Tuesday 21 November 2017

More accusations of sexual abuse by persons in power (part 4) 

Before I publish the names of alleged sexual abusers, I want to point out to my readers that unless the abusers have actually admitted to sexually abusing other persons, they should be presumed to be innocent of the accusations. However, that old adage comes to mind—where there is smoke, there is fire. Further, in my opinion, sexual abuse also includes trying to get another person to participate in some form of a sexual act. I am also cognizant of the fact that some women claim that they were raped or otherwise sexually abused when in fact, the so-called sex acts didn’t happen between them and other men. They do it to make a name for themselves.  However, there are also women who were raped or sexually abused but are too embarrassed to make that information public. And now, I will tell you about the fourth accused sexual abuser. 

Bill Clinton

How happy Bill Clinton appeared at the 2016 Democratic convention. Some of his sexual appetites, had at least, waned; but his drifting, Norwegian Wood speech about his wife struck the nostalgic notes of a husband’s 50th-anniversary toast, and the crowd—for the most part—he indulged it in that spirit.

Clearly, he was no longer thinking about his past at that moment. With his pencil neck and a sagging jacket he clambered gamely onto the stage after Hillary’s acceptance speech and played happily with the red balloons that fell from the ceiling in hopes that no one would remember his previous sexual abuse of women.

When the couple repeatedly reminded the crowd of their new status as grandparents it was to suggest very different associations in voters’ minds. Hillary’s grandmotherhood was evoked to suggest the next phase in her lifelong work on behalf of women and children—in this case forging a bond with the millions of American grandmothers who are doing the hard work of raising the next generation, while their own adult children muddle through their own lives.

But Bill’s being a grandfather was intended to send a different message: Don’t worry about him anymore; he’s old now. He won’t get into those messes again.  I got news for my readers. Men in their eighties can be sexually aroused.

We must not forget the sex crimes of which the younger, stronger Bill Clinton was very credibly accused in the 1990s. Juanita Broaddrick reported that when she was a volunteer on one of his gubernatorial campaigns, she had arranged to meet him in a hotel coffee shop.

At the last minute, he had changed the location to her room in the hotel, where she says he very violently raped her. She said that she fought against Clinton throughout the rape that left her bloodied.

At a different Arkansas hotel, he caught sight of a minor state employee named Paula Jones, and, Jones said, he sent a couple of state troopers to invite her to his suite, where he exposed his penis to her and told her to kiss it.

Kathleen Willey said that when she met him in the Oval Office for personal and professional advice, he groped her, rubbed his erect penis on her, and pushed her hand to his crotch.

For Bill Clinton, it was a regular pattern of sexual behavior; it included an alleged violent assault; the women involved had far more credible evidence than many of the most notorious accusations that have come to light in the past five weeks. But

Clinton was not left to the swift and pitiless justice that the current accused men have experienced. Rather, he was rescued by a surprising force: machine feminism. The movement had by then ossified into a partisan operation, and it was willing—eager—to let this friend of the sisterhood enjoy a little droit de seigneur.

Called Feminists and the Clinton Question, it was written in March of 1998, when Paula Jones’s harassment claim was working its way through court. It was printed seven days after Kathleen Willey’s blockbuster 60 Minutes interview with Ed Bradley.

If all the various allegations were true, wrote Steinem, Bill Clinton was a candidate for sex addiction therapy.  Actually he was a candidate for prison.

To her mind, the most “credible accusations were those of Willey, who she noted was “old enough to be Monica Lewinsky’s mother.” And then she wrote the fatal sentences that invalidated the new understanding of workplace sexual harassment as a moral and legal wrong: “Even if the allegations are true, the President is not guilty of sexual harassment. He is accused of having made a gross, dumb, and reckless pass at a supporter during a low point in her life. She pushed him away, she said, and it never happened again. In other words, President Clinton took ‘no’ for an answer.”
Lewinsky became famous after President Bill Clinton admitted to having had what he called an "inappropriate relationship" with her while she worked at the White House as an intern in 1995–1996. Lewinsky stated that between November 1995 and March 1997, she had nine sexual encounters in the Oval Office with then-President Bill Clinton. According to her testimony at a hearing these sexual encounters with the president involved fellatio and other sexual acts, but not sexual intercourse.                                             

In April 1996, Lewinsky's superiors transferred her from the White House to the Pentagon because they felt she was spending too much time around Clinton.

The alleged affair and its repercussions (which included Clinton's impeachment proceedings) that became known later as  the Lewinsky scandal.

News of the Clinton–Lewinsky relationship broke in January 1998. On January 26, 1998, Clinton stated, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, (Miss Lewinsky) in a nationally televised White House news conference.  

He lied on national television when he said that he didn’t have sexual intercourse with that woman.  Sexual Intercourse isn’t just penis to vagina; it includes all forms of sexual activity.

He also said with respect to his current relationship with Lewinsky, “There is not a sexual relationship, an improper sexual relationship or any other kind of improper sexual activity with that woman.” I believe that particular statement to be true because there was no other place that they could have sex that was as private as the Oval Office especially since she was no longer working in the White House.   

Other that Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of women while he was in power, his role as a president of the United States was more than satisfactory.            

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