two pond scum, Sandy Hutchens and his wife Tanya years ago when I was the president of the Paralegal Society of Canada. He was attending one of our board meetings (which was open to all members). He and his ‘big mouth’ wife Tanya  (who simply wouldn’t shut up) tried to take over the meeting and I finally ordered them to leave. That was the last time I ever saw either of them. However later I was given information that he was involved in some shady dealings while acting as a paralegal so I asked the board to back up my proposal that the memberships of this man and his big mouth wife be cancelled. They agreed.

In 1996, I began reading various news accounts of these two scam artists scamming their victims out of their money with phony promises of immigration to Canada. Their victims were in the Philippines and Romania, Sandy Hutchins and his wife Tanya realized that poor immigrants were an easy target so that is why they went into the immigration business. It was for the purpose of ripping off those victims.

They operated their bogus immigration company in Toronto with the cooperation of similar immigration offices in two other countries. Sandy and Tanya Hutchens who operated their phony immigration consulting businesses in Canada with the cooperation of immigration consultants in two other countries, had been charged with leading clients to believe they would receive jobs and visas in Canada when in fact, their promises were just as phony as these two pond scum are. A number of those who applied were registered nurses, who paid the equivalent of half a year's salary and quit their jobs believing they would soon be traveling to jobs in Canada. About 25 Romanians reported paying a total of $50,000 for promises of jobs and visas. The police estimated that their immigration scam netted the Hutchens as much as $240,000 from their victims who received no benefits whatsoever for their monies they sent to the Hutchens.  

Sandy Hutchens also owned a company in Toronto called, City Shelter. His firm purchased relatively inexpensive homes in the west end of the city. He then began renovating them without building permits. He talked the welfare department and other social agencies to refer people to his houses, even though the houses were not licensed to be rooming houses. Welfare recipients, single mothers, pregnant teens and victims of family violence began living in those unlicensed rooming houses. One of the rooming houses had 12 roomers and it provided the Hutchens  with an income of about $3,700 a month from rents from the tenants living in that particular rooming house.

The tenants, many of whom were on welfare, were told that the building's new owner (Sandy Hutchens) had defaulted on mortgage payments, and that they had 10 days to move out.

When he was arrested for fraud by Toronto cops back in 2002, he was a Baptist-raised, drug-pushing, scam-running turd with a criminal record spanning 20 years. He was sentenced three years later to two years house arrest for bilking, among others, a wheelchair-bound cancer survivor out of $40,000,

I won’t go into all the other scams he pulled off in the United States and Canada as that information is extensive and can be found in Google if you type the following—


Now believe it or not, in 2010, this fraudster had the un-mitigated gall to apply for a licence from the Law Society of Ontario of Upper Canada (Ontario) to practice law as a paralegal.  That crook’s chances of getting such a licence was about as slim as a sex offender getting a licence to practice medicine.        

A hearing was to take place at the Law Society of Upper Canada during which this convicted scam artist, Sandy Hutchens (aka Moishe Alexander, aka Moishe Hutchens, aka Craig Hutchens) intended to seek approval for a bona fide paralegal licence. After all, the law society, the governing body of judicial integrity and lawyer/paralegal ethics was not without some of Hutchens’ history to ponder over.

For example, on July 4, 2008, the Law Society revoked the licence of Toronto lawyer Stuart Hennessey for "knowingly assisting Sandy Hutchens, a convicted conman who was a dishonest or fraudulent conduct to obtain mortgage funds under false pretenses.

Law society investigator Spencer Dennis indicated that Hutchens' application was under the "grandfathering" category - meaning he was attempting to get legal approval for his old paralegal status when laws with respect to conduct were virtually non-existent.

Under the Law Society legislation, there are tough penalties for those convicted of passing themselves off as paralegals without the Law Society's approval. Hutchens had previously practiced law as a paralegal without being licenced by the Law Society. The first offence is a $5,000 fine and the second offence is $50,000. 

Hutchens decided to withdraw his application to be a paralegal. That was the only option he had. If he had gone ahead with his application, the sympathy he would have got from the Law Society would be similar to a bug that gets under your foot. 

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