Tuesday 27 March 2018

TELEPHONE SCAM RE INCOME TAX DEMANDS                                                        

On March 22, 2018, I received a phone call in the form of a recording which said that it was Revenue Canada and that it was investigating me with respect to my taxes. I was told to immediately call the following number 1-613-927-9259. I investigated the number and it was listed to a firm called Fibernetics Corporation that is located in Athens, Ontario. I made the call and a recorded message stated that due to a telephone problem, my call couldn’t be completed at that time. Could it be that the number is no longer in use?
Like many Canadians, I periodically get these dumb scam calls from the allegedly Canada Revenue Enforcement Department. Both times I got the calls, I checked the different numbers and they traced back to Fibernetics Corporation in a different city. It uses a VOPE provider to make free long distance calls. Many businesses use that service.
Ithis phishing scam,  you might get a letteremail or phone call from someone claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency. They may say you are owed a refund so  they will ask you for your bank account number so they can put the money in your bank account. They may also alert you to an issue with your taxes (such as missing information or claims that you’re committing tax fraud). To collect your money or fix the problem, the scammer asks you to supply identification information, such as social insurance, credit card, bank account or passport numbers. In some cases, the fraudster will tell you that unless you pay a certain amount of money, you’ll be sent to jail.

  Some of these criminals ply the same scam for months if not years with zero enforcement authority.   The scary voicemails from 289-642-1566 and 613-927-9259 and other numbers order you to pay your tax that is outstanding (they will give you the amount) and they will give you an account number in which to pay the amount to with iTunes cards or other credit cards.  People have been complaining to the government about this scam  since early last year at least. And still nothing is done to stop the scam.

One complainant wrote in the internet the following; “Someone called from a number which turns out to be Fibernetics Corp in Acton, Ontario according to canada411.ca. The person identified themselves as someone from Canada Revenue Agency and wanted me to call them up if I wanted to avoid legal issues.” 

Another person wrote; I received a taped telephone message supposedly from Revenue Canada stating my SIN number has been "red flagged" but giving no other info. I was to return the call as soon as possible. I then checked the number at http://www.canada411.ca/area-code-lookup and it turned out it belongs to a company called Fibernetics Corp in Hamilton. When I called the number, it was answered with a "Canada Revenue" greeting. When I asked why he was in Hamilton and not in Ottawa, I was disconnected.” 
Another potential victim said; “At 11:20 am today, November 16, 2017, I received a call from 289-608-8275 - a number attached to Fibernetics in Ajax-Pickering. I noted that there is a Fibernetics branch in Cambridge as well. When I answered the phone, there was no voice, no message, just a minute of dead air. This is not the first time I have received phone calls from this number. I received similar calls from a number attached to Fibernetics some months ago. Today, I called Fibernetics' Customer Relations number (866-973-4237) and was told that Fibernetics had not called me and that someone else must be using this number. Clearly, Fibernetics had no interest in my complaint. I was told to file a complaint with the CTRC or with the RCMP. I called the Anti-Fraud Centre (888-495-8501). After negotiating a long phone  delay, I reached a message that instructed me to file my complaint on line. When I returned to the Fibernetics webpage for nuisance calls, I noted the line, "We take matters of this nature very seriously." Given my experience with the Customer Relations Specialist at Fibernetics, I disagree.
Debra Crosbie said on March 15, 2018: “I have just got a call about a hour ago from 506 799 1062 . I called back and they said I owed money to the government and I was to call back or my attorney. I called back and a new person with an accent picked up phone. I then asked them what they wanted. They hung up. I then just received another phone call from 867 322 4426. I got message that I owed money from years gone by on income tax and to get in touch with them right away. No way, I am sick of this Bull Shit.”  
I am sharing this important information about this income tax scam making the rounds. Please be extra cautious if you receive mail, emails or phone calls from someone claiming to be from the Canadian Revenue Agency. hang up.
The Canada Revenue Agency never ever  contacts anyone by email or the phone. They will write you a letter first. Also, they NEVER ask for personal information over the phone and would never request your credit card number over the phone. If you give it to the scammer, then you have given your credit card information to a criminal.

Because this information I have placed in this article is important, I am going to publish it in my blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a month in hopes that as many Canadians who read my blog are forewarned of these kinds of scams. 

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