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Did his wife kill her husband for his insurance?  
Killing your spouse for money is risky at best, outright stupid if you aren’t eligible for the payout and perilous if you are suspected of your spouse’s murder.

There is an old saying that is most apt in this case I am presenting to you. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” This really applies if you want to commit murder for profit.  It was most applicable in the mysterious death of an Air Force colonel on a highway in Texas fourteen years ago. But was the victim murdered? I think he was but who did it?

When Bexar County Medical Examiner, Dr. Vincent DiMaio ruled almost immediately that USAF Col. Philip M. Shue had killed himself in an auto crash on April 16, 2003, eyebrows were raised in Boerne, Texas, but most folks in San Antonio weren't surprised.

Since then, DiMaio's dubbed the shooting death of retired Army Brig. Gen. Bernardo Negrete as a suicide", despite the widow's various versions of what happened (the late general was her fourth husband) and the presence of two shell casings, one on the floor, another in the wastebasket nearby.  The casings were from two different handguns in the bedroom where the well-respected flag officer allegedly killed" himself. Obviously, he didn’t kill himself.

Are we to presume that the general deposited the bullet casing in the trash bucket after fatally shooting himself with each gun?  Were the weapons both fired that night on September 16, 2005?  And did the police screw up, intentionally or otherwise, when gunpowder paraffin tests weren't conducted promptly, like it says in the police manual what must be done when shootings exist?  Well as we all know, there are really dumb cops in our police forces.   And now I will take you to the main case in this article.

In the case of the death of Col. Shue, the controversial and corpulent (really fat) forensic pathologist and Bexar County Medical Examiner, Dr. Vincent DiMaio declared that Shue must have killed himself.  How did he do it?  According to the stupid fat man, “he aimed his car at a clump of trees on Highway I-10 after torturing himself by cutting off both his nipples and slicing a six-inch gash in his chest while wearing his seat belt before he crashed.” If you believe this, I have property to sell you. It is in the nearby swamp. You will have all the privacy you will ever want.  

Tracy Shue knew that her late husband's first wife, Nancy Timpson had a million dollars in life insurance on Col. Shue. She rhetorically asked herself if that was an incentive on her part to commit murder? There was no hard evidence has yet been produced linking the first Mrs. Shue to the colonel's death.

But what about the $1.5 million in insurance Shue’s second wife, Tracy had on her hubby, not counting the $250,000 in SGLI (Serviceman's Group Life Insurance) and various other ‘monies’ that would come her way if anything happened to her spouse? That's close to two million dollars, not counting the monthly DIC (indemnity compensation payments), death gratuity, etc. T0 some people, these are real incentives to kill one’s hubby.     

That's not the only thing the ‘Widow Shue’ did. Back in 2003, she was suing the victim’s first wife, Nancy to try and stop her from collecting the million dollars insurance policy after her ex-husband's death.

When asked why she did this, (brace yourself) she said that she was going to defend the honor of her beloved husband!  “Nobody is going to profit from his tragic death.  No sir!” 

Just 76 days after the shock and surprise of her husband's terrible demise, the ‘Widow Shue’ and her first lawyer were in court trying to get the $1 million for themselves, using a little known provision in the Texas Insurance Code. What a hypocrite that woman is. 

 Forfeiture of Beneficiary's Right

The interest of the beneficiary in a life insurance policy or contract hereto or hereafter shall be forfeited when the beneficiary is the principal or an accomplice in willfully bringing about the death of the insured.  When such is the case, the nearest relative of the insured shall receive said insurance.

‘Widow Shue’ was obviously trying to put the blame of her late husband’s death onto his first wife.

It's all there in black and white.  Paragraph 19 under Shue’s Prayer (motion) says: “Plaintiff (Tracy Shue) seeks an Order that Defendant (Nancy Timpson) has forfeited the right to payment of proceeds and said proceeds be paid in accordance with Texas law (Article 21.23) to the nearest living relative, who is the Plaintiff in this action.” In other words: “ Gimmee the money!!!”

But, alas, it did not end well for wife number two.  No proof was offered or established that Nancy Timpson engaged in activity that willfully or in any other way, brought about the death of Col. Shue.  Thus a decision was made and the innocent wife number one got her money plus interest, while the conniving wife number two, instead of becoming the three-million dollar woman, she lost out and got a lesson in life's hard knocks. She got about as much sympathy as a bug gets when you are about to step on it.

However, the squished bug was determined to fight on.  She became engaged in a multi-million dollar battle with the deep-pockets USAA Insurance Company of San Antonio, Texas.  She contended that the company was negligent in carrying the huge life insurance policy on her late husband in view of his notification to them by letter that he had received a series of threatening letters and feared his ex-wife was out to see him dead. 

Don’t feel sorry for this shrew having to spend so much money to get more by trying to separate USAA from a few million bucks to add to her pile of money.  In my opinion, she was a greedy, grasping shrew, out to milk every last dime from her husband's death.

I will give you a possible scenario as to who may have tortured and killed the colonel. Keep in mind that it is mere speculation on my part because I have no evidence to pin-point who tortured and killed the colonel. I am going by what I have read about the case.

To surgically remove Col. Shue's nipples (like evenly slicing a stalk of celery with a steak knife) and cut the six inch gash in his chest, one needs an absolutely safe and secure environment in which to do this evil deed. Further, the colonel would have had to be unconscious first in order to do that so that he wouldn’t put up a fight.  

The deed would have to be done in a place where prying eyes wouldn't be focused at that time of the morning.  A place where a co-conspirator can arrive as planned and help in doing the torture and mutilation to make it appear  that the officer was the victim of Satanist or Devil Worshipers.  

The victim was rendered unconscious so that there would be no struggling or moving around, thus the perfect cutting rather than any jagged edges. It is also conceivable that his torturer and accomplice whoever that may have been  needed to strap him into the seat to keep him upright so he wouldn't attract attention from passersby while parked off to the side of the access road.

The colonel may have been placed in the Mercury Tracer at the spot where the woman driver reported seeing the car parked and a SUV close behind.

The colonel might have been meant or expected to come out of his drugged state and try to flee.  The large amount of Lidocaine in his system could have been injected in an inconspicuous place, like his armpit. But being in shock and suffering from loss of blood and horrified at what had been done to him, Col. Shue could reasonably be expected to panic and try and drive away from the scene as fast and as far as possible.

Eyewitnesses said that they had observed the Mercury Tracer erratically going all over the road and hitting a guardrail before finally smashing into a clump of trees.  Because of the air bag's inflation and him wearing a seat belt, I don’t think the accident killed him.

The motive for the torture was to make it "appear" someone else had done the carving and cast suspicion elsewhere than in Boerne, Texas.  It didn't work. 

As for the previous asinine theory of that dummy, Dr. Vincent DiMaio that Col. Shue mutilated himself and intended to die by a vehicular crash, it is utter nonsense. Can you imagine anyone cutting off both of his or her nipples with absolute surgical precision with no jagged edges and enduring unspeakable pain, gouging a six-inch gash in one's chest, slicing off the tip of one finger, pulling on a brown undershirt, then donning the top of a BDU uniform shirt, buttoning it up and finally reaching across and fastening an automobile seat belt all while fleeing from his captors?

I have one final rhetorical question to ask? Who thought that she would benefit the most from the colonel’s death?  That question may never be fully answered. On the other hand, I have my own theory as to who had a hand in the death of the colonel. I will leave the supposition to you to form your own opinion.   

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