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These kinds of criminals are the scum of the Earth.  They don’t care that their victims die at sea and/or  on land.

According to the Missing Migrants Project, which counts deaths of migrants, the Central Mediterranean remains by far the deadliest route, as asylum seekers try to make their way from Turkey, Africa and the Middle East over to Europe.

In general, numbers of deaths at sea are highest in the spring and summer months  and the lowest in the colder periods of the year.

In the European summer of 2015, a seemingly endless tide of asylum seekers surged towards Europe. Hailing from Africa, the Middle East, even Asia, it was the people fleeing the conflict in Syria that garnered the most attention; but it was hard to ignore the sheer numbers. Their journeys were often via treacherous sea routes on overcrowded rubber vessels. Many capsized, and the people in them drowned. 

On September 2, 2015, the lifeless body of a Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach, still wearing a red t-shirt and with sneakers still on his feet. A local photographer. Nilüfar Demir was there, and photographed the body .Her photo quickly went viral, and the dead  boy became symbolic of all the children migrants who had died en route, a reminder of the vast human cost of the Syrian refugee crisis. 

In May 2016, 1379 people died in the process of migrating, the highest monthly figure. The number fell dramatically the following month, to 121, but rose again that November to 940 who died at sea.

The refugee death toll of refugees crossing the Mediterranean totalled as many as 3,000 in 2017. At least 150 are children, Unicef said, while warning that the real figure is likely to be far higher because unaccompanied minors’ deaths frequently go unreported.

As many as 2,275  refugees  died  or went  missing while  they were  crossing the Mediterranean in 2018

Many dinghies have capsized, seeing up to 170 people crammed on board drown, while others have been found dead in boats after being suffocated, dying of hypothermia or starving while drifting at sea.

At least 55 people are feared to have drowned off the coast of Yemen after being forced from a migrant boat by smugglers in the second such incident in two days, the UN migration agency has said. Five bodies were recovered during an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) beach patrol in Shabwa province, and about 50 more people were missing.

Thirty-nine  migrants who died after being locked in a freezing container en-route to the UK left 'bloody handprints' on the inside of the doors and walls of the 'coffin' where their bodies were found on October 25th 2019.

It is grim evidence of the victims' desperate final moments while locked inside the container that was loaded onto a ferry in Zeebrugge in Belgium in a people smuggling operation, before the shocking discovery at an Essex port.

Sources have now claimed that the migrants, six of whom were thought to have been Vietnamese, were naked or had minimal clothing when they were found in the container in Purfleet, Essex.   Eight women and thirty-one men were discovered dead inside the 'metal coffin' lorry container.  It is also believed that the Vietnamese migrants are all from the Can Loc district in northern Vietnam and had been 'banging on the doors' for help and had 'foam coming from their mouths' when found.

Vietnamese woman Pham Thi Tra My texted her mother a series of harrowing messages telling her she 'loved her' and was 'dying because she couldn't breathe.' 

Dying from suffocation is a horrible way to die. I know because years ago when I was suffering from congestive heart failure because excess fluid in my body was surrounding my lungs. I was gasping for air all the time. 

Her family claims that the 26-year-old paid people smugglers £30,000 ($38,400 in American money) to travel to the UK via China 'in search of a better life. The money she paid was thee times the cost of flying in the business section of a passenger plane.  This means that the traffickers got one million and four thousand dollars from the 59 dead victims. They had to know that the refugees would die in the sealed metal container. Did they care?  Do you care about a mosquito you swat on your arm?

Maurice 'Mo' Robinson, 25, from Northern Ireland who was the driver of the truck was arrested on the 23rd of October.  The Essex Police confirmed that he has been charged with 39 counts of manslaughter.  Both Joanna Maher and her husband, Thomas,  were also arrested in a dawn raid on the 25th  They  are being held on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic people and 39 counts of manslaughter. They own the haulage firm that the driver worked for.  In my opinion, if convicted, they should all be sentenced to prison for life. Can you believe it?  All three of these persons have been released on bail.



On October 27th 2019, French police arrest two Romanian lorry drivers after British border guards in Calais discovered eight Afghan migrants including two young children in a refrigerated truck bound for Britain.

Meanwhile, families of the 39 who died in the a container were copies of their DNA so their loved ones could  be identified.

The UN has reported that 65.3 million people are refugees, asylum seekers or displaced. This is a population larger than the UK. Many refugees are fortunate enough to find sanctuary but a great many of them are not so fortunate.

The 2016 global slavery index, funded by Forrest’s Walk Free Foundation, says 45.8 million people are trapped in some form of slavery. This is similar to the population of Spain.                         

An EU working document cited by The Guardian states “organised crime groups choose to traffic children as they are easy to recruit and quick to replace, they can also keep under their control child victims relatively cheaply and discreetly”. Children are easier to manipulate, discard and are highly profitable. The Guardian article goes on to state “trafficked children aged between six months and 10 years are bought and sold for sums ranging from €4,000 (£3,000) to €8,000, although amounts of up to €40,000 have been reported in some cases”.

Refugees and migrants risking their lives in desperate attempts to reach Europe are being forced into “modern slavery” by ruthless people traffickers who are imprisoning, torturing and raping those women and girls they exploit. Many women are frequently sexually abused or forced into prostitution by traffickers, with many arriving in Italy pregnant with their abusers’ children.

Armed smugglers are known to frequently detain migrants in squalid conditions, demanding ransoms or forcing them into labour, beating and torturing any refugees who cannot pay.

Others said that they were shuttled between middlemen and “brokers” for forced labour on construction sites or farms, and were locked up in warehouses at night, until they paid their way out of captivity. Those who survive the journey at sea often arrive injured or scarred. A doctor working at a treatment centre in Sicily previously told The Independent that  she had found bullets still lodged in refugees’ bodies, bones broken from beatings, internal injuries from rapes and scars from whippings.

The migrant crisis has increased the risk of slavery and forced labour tainting supply chains in three-quarters of EU countries over the past year, researchers have found.

Romania, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria  are all key entry points into Europe for migrants who are vulnerable to exploitation and  particularly vulnerable to slavery and forced labour.

In the past, the slavery story has been in supply chains in countries far away, like Thailand and Bangladesh,” said Dr Alexandra Channer, a human rights analyst at Verisk Maplecroft. “But it is now far closer to home and it is something that consumers, governments and businesses in the EU have to look out for. With the arrival of migrants, who are often trapped in modern slavery before they enter the workplace, the vulnerable population is expanding.”

The International Labour Organisation estimates that 21 million people worldwide are subject to some form of slavery, Many of them are refugees.   Due to the geographical shift in migrant sea arrivals, analysts expect the risk of modern slavery to worsen in Italy over the next year, with agriculture a major sector of concern.

What the governments of all nations have to do is go after the  human traffickers with the same enthusiasm they apply when fighting a plague and when these creeps are captured, imprison these inhuman monsters for the rest of their lives. 

Human traffickers are in my opinion, sociopaths because they have no passion or sense of guilt towards their victims when the traffickers bring about their deaths.

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