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Prince Harry and his girlfriends 

In May 2014, a 19-year-old woman claimed that she was pregnant with Prince Harry's child. According to it was a one-night stand. If his girlfriend was pregnant with his baby, then the 31-year-old royal was going to have a real problem. 

His then long-time girlfriend, Cressida Bonas called it quits after reports of them having a pregnancy scare in May 2014 that had started doing the rounds, hinting that a royal wedding would have been imminent if a baby was on its way.  Harry went into total shock, visualizing horrific headlines and the Queen's wrath.

Not quite knowing what to do, so he and Cressida divulged their secret to William and Kate that she'd missed one period cycle, which was very unusual for her.

When Kate urged her to do a home pregnancy test, she said she was afraid to face the results  but Kate emphasized the urgency, telling Cressida that if she were indeed pregnant, wedding plans would have to start immediately.
The pregnancy test came out negative and a few days later the couple decided to split amicably.

 I don’t know for sure what prompted the split but one thing is for sure;  the prince shouldn’t have been having intercourse with his fiancé without first taking precautions. That wasn’t the first stupid thing this young man had done. He is renowned for doing stupid things.

The prince was said to have partied a little too much and got his one-night stand girlfriend pregnant. The 19-year-old blonde reportedly said that she had proof that the baby would have been  Harry's child if she really was pregnant which as it turned out, she wasn’t really  pregnant.

 Harry getting a woman pregnant in a one-night stand had been one of Queen Elizabeth II's worst fears.  It was the biggest scandal the royals could ever face. The queen was especially upset because that wasn’t the first time such a threat has rocked the palace. She was angry about the whole situation.

The exact reason for the split between Harry and Cressida Bonas wasn’t really known. However rumors were swirling around that suggested that f Cressida felt her ambitions were being quashed by her high profile relationship. Another report indicated that they split up due to issues with money.        

Bonas was expected to accompany Harry to Miami for his friend. Guy Pelly's wedding. But Cressida did not want to shell out £650 air fare if their relationship wasn't going anywhere and she confronted Harry about that issue. That may have been the money issue mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Quite frankly, it is my opinion that she was right about her qualms of having to pay her own airfare. He was asking her to come with him to the United States. He should have offered to pay her airfare as his guest.  Further he has far more money on hand than she ever had.

If this young tightwad asked her to go with him to an expensive restaurant, would he expect her to pay for her meal? Of course he would.

Harry wanted to party and Cressida didn't see the point in going all the way to Miami to watch him fall out of a nightclub especially since she was expected to pay her own airfare.

Their argument was about going to Miami for his friend’s wedding but it escalated into something much bigger. They were actually very happy until then, even though there have been ups and down between them.  This issue about the Miami trip resulted in a huge blow up, which caused the split between them.

She probably envisioned having to always beg money from this tightwad after they were married.

Kate Middleton, Harry’s sister-in-law was pleased that Cressida Bonas and her brother-in-law had broken up since she felt that the girl wouldn’t fit in with the other Royals. 

 Meanwhile, Kate Middleton and Camilla were said to be wife-hunting on behalf of Prince Harry. 

Furthermore, his sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton and his stepmother, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Mountbatten-Windsor are said to be very interested in the search of Prince Harry's girlfriend and, eventually, bride.

According to rumors, Camilla wanted to see the prince marry because it will make her husband, Prince Charles, happy. She may have also asked help from her own children Tom Parker-Bowles and Laura Lopes to find suitable candidates.

Kate Middleton, on the other hand, was looking at Prince Harry's previous girlfriends, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas. She is said to be favoring Davy. However, according to the Express, Chelsy has said that marrying Prince Harry was not the life for her.

It was previously reported that Kate Middleton is against Cressida Bonas and thinks that she is not a love match for Prince Harry. "She doesn't want her in the family," a source told OK! Magazine.

Prince Harry’s current girlfriend, Meghan Markle, is showing off some tell-tale signs she might be in the family way. WHAT? Can’t that damn fool keep his penis inside his pants?

While having Meghan take over the pregnancy spotlight might be unwelcome news for Kate, her alleged baby daddy Prince Harry has been outspoken about his love of children. Known to be a delightfully doting uncle to Middleton’s children George and Charlotte, the prince has not tried to hide his desire to start his own family. Harry predicted that the “time will come” to have children, adding that “whatever happens, happens.

That is very nice but responsible couples wait until they are married before they begin creating a family of their own.

Meghan’s surprising news could make it even more difficult for Kate to view the actress as a friend. Markle reportedly is showing signs that she could steal Middleton’s pregnancy spotlight with her own baby bump, according to Yahoo.

But that time could be within the next eight months, based on the rumors that Meghan has become pregnant around October of this year even before the official engagement announcement was made and certainly before the traditional procession down the wedding aisle takes place.

The prince orchestrated the perfect way to make his relationship with his royal girlfriend official last month, turning their public debut at the Invictus Games in November into a media event.

This indicated g that Prince Harry enjoyed seeing his decision to have his public debut with Markle work out as a happy couple. The lovebirds appeared to be cherishing every aspect of their appearance as pointed out by the media.

While some speculated that Harry wanted to make a good impression on Markle’s mother by inviting her to the significant event, an insider quoted by Yahoo revealed that the public display of a united family meant something even more special.

The prince invited Markle’s mother in order to have the perfect way to tell her that her daughter was pregnant. I don’t think Markle’s mother was too happy about hearing about her daughter’s pre-wedding pregnancy. 

It was revealed that observers were shocked to see the famous actress suddenly swap her usually tight attire for saggy, baggy styles. With the media taking numerous photos and royal watchers scrutinizing her, Meghan had been expected to go for exquisitely fitted attire. It didn’t take long for the media to arrive at the correct conclusion. How long can you hide the tell-tale bump in a woman’s abdomen when they are pregnant? It’s done by baggy clothes but even that won’t help as the months progress towards the baby’s birth.

Notwithstanding Meghan’s pre-marital sexual relationship with the Prince, I am sure she is a fine woman. However, can she turn Prince Harry from a buffoon to a responsible husband and father?  Time will tell us if she succeeds.

If they are married, I hope for Markle’s sake that Prince Harry doesn’t do the same dirty deed his father, Prince Charles did to Prince Harry’s mother by having sex with another woman and then abandoning his wife like his father did to Dianna.  

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