Wednesday, 11 April 2018

    Giving opinions is not unlike blowing one's nose—everyone does it. However, it is sometimes frustrating to read in the newspapers and see and hear on television and the radio the opinions of others whom we have so little or no respect.

 For this reason, I decided to print my own opinions. If some of my readers disagree with my opinions, I am sorry.  It is not my deliberate intention to offend unless the persons I am writing about are unworthy of respect.  I am simply expressing my views of what eighty four years of living in a world of strife, sadness, and joy that I have personally experienced and have seen in others during those years.

In submitting my opinions to you, I am merely giving you another view for you to consider. When you read my articles in my blog, please feel free to give your own opinions if you have any to share with me and my readers.                    
        You will notice that I have the word OPINIONS in the title of my blog. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that anyone can say what they wish to say about anyone else as long as it is strictly their opinion. For example, I can say that in my opinion, the person I am writing about is as crooked as corkscrew even though I can’t prove it in a court of law. If in my opinion, the person I am writing about commits acts that would leave me to believe that he or she is acting like a dishonest person, I will say so. However, if I later learn that I was in error, I will remove the offending words and apologize in the article. Columnists in newspapers nowadays also have the word OPINION above their articles so that they too can have the protection of the ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada. I will point out however that I do my research carefully before I make any accusations.

The credibility of the content in my blog on all issues I chose to write about rests on solid research, clear, intelligent writing and maintaining a reputation for honesty, accuracy, objectivity and balance. To these ends, the following rules and principles apply to me.  

I will always seek to provide reasonable accounts of competing views in any controversy so as to enable my readers to make up their own minds. I also recognize that it is absolutely unacceptable to invent or falsify a quote, source, anecdote, detail or anything else pertaining to the news however, I may change the wording if needed.                                  

I read many newspapers online and their articles that interest me. I download and re-write them or literally quote them word for word and publish them in my blog if I am convinced that my readers will enjoy reading them.                                                                                                                  
At the time of the publishing of this article in my blog, I have written and published as many as 1,645 articles since 2006 and over a third of a million persons world-wide have read many of my articles. I hope you aRe one of them. If you are a new reader of my blog, you can go into the blog and read my previous articles. If you do, I hope you also enjoy reading them as much as I had writing them.

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